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I'm gonna use this Model M until it drives all my coworkers INSANE.
-- Mr. Bad


Self-righteous assholes block highway to Burning Man

by Baron Earl

A group of self-righteous assholes converted exactly zero people to their cause by blocking the highway to Burning Man this week. The group, which used a flimsy trailer, some lengths of chain, and a few folding chairs to block the road, put up signs including "Burners of the World Unite," but none of the burners stopped in traffic wanted to unite with them for anything.


When Martin Left Lewis

by El Destino

Last week was the anniversary of the last time Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin appeared as an act. 67 years ago, as the show ended at New York's Copacabana Club, "Dean threw his arm around Jerry, pulled him toward him, hugged him," remembers one biographer. "The joint was in an uproar. It was the biggest night in the club's history.

"There was no encore. Dean took one aisle away from the stage, Jerry took another."

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Every Parent's Worst Nightmare

by Baron Earl

"What do you do when your bright, loveable [sic], talented kid turns into a punker overnight? The Nelsons are about to find out." promises the tag line from The Day My Kid Went Punk, an ABC Afterschool Special from 1987.


Does anyone care about being wrong about Appalachia?

by Baron Earl

Elizabeth Catte's new book What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia promises to tell readers that whatever they learned from reading Hillbilly Elegy is wrong.

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Starky's Machine

Grace Dell Nichols

by Thom 'Starky' Stark

By now, you've undoubtedly learned of the death yesterday of Grace Dell Nichols - although you probably know her by her stage name, Nichelle Nichols - at the age of 89. Her son announced that she died of "natural causes," which is true of any decedent who isn't a victim of violence, infection, or accident, but she was institutionalized in 2019 because of dementia, and so the specific "natural cause" of her passing is, at present, undefined.


Power Corrupts

Fear and Loathing on Planet Arkuat

by Arkuat

"I'd finally found Arkuat. Locked in a remote cabin, he was scrawling out his manifesto, where beer bottles shimmered over scattered bits of technology. I'm pretty sure he was building exploding duck decoys..."

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Freaking Out the Normals with Nambla the Clown

by El Snatcher, Liquor Pig, Mr. Bad & Frankenstein Jones

Raconteur, clown, queer icon and all around weird dude-about-town Ggreg Taylor dropped by the shack to talk about his latest project.

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