If only Jake Busey knew how much we appreciated his art, I'm sure he'd drop everything and join us.
-- Johnnie Royale


Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.

The gates of hell are open night and day, smooth is the descent, and easy the way.

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2019-01-12 The End of the World
2017-05-18 The One Trump Conspiracy That Will Explain Everything

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2017-10-09 Frank Sinatra told Donald Trump to "go fuck himself"
-- El Destino




C L A S S I C   P I G D O G

Interviewing the SETIguy
by Siduri

Sex Crimes of the X-Men
by El Destino

Skunk School -- Learn Why Not To Keep Skunks As Pets
by El Snatcher & Ms. BunnyPenny

Escape to Spock Mountain!
by Baron Earl