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I like throwing stones in glass houses.
-- Johnnie Royale


Saeva indignatio! Punk rock!

The name 'Siduri' was originally used in 1940's pulp science fiction publishing as a generic, recognizable name for all anonymous submissions felt to be worthy of print. Publishers were surprised when, in 1952, an author took on that name. In interviews, Siduri admitted that she was not the author of these anonymous pieces, but was, in fact, a composite personality reverse-engineered from the published pieces. As a literary construct taken flesh, Siduri does not age and cannot be harmed, but she rapidly grew tired of the genre she had mastered, and moved on to other genres. In the 1960's, she mastered how-to technical manuals. In the 70's, she revolutionized Swahili-language erotica. The 80's saw Siduri as the master of the clown action thriller, and in the 90's, high school yearbooks went through a renaissance thanks to Siduri's intervention. This decade, Siduri has decided to grace the world of Journals for Bad People of the Future. A similar revolution can rightly be expected.

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Offsite Links

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2003-04-16 Modern Drunkard Magazine
Because Fairfax is not an isolated incident.
2003-02-06 Crab Vs. Pipe
A little lesson in the power of pressure, with gratuitous animal death for your enlightenment and amusement.
2002-05-17 One for the Apple Knowledge Base
Did Celine Dion hax0r your Mac? Here's how to defeat Sony's super-duper new copy protection, using sophisticated cracker tools like a marker pen and a piece of sticky tape.
2002-04-23 Cool Magnetic Brain Savant Shit
How magnetism will make us super smart!
2002-02-20 NewMP3Free Is Not Responsible For Anything
In a move legal analysts worldwide are describing as both daring and brilliant, has declared itself "Not Responsible For Anything."
2002-02-11 World's Oldest Ralph
Scientists say: "We believe this is the first time the existence of fossil vomit on a grand scale has been proven beyond reasonable doubt."
2002-01-29 Minas Tirith Uber Alles
Let's all go to hobbit camp!
2002-01-22 Which Online Personality Test Are You?
Take an online personality quiz to find out which online personality quiz you would be, if you were an online personality quiz.



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