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Gary Busey definitely involved in a hit and run accident

by Baron Earl

2023-09-18 05:55:34

Gary Busey was definitely involved in a hit-and-run accident, but won't face any charges because he's rich and famous.

Although Busey left the scene of the accident without providing any information -- not his name, not his driver's license, and not his insurance number -- when detectives contacted him at his residence he provided them with his statement, insurance, vehicle, and driver information.

In California, getting into an accident isn't a crime, but fleeing the scene is. According to police the woman involved in the accident isn't interested in pressing charges against Busey, but only a prosecutor or district attorney can decide whether or not to file charges for a hit-and-run, and in Busey's case, they're not going to do anything.

If you're ever caught committing a crime, try to be rich and famous when the cops show up. It's a great way to get away with anything.

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