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An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.
-- For Whom the Bell Tolls, Ernest Hemmingway



Angel to some, demon to others.

Pigdog Journal Articles:

2019-03-30 Sing Us This Song, Piano Man
2017-01-20 Rock & Roll Grandma in a Solo Cup
2001-08-12 AT&T Attempts To Muscle In On Bell Labs
2001-08-12 I Am So Outta Here
2000-12-12 Panic In Portland City
2000-11-24 Brother Wayne Lays Down the Truth
2000-11-21 Larry Flynt Takes on George Bush
2000-11-17 What's For Lunch At Cafe Columbine?
2000-11-17 Get in Touch with Your Anger
2000-10-25 The October Suprise Revealed
2000-10-25 Enormous Expanded Raccoon Testicles: Oh My!
2000-08-30 Daddy, Can We Have More Kool Aid?
2000-08-25 The Man With The Golden Tongue
2000-08-15 Get On The Bus!
2000-08-10 The Return of Prince?
2000-06-14 Woman Who Framed Jim Goad is Behind Bars- For Assault
2000-06-05 I Am Not Canadian!
2000-06-05 The Mastered Puppets
2000-05-27 The Innocent San Francisco Mule
2000-05-18 Life on The I-80
2000-05-02 What The Hell is This?
2000-04-27 Be Ye Carefule Among The English Links, Jebadiah.
2000-04-18 Take, Eat. For This is My Body.
2000-04-14 Metallica To Fans- Fuck You!
2000-04-13 Wizards & Bears & Crazy Hillbillies In Hotrods, Oh My!
2000-04-02 Swing Heil
2000-03-30 I ain't bluffing, thank your lucky stars for the Great White Death.
2000-03-30 Nazism is alive and well in North Carolina
2000-03-30 They're hot, horny, incarcerated, and waiting for you!
2000-03-09 Time To Kick Up a Shitstorm!
2000-03-08 Give Them The (rotting) Finger!
2000-02-08 Let's See Him Get Out of This One
2000-02-01 R.U. Sirius May Not Be Getting It, But Joe Gardiner Certainly Is
2000-01-31 Zdravstvuite! Menia Zovut Stumpy
2000-01-30 The Snakefighter is Cast Into The Pit of Cobras
2000-01-27 Punk Is Dead
2000-01-17 When Animal Breeding Goes Horribly Wrong
2000-01-17 Put the "Life" Back in SF "Nightlife"
2000-01-15 Back to Business as Usual
2000-01-14 You're in Advertising? Kill Yourself!
2000-01-12 Highway to Hell
2000-01-11 Texas is The Reason
1999-12-28 The Prophet of Doom is Eaten by His Young
1999-12-25 Paranoid Strippers & Psychotic Crack Dealers (Tales of Christmas Eve)
1999-12-16 Wish I Could Have Done This When I Was Seventeen
1999-12-16 Happy Birthday Bill
1999-12-16 The Return of God's Comic
1999-12-13 Aw Fuck. It's That Time Of The Year Again
1999-12-13 Sunday Bests Fer Cyberbillies
1999-12-13 Place Your Head Here. The Jackboot Will Be Along Shortly
1999-12-10 Newsflash! The Earth Revolves!
1999-12-10 You're Pumping What Up Their Asses?
1999-12-08 Rock is Dead
1999-12-08 Acid Tripping with Buffalo Bones
1999-12-06 It's Because Your Music Sucks.
1999-11-28 Tim Burton Uses Christopher Walken to Scare Up Audiences
1999-11-19 Splashdown!
1999-11-19 A Taste of Long Beach
1999-11-19 The Final Frontier
1999-11-19 Those Who Do Not Learn From The Past. . .
1999-11-19 It's What's For Dinner!
1999-11-17 It's the Radiskull & Devildoll Show!
1999-11-15 Now Here's An Idea To Get Behind
1999-11-15 Goddamn Hippies!
1999-11-14 We Scooped The Media Again!
1999-11-14 The Millennium Falcon
1999-11-14 Keeping it in The Family
1999-11-14 Drug Free since 1974? Yeah, Riiiiiiiiiight.
1999-11-14 Dick is Popping up Again
1999-11-14 You've Got Questions
1999-11-11 This is NOT Jenni
1999-11-10 Could We Get One in Human Size?
1999-11-05 Yellow Journalism Is Alive & Kicking in PA
1999-10-25 A Killer Meal (Literally)
1999-10-23 Officer Friendly Howls in Frustration
1999-10-12 Bill Lee Lives In The Machine
1999-10-11 It Ain't Over Till Someone Gets Gooey
1999-10-07 Wanna Play Quake For Real?
1999-10-04 Dry spells no more!
1999-09-22 A glimmer of Light Shines in The Cold World
1999-09-22 Brainwash With A Firehose
1999-09-22 The Beast Commeth- And He Is Us
1999-09-14 Does your mother know?
1999-09-10 The Dust is Watching Me!
1999-09-08 Primetime Jake
1999-09-02 And the one that mother gives you....
1999-08-30 Grampa, what did you do in the war?
1999-08-27 Ya gotta hand it to him
1999-08-23 They're out to get you!
1999-08-18 No really! It's my friend's!
1999-08-16 Here's to incest, gas drinkin' and firearms!
1999-08-16 Oh You Didn't Know? You Better Call Somebody!
1999-08-04 Western Civillization, Meet Mr. Flushing Toilet
1999-07-30 Pigdog Welcomes Mark Barton to Club Charles Whitman
1999-07-26 Are you scared, little punk? You should be.
1999-07-05 Goatchildren on the Rise
1999-07-01 I See by the Cards that You Will Win the Next Pokemon Tournament
1999-05-12 Je Lumrapideco Kvin, Sinjoro Sulu
1999-04-24 George Orwell Imitates a Cuisinart From His Grave
1999-04-23 Trenchcoat Mafia, II: KMFDM
1999-02-02 Public Enemy Strikes Back
1999-01-24 Another Jackboot Footprint on Your Face
1999-01-16 Falwell Spouts More BULLSHIT
1999-01-07 No, I am not wearing glow in the dark paint. Why do you ask?
1998-12-24 Hot Milky Mamas
1998-12-24 Free Jim Goad... Maybe
1998-12-16 Muppets Claim Another Victim
1998-12-11 Perhaps He Should Move To Georgia
1998-12-03 More Madness from Kevin Kelm
1998-11-26 Fuck 'Buy Nothing Day'
1998-11-23 There Will Be Much Buggery In Georgia Tonight!
1998-11-20 The Pat Boone Lounge Has Been Mustard Gassed
1998-11-18 Loser at the Cruise Control
1998-11-16 Hot Surgical Voyeurism
1998-11-11 Where's Johnny's Brain?
1998-11-03 KMFMS Is Crazy
1998-11-03 Shove It Up Your Ass!


Offsite Links

NOTE: content of offsite links is not (necessarily) created by this Pigdog Journal author. They just found it and shared it with you.

2019-03-30 Alex Jones Admits To Being Psychotic.
2019-03-30 Alex Jones Throws Temper Tantrum After Being Laughed At.
2019-03-30 Alex Jones Smokes Some Kind. Gets Really Paranoid
So what's the time? It's time to get ill! Alex Jones Smokes Some Kind. Gets Really Paranoid
2017-01-26 Alex Jones is Big, Fat, And Drunk in Public
2002-09-26 Ground Zero Theme Park
2002-09-26 Deep-fried Twinkies(tm)!
2002-09-26 Ray Charles on Ice
This is wrong on so many levels & in so many ways...
2002-09-26 Starsky and Hutch: The Movie
The creative well of cinema is running dry. That, or all the cool ideas were destroyed on 9/11.
2002-08-22 Martha Stewart Living (Behind Bars)
2002-07-29 Smoke Pot, Stay Out of Jail
2002-04-13 Your Favorite Artist Sold out
2002-04-02 Ladies & gentalmen, the I-Bong
2002-04-02 Hey gringo, check out Cartoonista!
2002-04-02 C'mon punk, bring the pain!
2002-04-02 George Lucas is going to slowly burn in the deepest pit in hell for this.
2002-04-02 Please don't eat the dog
2002-04-02 Build a bong, go to jail, win national Republican business award
2001-08-12 Hey Kids! It's Dancing Disco Dubya!
2001-08-12 It Was Only A Matter of Time:
2001-08-12 Monkey vs. Robot! Who Will Win?
2000-11-08 SF Firefighters Give Dot-Com Yuppster Exactly What He Deserves.
2000-11-08 Rock Out With The Man- Pay For Your MP3 Downloads
2000-09-16 Stop Carnivore Now!
2000-09-16 The eBike- The Triple Java Powered Computer Bike
2000-09-16 Hey Kids! Let's Play Dress Up Jesus!
2000-09-16 Please Be Much Notice Our Mastery Of Engrish
2000-09-16 MC Hawking- The OG Rapper
2000-09-16 Ben & Jerry Help Clean Up The Enviroment, By Making You Eat Dioxon!
2000-09-16 Damn! Why Wasn't This Available When I Got Hitched In Vegas?
2000-09-16 Fuck The Hampster Dance, It's Dancing GW Bush
2000-08-25 Britney Spears Is Smarter That You
2000-08-25 Why Vets Are *Really* Going Back Over To Viet Nam.
Why Viet Nam Vets Are *Really* Going Back Over
2000-08-25 How Hungry Are You?
2000-08-25 Would You Let Ron Jeremy Fuck You In The Ass For $3,000? How About $5,000?
2000-08-25 Sex, Guns & Naked Girls. What A Great Country This Is.
2000-08-25 When You Download MP3's, You're Downloading COMMUNISM!
2000-08-25 Fred Phelps says Billy Graham Will Burn In Hell For Acting Like A Christian.
2000-08-25 Are You In Marketting? Please, Kill Yourself.
2000-08-25 Too Lazy To Read A Book? Too Lazy To Listen To some Schmuck Reading A Book? Then This Is For You.
2000-08-15 Forget Big Brother, Little Brother Is Watching You
2000-08-15 My Name Is Bob, And I'm The NRA. They'll Take My Shotgun When They Pull It Out Of My Cold Dead Fingers.
2000-08-15 Rage Against The Machine Starts The Battle For Los Angeles
2000-08-11 Turkish Religious Leader Say Allah Lets You Beat Your Wives
2000-07-19 Kill your Television *NOW*
2000-06-28 "Crazy" Larry Ellison Hires Private Dicks To Watch Microsoft.
2000-06-23 I Guess Virgina Isn't For Lovers.
2000-06-22 Big Brother's Anti-Drug Web Site Is Watching You
2000-06-20 This Guy's Head will Explode When He Discovers Pigdog
2000-06-20 England (The Country Who Gave Us Canadia) Now So Hopelessly Inbred, They Can't Even Eat Shit Correctly.
2000-06-11 News FromThe "DUH" Department
2000-06-07 Motley Crue's Message to Metallica
2000-06-06 Napster Makes Ammends With The Offspring. Promises To Play Nice While Kicking Dr. Dre's Fat Ass
2000-06-06 It's Time To shoot Your Mouth Off W/ Charleton Heston! (It's NRA Approved!)
2000-06-05 Pig News Service Declares Bankruptcy. Fires Pig News Staff
2000-05-27 Department of Just-us Initiates New Program To Eradicate Pesky Amendments In Bill of Rights
2000-05-20 Fuck Those Corporate Shills Known As Metallica! The Butthole surfers Makes Their Music Available For *FREE*.
2000-05-05 Free the West Memphis Three!
2000-05-04 Create Your Own "Young" Country Song! Sell it and Make Millions From Rednecks!
2000-05-04 How to Destroy a CD- Pigdog Style!
2000-04-26 Offspring To Metallica: "Fuck You!
2000-04-22 Here's a way for you to pay Lars Ulrich & Metallica the money the greedy bastards want.
2000-04-18 Dr. Dre Sucks The Man's White Corporate Dick Like a Cheap Whore
2000-04-09 Demos straight from the bowels of hell
2000-04-09 Tacky Brits invent yet another way to bring Western Civillization to a grinding halt.
2000-04-09 More pointless whining from clueless trust-fund pseudo-enviromentalists
2000-04-09 Hey Ladies, are you *REALLY* lonely? I mean desperatly lonely?
2000-04-01 Christian fundies do a drive-by on unsuspecting Citgo patrons. Dozens of victims reported.
2000-04-01 Ladies & Gentlemen, Dancing George Patton!
2000-03-18 Thinking about fag bashing? You better read this first.
2000-02-14 Hey California, Vote >>NO<< on Prop 21!
2000-02-02 Rock Stars Do The Dumbest Things
2000-01-27 Orrin Hatch & Dianne Feinstein Think You Have Too Much Freedom
2000-01-27 Waukesha To Ugly & Poor People: You Are Now Against The Law
2000-01-27 Jack Valenti Tries To Break Technology He Can't Understand.
2000-01-26 Hey Kids, It's The George Orwell Show!
2000-01-26 Fuck Wired And Especially Fuck Kevin Warwick
2000-01-26 Even Cops Think It's Time to End The Drug War
2000-01-26 Another Sucker Looks For Love In All The Wrong Places
2000-01-14 Here's a Suprise- Pigs Can't Fly
2000-01-14 Ugly Child Buggering Rock Star Released After Serving Two Months. Promises Not To Date Your Daughter.
1999-12-16 So You Think you Can Roll The Biggest Joint On The Block, Punk? Well Roll One Of These
1999-12-13 Plunger Sodomizing Cop Readies Himself for New Career as
1999-12-09 Tone Deaf, Greedy, Offspring of Satan Attempt To Fuck Startup In The Ass
1999-12-08 It's Mullet Time!
1999-12-08 Wanna Buy Some Blood? How About Some Hormones?
1999-12-08 You'll Shit Your Pants, and Have Uncontrollable Loud & Wet Farts In Public. But Hey, You'll Be Thinner!
1999-11-24 It's Time for Teletubbys!
1999-11-23 Decades Stale Out-Of-Touch Cartoonist Gets It In The Ass
1999-11-19 Greeks Burn Down Their Own City To Show How Much They Hate Foreign Leader
1999-11-19 Drop Some Acid, Get Naked In Front of Your Friend's Mom, Go To Jail.
1999-11-15 D.A.R.E.'s lying, deceit-filled web site gets hacked.
1999-10-20 Overclock your pocket calculator
Be a true nerd! Overclock your pocket calculator!
1999-10-06 Cops Shouldn't Fuck With Mexicans on New Year's Eve
1999-10-05 The Swiss Make Up for being Nazi Bankers During WWII
1999-09-22 Unfunny Family Circus Creator Sics Rake Swinging Lawyers on Web Site
1999-09-22 Big Brother Watches You At Work
1999-09-16 Columbine High School Massacre- The Game!
1999-09-09 Topless Fire-breathing Sex Change Freak Stops Traffic in Seattle
1999-08-31 Creepy old bald guy does an Internet radio show
1999-08-31 San Francisco's cops fabricate another drug story to keep people from having fun
1999-08-27 Stupid man gets stupid tattoo done by stupid tattoo artist
1999-08-27 Los Angeles Gangs get on the Internet. Four sites die in drive-by shooting.
1999-08-24 Very old man says 'quit your rutting and you'll live forever'
1999-08-19 Aryan Nations' goat-fucking leader does a quick back-pedal. Denounces his golden boy/cancels rally
1999-08-05 tiniest web server
The world's tiniest web server- built by Tiny Elvis.
1999-08-02 Woodstock riot pictures, cooked with a generous amount of bacon.
1999-07-26 Messiah Cam!
Web site set up in order to be the first to caputure the image of Jesus as he walks through the gates of Jersalem (really).
1999-06-09 Missoulian: St. Ignatius man wages war of the words (Robert A. M. Stephens says Bell Lawsuit an attempt to intimidate ISPs, and stifle criticism of topics covered on Art's show).
1999-06-02 Delicious hot dogs



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