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Nobody runs any real applications anyway. The whole purpose of personal computing is to tinker with shit. Everybody else (who isn't tinkering) is only using their Pentium Professionals as glorified typewriters. Applications, ha ha ha.
-- Ratsnatcher



Angel to some, demon to others.

Pigdog Journal Articles:

2019-03-30 Sing Us This Song, Piano Man
2017-01-20 Rock & Roll Grandma in a Solo Cup
2001-08-12 AT&T Attempts To Muscle In On Bell Labs
2001-08-12 I Am So Outta Here
2000-12-12 Panic In Portland City
2000-11-24 Brother Wayne Lays Down the Truth
2000-11-21 Larry Flynt Takes on George Bush
2000-11-17 What's For Lunch At Cafe Columbine?
2000-11-17 Get in Touch with Your Anger
2000-10-25 The October Suprise Revealed
2000-10-25 Enormous Expanded Raccoon Testicles: Oh My!
2000-08-30 Daddy, Can We Have More Kool Aid?
2000-08-25 The Man With The Golden Tongue
2000-08-15 Get On The Bus!
2000-08-10 The Return of Prince?
2000-06-14 Woman Who Framed Jim Goad is Behind Bars- For Assault
2000-06-05 I Am Not Canadian!
2000-06-05 The Mastered Puppets
2000-05-27 The Innocent San Francisco Mule
2000-05-18 Life on The I-80
2000-05-02 What The Hell is This?
2000-04-27 Be Ye Carefule Among The English Links, Jebadiah.
2000-04-18 Take, Eat. For This is My Body.
2000-04-14 Metallica To Fans- Fuck You!
2000-04-13 Wizards & Bears & Crazy Hillbillies In Hotrods, Oh My!
2000-04-02 Swing Heil
2000-03-30 I ain't bluffing, thank your lucky stars for the Great White Death.
2000-03-30 Nazism is alive and well in North Carolina
2000-03-30 They're hot, horny, incarcerated, and waiting for you!
2000-03-09 Time To Kick Up a Shitstorm!
2000-03-08 Give Them The (rotting) Finger!
2000-02-08 Let's See Him Get Out of This One
2000-02-01 R.U. Sirius May Not Be Getting It, But Joe Gardiner Certainly Is
2000-01-31 Zdravstvuite! Menia Zovut Stumpy
2000-01-30 The Snakefighter is Cast Into The Pit of Cobras
2000-01-27 Punk Is Dead
2000-01-17 When Animal Breeding Goes Horribly Wrong
2000-01-17 Put the "Life" Back in SF "Nightlife"
2000-01-15 Back to Business as Usual
2000-01-14 You're in Advertising? Kill Yourself!
2000-01-12 Highway to Hell
2000-01-11 Texas is The Reason
1999-12-28 The Prophet of Doom is Eaten by His Young
1999-12-25 Paranoid Strippers & Psychotic Crack Dealers (Tales of Christmas Eve)
1999-12-16 Wish I Could Have Done This When I Was Seventeen
1999-12-16 Happy Birthday Bill
1999-12-16 The Return of God's Comic
1999-12-13 Aw Fuck. It's That Time Of The Year Again
1999-12-13 Sunday Bests Fer Cyberbillies
1999-12-13 Place Your Head Here. The Jackboot Will Be Along Shortly
1999-12-10 Newsflash! The Earth Revolves!
1999-12-10 You're Pumping What Up Their Asses?
1999-12-08 Rock is Dead
1999-12-08 Acid Tripping with Buffalo Bones
1999-12-06 It's Because Your Music Sucks.
1999-11-28 Tim Burton Uses Christopher Walken to Scare Up Audiences
1999-11-19 Splashdown!
1999-11-19 A Taste of Long Beach
1999-11-19 The Final Frontier
1999-11-19 Those Who Do Not Learn From The Past. . .
1999-11-19 It's What's For Dinner!
1999-11-17 It's the Radiskull & Devildoll Show!
1999-11-15 Now Here's An Idea To Get Behind
1999-11-15 Goddamn Hippies!
1999-11-14 We Scooped The Media Again!
1999-11-14 The Millennium Falcon
1999-11-14 Keeping it in The Family
1999-11-14 Drug Free since 1974? Yeah, Riiiiiiiiiight.
1999-11-14 Dick is Popping up Again
1999-11-14 You've Got Questions
1999-11-11 This is NOT Jenni
1999-11-10 Could We Get One in Human Size?
1999-11-05 Yellow Journalism Is Alive & Kicking in PA
1999-10-25 A Killer Meal (Literally)
1999-10-23 Officer Friendly Howls in Frustration
1999-10-12 Bill Lee Lives In The Machine
1999-10-11 It Ain't Over Till Someone Gets Gooey
1999-10-07 Wanna Play Quake For Real?
1999-10-04 Dry spells no more!
1999-09-22 A glimmer of Light Shines in The Cold World
1999-09-22 Brainwash With A Firehose
1999-09-22 The Beast Commeth- And He Is Us
1999-09-14 Does your mother know?
1999-09-10 The Dust is Watching Me!
1999-09-08 Primetime Jake
1999-09-02 And the one that mother gives you....
1999-08-30 Grampa, what did you do in the war?
1999-08-27 Ya gotta hand it to him
1999-08-23 They're out to get you!
1999-08-18 No really! It's my friend's!
1999-08-16 Here's to incest, gas drinkin' and firearms!
1999-08-16 Oh You Didn't Know? You Better Call Somebody!
1999-08-04 Western Civillization, Meet Mr. Flushing Toilet
1999-07-30 Pigdog Welcomes Mark Barton to Club Charles Whitman
1999-07-26 Are you scared, little punk? You should be.
1999-07-05 Goatchildren on the Rise
1999-07-01 I See by the Cards that You Will Win the Next Pokemon Tournament
1999-05-12 Je Lumrapideco Kvin, Sinjoro Sulu
1999-04-24 George Orwell Imitates a Cuisinart From His Grave
1999-04-23 Trenchcoat Mafia, II: KMFDM
1999-02-02 Public Enemy Strikes Back
1999-01-24 Another Jackboot Footprint on Your Face
1999-01-16 Falwell Spouts More BULLSHIT
1999-01-07 No, I am not wearing glow in the dark paint. Why do you ask?
1998-12-24 Hot Milky Mamas
1998-12-24 Free Jim Goad... Maybe
1998-12-16 Muppets Claim Another Victim
1998-12-11 Perhaps He Should Move To Georgia
1998-12-03 More Madness from Kevin Kelm
1998-11-26 Fuck 'Buy Nothing Day'
1998-11-23 There Will Be Much Buggery In Georgia Tonight!
1998-11-20 The Pat Boone Lounge Has Been Mustard Gassed
1998-11-18 Loser at the Cruise Control
1998-11-16 Hot Surgical Voyeurism
1998-11-11 Where's Johnny's Brain?
1998-11-03 KMFMS Is Crazy
1998-11-03 Shove It Up Your Ass!


Offsite Links

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2019-03-30 Alex Jones Admits To Being Psychotic.
2019-03-30 Alex Jones Throws Temper Tantrum After Being Laughed At.
2019-03-30 Alex Jones Smokes Some Kind. Gets Really Paranoid
So what's the time? It's time to get ill! Alex Jones Smokes Some Kind. Gets Really Paranoid
2017-01-26 Alex Jones is Big, Fat, And Drunk in Public
2002-09-26 Ground Zero Theme Park
2002-09-26 Deep-fried Twinkies(tm)!
2002-09-26 Ray Charles on Ice
This is wrong on so many levels & in so many ways...
2002-09-26 Starsky and Hutch: The Movie
The creative well of cinema is running dry. That, or all the cool ideas were destroyed on 9/11.
2002-08-22 Martha Stewart Living (Behind Bars)
2002-07-29 Smoke Pot, Stay Out of Jail
2002-04-13 Your Favorite Artist Sold out
2002-04-02 Ladies & gentalmen, the I-Bong
2002-04-02 Hey gringo, check out Cartoonista!
2002-04-02 C'mon punk, bring the pain!
2002-04-02 George Lucas is going to slowly burn in the deepest pit in hell for this.
2002-04-02 Please don't eat the dog
2002-04-02 Build a bong, go to jail, win national Republican business award
2001-08-12 Hey Kids! It's Dancing Disco Dubya!
2001-08-12 It Was Only A Matter of Time: Ronjeremy.com
2001-08-12 Monkey vs. Robot! Who Will Win?
2000-11-08 SF Firefighters Give Dot-Com Yuppster Exactly What He Deserves.
2000-11-08 Rock Out With The Man- Pay For Your MP3 Downloads
2000-09-16 Stop Carnivore Now!
2000-09-16 The eBike- The Triple Java Powered Computer Bike
2000-09-16 Hey Kids! Let's Play Dress Up Jesus!
2000-09-16 Please Be Much Notice Our Mastery Of Engrish
2000-09-16 MC Hawking- The OG Rapper
2000-09-16 Ben & Jerry Help Clean Up The Enviroment, By Making You Eat Dioxon!
2000-09-16 Damn! Why Wasn't This Available When I Got Hitched In Vegas?
2000-09-16 Fuck The Hampster Dance, It's Dancing GW Bush
2000-08-25 Britney Spears Is Smarter That You
2000-08-25 Why Vets Are *Really* Going Back Over To Viet Nam.
Why Viet Nam Vets Are *Really* Going Back Over
2000-08-25 How Hungry Are You?
2000-08-25 Would You Let Ron Jeremy Fuck You In The Ass For $3,000? How About $5,000?
2000-08-25 Sex, Guns & Naked Girls. What A Great Country This Is.
2000-08-25 When You Download MP3's, You're Downloading COMMUNISM!
2000-08-25 Fred Phelps says Billy Graham Will Burn In Hell For Acting Like A Christian.
2000-08-25 Are You In Marketting? Please, Kill Yourself.
2000-08-25 Too Lazy To Read A Book? Too Lazy To Listen To some Schmuck Reading A Book? Then This Is For You.
2000-08-15 Forget Big Brother, Little Brother Is Watching You
2000-08-15 My Name Is Bob, And I'm The NRA. They'll Take My Shotgun When They Pull It Out Of My Cold Dead Fingers.
2000-08-15 Rage Against The Machine Starts The Battle For Los Angeles
2000-08-11 Turkish Religious Leader Say Allah Lets You Beat Your Wives
2000-07-19 Kill your Television *NOW*
2000-06-28 "Crazy" Larry Ellison Hires Private Dicks To Watch Microsoft.
2000-06-23 I Guess Virgina Isn't For Lovers.
2000-06-22 Big Brother's Anti-Drug Web Site Is Watching You
2000-06-20 This Guy's Head will Explode When He Discovers Pigdog
2000-06-20 England (The Country Who Gave Us Canadia) Now So Hopelessly Inbred, They Can't Even Eat Shit Correctly.
2000-06-11 News FromThe "DUH" Department
2000-06-07 Motley Crue's Message to Metallica
2000-06-06 Napster Makes Ammends With The Offspring. Promises To Play Nice While Kicking Dr. Dre's Fat Ass
2000-06-06 It's Time To shoot Your Mouth Off W/ Charleton Heston! (It's NRA Approved!)
2000-06-05 Pig News Service Declares Bankruptcy. Fires Pig News Staff
2000-05-27 Department of Just-us Initiates New Program To Eradicate Pesky Amendments In Bill of Rights
2000-05-20 Fuck Those Corporate Shills Known As Metallica! The Butthole surfers Makes Their Music Available For *FREE*.
2000-05-05 Free the West Memphis Three!
2000-05-04 Create Your Own "Young" Country Song! Sell it and Make Millions From Rednecks!
2000-05-04 How to Destroy a CD- Pigdog Style!
2000-04-26 Offspring To Metallica: "Fuck You!
2000-04-22 Here's a way for you to pay Lars Ulrich & Metallica the money the greedy bastards want.
2000-04-18 Dr. Dre Sucks The Man's White Corporate Dick Like a Cheap Whore
2000-04-09 Demos straight from the bowels of hell
2000-04-09 Tacky Brits invent yet another way to bring Western Civillization to a grinding halt.
2000-04-09 More pointless whining from clueless trust-fund pseudo-enviromentalists
2000-04-09 Hey Ladies, are you *REALLY* lonely? I mean desperatly lonely?
2000-04-01 Christian fundies do a drive-by on unsuspecting Citgo patrons. Dozens of victims reported.
2000-04-01 Ladies & Gentlemen, Dancing George Patton!
2000-03-18 Thinking about fag bashing? You better read this first.
2000-02-14 Hey California, Vote >>NO<< on Prop 21!
2000-02-02 Rock Stars Do The Dumbest Things
2000-01-27 Orrin Hatch & Dianne Feinstein Think You Have Too Much Freedom
2000-01-27 Waukesha To Ugly & Poor People: You Are Now Against The Law
2000-01-27 Jack Valenti Tries To Break Technology He Can't Understand.
2000-01-26 Hey Kids, It's The George Orwell Show!
2000-01-26 Fuck Wired And Especially Fuck Kevin Warwick
2000-01-26 Even Cops Think It's Time to End The Drug War
2000-01-26 Another Sucker Looks For Love In All The Wrong Places
2000-01-14 Here's a Suprise- Pigs Can't Fly
2000-01-14 Ugly Child Buggering Rock Star Released After Serving Two Months. Promises Not To Date Your Daughter.
1999-12-16 So You Think you Can Roll The Biggest Joint On The Block, Punk? Well Roll One Of These
1999-12-13 Plunger Sodomizing Cop Readies Himself for New Career as
1999-12-09 Tone Deaf, Greedy, Offspring of Satan Attempt To Fuck Startup In The Ass
1999-12-08 It's Mullet Time!
1999-12-08 Wanna Buy Some Blood? How About Some Hormones?
1999-12-08 You'll Shit Your Pants, and Have Uncontrollable Loud & Wet Farts In Public. But Hey, You'll Be Thinner!
1999-11-24 It's Time for Teletubbys!
1999-11-23 Decades Stale Out-Of-Touch Cartoonist Gets It In The Ass
1999-11-19 Greeks Burn Down Their Own City To Show How Much They Hate Foreign Leader
1999-11-19 Drop Some Acid, Get Naked In Front of Your Friend's Mom, Go To Jail.
1999-11-15 D.A.R.E.'s lying, deceit-filled web site gets hacked.
1999-10-20 Overclock your pocket calculator
Be a true nerd! Overclock your pocket calculator!
1999-10-06 Cops Shouldn't Fuck With Mexicans on New Year's Eve
1999-10-05 The Swiss Make Up for being Nazi Bankers During WWII
1999-09-22 Unfunny Family Circus Creator Sics Rake Swinging Lawyers on Web Site
1999-09-22 Big Brother Watches You At Work
1999-09-16 Columbine High School Massacre- The Game!
1999-09-09 Topless Fire-breathing Sex Change Freak Stops Traffic in Seattle
1999-08-31 Creepy old bald guy does an Internet radio show
1999-08-31 San Francisco's cops fabricate another drug story to keep people from having fun
1999-08-27 Stupid man gets stupid tattoo done by stupid tattoo artist
1999-08-27 Los Angeles Gangs get on the Internet. Four sites die in drive-by shooting.
1999-08-24 Very old man says 'quit your rutting and you'll live forever'
1999-08-19 Aryan Nations' goat-fucking leader does a quick back-pedal. Denounces his golden boy/cancels rally
1999-08-05 tiniest web server
The world's tiniest web server- built by Tiny Elvis.
1999-08-02 Woodstock riot pictures, cooked with a generous amount of bacon.
1999-07-26 Messiah Cam!
Web site set up in order to be the first to caputure the image of Jesus as he walks through the gates of Jersalem (really).
1999-06-09 Missoulian: St. Ignatius man wages war of the words (Robert A. M. Stephens says Bell Lawsuit an attempt to intimidate ISPs, and stifle criticism of topics covered on Art's show).
1999-06-02 Delicious hot dogs




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