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SF Hippies Can't Get Their Act Together
The annual 420 Hippie Hill event in Golden Gate Park, where large crowds of hippies, wannabe hippies, and hippie poseurs drape themselves in tie dye t-shirts and gather on a hill on 4/20 to smoke weed, was cancelled this year because the organizers couldn't get their act together. -- Baron Earl


Health and Human Services officials spend a year on pot
After a yearlong, comprehensive, thorough, complete investigation into the effects of marijuana usage, Health and Human Services (HHS) officials recommended that it be moved from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act to Schedule III, meaning that the HHS no longer considers cannabis to be a drug with high abuse potential and no medical value. -- Baron Earl


Amazon's 'Dash' Button For Doritos Panned By Potheads
So Amazon sells this button you can put in your house, and every time you press it you buy something from Amazon. No, not a random something -- although that'd be pretty cool. ("What? The Necronomicon?! Aw, I was hoping for a giant horse-head mask...") Instead the Dash button buys you whatever's written on the button. You know, like Doritos. Which of course raises some very important questions for potheads... -- El Destino


Jonesin' for that Indium High?
Do you suffer from "ADD, blood pressure, stress-related problems, body weight, autism" or aging? Of course you do, and that's why you need the Liquid Indium Supplement from Kornax Enterprises. -- Downer Cow


Rare Deaths Prompt Federal Restrictions on Miracle Herbal Drug
It was a hot, humid day in Fort Lauderdale last February when Steve Bechler, a pitching prospect for the Baltimore Orioles, collapsed and later died of complications stemming from heatstroke. Despite reports that Bechler suffered from a host of health problems, some are blaming the death on his use of ephedrine, and using it as justification to regulate herbal stimulants. -- LiquorPig


San Francisco Supremo
The San Francisco City board of Supervisors voted to put a measure on the November ballot that would have city officials explore the idea of growing marijuana on city land and distributing it to ill patients. -- Baron Earl


In Your FACE, Ashcroft Nazi Fuck!
Beaujolais! Today is a good day for FREEDOM and LIBERTY and EXPRESSION and MAKING JOHN ASHCROFT look like the giant dumb FUCK that he is. Because one small corner of liberty has been RECOVERED from the forces of evil and bastardoism. It's like THE HOBBIT OF THE RINGS, people, only with Feds instead of Klingons and George Bush instead of Dark Vader! -- Mr. Bad


More Bullshit Fearmongering Over Ecstasy
Here we go again -- the anti-drug establishment has been picking up steam on the STOP ECSTASY issue, and a new bill in the California Legislature would bring even more dumbhanded shitpain on the people who know most about drugs in this country. Back once more into the breach, maties! -- Mr. Bad


MAPS Needs Your Support
Noble readers. As the holiday season hurls inexorably into the realm of your physical experience, are you at a loss for a meaningful way to contribute to the Greater Good? Well look no further. Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) needs you. Consider gifting a donation in the name of your neighbor or your beloved. Your generous contribution will not only fill your soul with the true Holiday Spirit, it will aid in essential research on the healing potentials of psychedelics and marijuana. -- Miss Conduct


Holy Fucking Shit... the Economist Calls for Drug Legalization
The solidly conservative and very British Economist magazine has just called for the legalization of drugs in their oh so upper-class manner. Citing the impossibility of winning the War on Drugs, the horrible costs of the War and the Right of People to do anything that doesn't impinge someone else, the Economist concludes that society as a whole would be better off if illegal drugs were regulated like alcohol and tobacco. -- JRoyale

2001-01-02 Could Use Some of Your Money, Please
Hey, so, check it out: pretty much the best drug info site on the Innurnet is in need of some big fat sacks of cash. They're running a pledge drive, and YOU need to pledge, eh? -- Mr. Bad


Ladies and Gentleman, I Have A New Hero
First off, I'd like to point out that Bob Crane was bludgeoned to death in 1978 in a motel room in Arizona. I just found out about this in the last 24 hours and it's having a really deleterious effect on my blood sugar level. Apparently there was porno involved, and blunt object trauma and all kinds of bad juju. But this is ALL OK, because I don't need Hogan anymore. I've got a NEW HERO, and his name is William Leonard Pickard Jr. -- Mr. Bad


Cocaine: One Man's Seduction
My local video store buys a lot of offbeat, quirky films. I love watching offbeat, quirky films, so I rent a lot of movies there. My wife recently found a real gem though, a 1983 made-for-TV movie that was recently re-released on videotape called Cocaine: One Man's Seduction. -- Baron Earl


Daddy, Can We Have More Kool Aid?
When it comes to Beverage Research, we always advise our readers to leave this area to the professionals (specifically, us). Here’s why. -- Flesh


Won't Get Fooled Again
Hey, so, ever been burned buying drugs? I haven't, of course, but that's because Mr. Bad gets high on life. You kids should too. Say Ugh to Drugs and Nope to Dope and all that shit. This has been a public service announcement. -- Mr. Bad


Stop HR 2987! Fucking Fucking FUCK!!!!!!
Gaaah! I HATE the goddamned Congress! Why must they step on our simple, easy FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN rights all the time!? What is the MATTER with these people! Fukkers! USA out of my stash box!!! is what I say. -- Mr. Bad


It's 4/20! Smoke Em if You Got Em!
So, here's my big conspiracy theory that I just made up: why do so many baddy-bad things seem to keep happening on April 20th? Hmm? Why? The Waco fire, the Oklahoma City bombing, the little disturbance in Littleton -- what's the CONNECTION!? -- Mr. Bad


Legal Loophole Means Legal Hallucinogens
Salvia Divinorum is something I read about in Details magazine, because the cover had some sort of cheesecake picture on it, then something like "Legal Drugs," and I'm a young male wannabe. Anyway, that's what it is. It's apparently like psilocybin mushrooms, but only lasts a short while, and then you just feel sort of stoned. -- Miles Standish


The Final Frontier
Everyone has seen the movie 'Reefer Madness' by now, and is familiar with how it's intention backfired, to become a cult drug movie classic. Since then, there have been other attempts to hit on something that grabs the youth of America's imagination so that they'll stay away from the evil drugs (until they're 21, then they can have as much government-approved drugs as they want). So far they have only served to be turned around, twisted or completely ignored. Now, we have one that will backfire so quickly, people will think a sonic boom happened in the middle of their city. -- Flesh


Hey, Maybe Matt McConaughey Isn't So Bad After All
Jeezus peezus! Crazy-ass Matt McConaughey is BUSTED in TEXAS! Which is a shitty place to get busted, let me tell you! Mother fuck! -- Mr. Bad


Dry spells no more!
We've all had those times where a certain substance is needed for one reason or another, but none can be found. Now, thanks to The Internet and some very enterprising entrepreneurs in a European country, all dry spells are a thing of the past! -- Flesh


Do You Measure Up?
So, did your dealer REALLY sell you a full quantity of the product as promised, or did he "sample the product" and short you? How are you going to know for sure you're getting value for your money? -- Baron Earl


Tighten My Wig, Crazy Eddy
Hey, I'm sure everybody else in the world has seen this before, but I gots to say: I love the Indiana Drug Slang List! -- Mr. Bad


And the one that mother gives you....
In this day and age, it's really easy to get burned when buying drugs, both figuratively and literally. Most people know that you don't buy drugs off the street, or from someone who will only let you look at the merchandise in a dark place. But what can you do if even under the best light, and sitting in someone's living room you are not able to identify a potential burn (such as buying Ecstasy)? We have just the solution for you -- Flesh


No really! It's my friend's!
We've all heard the drug stories at one time or another about people doing things so incredibly stupid, that you wonder if the should be given a euthanasia gift certificate, redeemable on the spot. Well here's the king god story of them all. Get this: Richard Minnier, AKA Richie Rich gets arrested for possession of a meth lab that was in the back of his truck, that he brought to the courthouse while he awaited trial of meth manufacturing! -- Flesh


McKenna, 1990s Dying Real Bad
Damn. Well, sure, of course it was going to happen sometime, but I wasn't really sure that the 1990s were really going to end until I heard that Terence McKenna was super dead sick. -- Mr. Bad


Dosed By The Government!
85 Brits are sueing their government for giving them massive doses of LSD in the '60s. And we are talking MASSIVE! Many of the unwilling trippers have not been able to keep a job since, as one guy put it, "[they] opened up my mind and it didn't close afterwards." -- Negative Nancy


The BudWHEIZZAH Weed Station is the coolio Internet radio station for the stoner set! Live Bonghits, ALL DAY LONG! This is what multicast is ALL ABOUT. -- Mr. Bad


Arkansas Hillbillies Speed Up
Methamphetamine have become the drug of choice for people that live in the Northwest corner of Arkansas - according to a two part special report published in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and posted on Arkansas Online. -- JRoyale


Court Ruling Eases British Impotence Fears
The notoriously flaccid limeys were given a boost to the gonads yesterday when the British High Court ruled that the English government cannot restrict distribution of the anti-impotence drug Viagra through that country's National Health Service. -- Tjames Madison


Drugs on AOL!
Drugs! AOL? E-commerce just got more interesting, says El Destino..... -- El Destino

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Who needs sleep? -- JRoyale




Better a well-delivered slap!
I've been wanting to do this for such a long time! -- Miss Conduct


Beware the super bong -- Downer Cow


Larry Hagman on LSD -- El Destino




The George W. Bush Dance -- Baron Earl






Smoke Em If You Got Em
Wise, crinkly and mystical merchants of death use Flash to annoy, educate their addicted public. -- Mr. Bad



Crack Aficionado Online -- El Snatcher


Kesey, Pranksters and bus set for U.K. gig
Ken Kesey packs decrepit, drug-free Pranksters into Magic Bus for UK 'Search for Merlin' Tour... -- El Snatcher


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