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Gary Busey allegedly involved in Malibu hit-and-run

by Baron Earl

2023-09-07 04:38:33

"Sir! You hit my car! I need your information!" the woman yelled at Gary Busey driving a battered Volvo station wagon before he sped off.

The woman claims that while she was driving down the PCH in Malibu Gary Busey pulled out of a parking lot, rear-ended her car, and then just took off.

She chased him down the PCH and started recording video, but Busey just kept going.

She eventually caught up to him in a parking lot outside of a restaurant and continues to repeat that he hit her car and needs his information. Busey's two intelligible responses were "I'm private" and "Progressive Insurance". Apparently thinking that was enough information and Flo would take care of everything, Busey got back into his car and drove off.

The woman filed a hit-and-run report and law enforcement will investigate.

Team Busey has not responded to requests for comments, but we hear that Gary Busey is doing great.

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