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Oh crappity-crap. I spend all that time filling in all the questions, and now I guess they sent my report off to the fake email address I entered on the first page.
-- P A U L


El Destino
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Trapped on a hostile planet, El Destino travels through time, searching for another host body while wandering mysteries of culture, sex, and that cyber-funken-groove. Join him for a Love Boat cruise to hell!

Pigdog Journal Articles:

2019-07-04 Dangerous Drone Do's and Don'ts
2017-05-18 The One Trump Conspiracy That Will Explain Everything
2017-04-27 No, Google Isn't Using Grand Theft Auto To Train Self-Driving Cars
2017-03-27 Amazon's 'Dash' Button For Doritos Panned By Potheads
2017-03-11 O'Reilly Auto's Site Now Sells Parts For Time Machines
2015-10-06 Larry Wall Unveils Perl 6.0.0
2011-03-21 Perverted Sex in Marvel Comics?
2006-07-22 Kim Rollins is (not) getting married!
2006-07-04 Devo + Disney
2006-06-26 The Three Incestuous Sisters
2004-08-23 Grotesquely Disfigured Annette Funicello
2003-04-21 "I Kiss You!" guy censored by Turkish ISP?
2002-06-29 Drunken lesbian erotic incest? Or just another fun night with the Bush daughters....
2002-02-06 The Weekly World News Hates You
2002-02-01 Noelle Snatched Underwear?
2002-01-31 Jeb Bush's Family of Scandal
2002-01-25 Psycho Techno Hypno Kitten Snake
2002-01-24 High School Confidential
2002-01-21 El Destino versus the Nielsens
2002-01-18 "Come on Down. No wait -- don't! Ayeeeee!!!!!"
2002-01-08 Wacky web-animation -- and Dave Thomas
2002-01-06 Seanbaby vs. "Captain Tootsie"
2002-01-05 Leisure Suit Osama
2002-01-03 "Mr. Clean" and the porn film
2001-12-25 Pigdog Journal Fourth Annual Christmas Essay Contest GRAND PRIZE WINNER ESSAY
2001-12-10 Naked Newscaster -- GONE!!!!
2001-12-10 Ocean's 11 -- George Clooney vs. the Rat Pack
2001-12-04 Naked Australian Redhead -- Missing!
2001-11-27 Vegas Strippers Need Economic "Stimulus"
2001-11-25 Orgasm Day
2001-11-24 Sex Crimes of the X-Men
2001-11-15 Teachers Caught Fornicating in Classroom
2001-11-14 French gonzo wannabes -- and a clown
2001-11-07 Superheros, Twinkies, and Seanbaby's interview with D.C. Comics
2001-11-01 New Leisuretown!
2001-11-01 JerkCity 2.0 is coming!!!
2001-10-06 Naked with a Cat
2001-10-04 Sex! Sex! Says ABC News....
2001-10-01 Think breasts -- and think pink!
2001-09-28 Vegas hosts $60 million loser -- plus four hijackers
2001-09-11 Naked News-caster wears black
2001-09-06 Jenna Bush gets high, pierces clitoris
2001-08-19 Jenna's Sordid L.A. Summer
2001-08-19 Seattle Heart-Breaker Seeks Single Male...
2001-08-08 George W. Bush Confronts Online Insurrection
2001-08-07 Create Talking Fetish Video with AT&T Labs
2001-08-06 Jenna Bush, Super Lesbian
2001-08-06 Lesbian -- or German?
2001-08-01 Jenna Bush Loves Naked Lesbian Strippers
2001-06-17 A Long, Hot, Kim Rollins Summer
2001-06-06 Lesbian Sex Toys Wow High School Students
2001-05-28 A Bugs Bunny Memorial Day
2001-05-28 Naked Thousands Invade Canada
2001-05-17 Crazed Otters Terrorize Mankind
2001-05-06 Bra-flashing teacher inspires her students
2001-04-15 China Humor -- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
2001-04-06 Wacky Japanese Animation
2001-04-03 Nudity Across America
2001-03-18 Trouble in Beaver County
2001-03-07 George's Wild Daughter
2001-02-15 Elvis sees Stalin's face
2001-01-30 Whatever happened to Kim Rollins?
2001-01-29 Whatever happened to Wil Shipley?
2001-01-26 Barking Spoon unveiled
2001-01-24 Ungovernerable mob confronts Bush illegitimacy
2001-01-11 The match-making Congressman
2001-01-11 New Bush sex scandal
2000-12-10 Invisible porn stars
2000-12-02 Wine Slurpies
2000-11-17 Bush Son Naked with a Minor
2000-11-15 El Destino vs. Comdex
2000-11-01 Watch Naked Newscasters
2000-10-01 German Drinkers Face Corporate Bondage
2000-09-17 Naked in the Park
2000-09-09 Natalie Portman built out of Legos
2000-09-03 Fake Nipples For Sale
2000-09-01 Geronimo's Skull Stolen -- By Secret Society!
2000-08-20 Russians Broadcast Subliminal Messages
2000-08-07 Spinal Tap weighs in on Napster
2000-07-24 Gerlach, Nevada becomes Virtual Reality!
2000-06-30 Dominatrix Whips Cow in New York
2000-06-28 Goodbye, Musical Yahoo
2000-06-20 Beauty Mag Plugs Preggers Porn By Mistake
2000-06-16 Gonzo ToothBrush Tech
2000-06-15 Bad German porn games!
2000-06-14 Word Processing on Corrugated Cardboard?
2000-06-08 Bill Gates explains
2000-05-25 Counterfeit Counter-Espionage!
2000-04-14 When Toys Go Bad
2000-04-12 Hallmark's Demented Tax Postcards
2000-04-11 Skins! For Browsers!
2000-04-10 Stupid Canadian Words
2000-03-16 Canadians Fear Sexy Coke Machine
2000-03-03 Naked Man Strapped to SUV
2000-02-03 Canadian Techs Watch Porn All Day
1999-12-18 A funny prank you can play on eToys!!!
1999-07-06 Kim Rollins sighting?
1999-06-21 Lego Nut Buys Car
1999-04-22 Weird Richard will BURY Microsoft
1999-01-22 Wil Shipley Memories
1999-01-22 Shipley Ends Journal
1999-01-12 Two months later and she's still with him.
1999-01-09 Marilyn is WRONG!
1999-01-09 Superhero Fights Y2K Bug?
1999-01-09 It's a Microsoft World
1999-01-08 Drugs on AOL!
1999-01-07 Lego-Man off the Block Comments
1999-01-07 Fly With Us Because We Hate You
1999-01-07 Write for The Pigdog Journal... or You Suck
1998-12-24 Shipley Renames Journal: 'Scab'
1998-12-14 Wil Shipley Makes Fun of HIMSELF
1998-12-07 Shipley's Doctor Prescribes More Pills
1998-12-01 Shipley's Bladder-Capacity Improves
1998-11-27 A Wil Shipley Thanksgiving
1998-11-24 What Will Sun Do?
1998-11-23 Shipley Confronts 'Little Her', Remembers Obsessive Behavior
1998-11-22 Shipley Misses Sex Less Than Expected
1998-11-20 Shipley Has Haircut and Eats Banana!
1998-11-19 Police Sent For Rollins' Ex
1998-11-17 Sex Weekend, Says Rollins' Ex
1998-11-16 Long-time Net Goddess Kim Rollins to Close Site
1998-11-16 The Phoney 15-year-old Prostitute


Offsite Links

NOTE: content of offsite links is not (necessarily) created by this Pigdog Journal author. They just found it and shared it with you.

2019-05-17 Crazy bitcoin-trading "seasteader" forced to run by the Thai government
2019-03-23 The Las Vegas Strip now has robot bartenders
2018-09-29 Zeitgeist's Legendary 'Tamale Lady' Dies Just Weeks Before Opening Her Long-Awaited Restaurant
2018-02-23 When Spock met PLATO
2017-12-28 A musical reminder: Don't Say GIF
2017-12-22 Devo's one and only Christmas song
2017-12-04 What teenaged girls really wanted to ask David Cassidy
2017-10-09 Frank Sinatra told Donald Trump to "go fuck himself"
2017-07-05 Whatever happened to JenniCam's Jennifer Ringley?
2017-05-03 Iíve Made Millions Selling Fake Plastic Hillbilly Teeth
2017-05-03 Hillbilly miner turned coder wants to make Kentucky into "Silicon Holler"
2017-03-31 86-year-old William Shatner cast in a new romantic comedy: 'Senior Moment'
2017-03-19 New ransomware taunts its victims with ASCII art of Spock and Kirk
2011-08-01 Amazon's secret: incest in the Kindle ad?
2011-08-01 Slut Walk! Sexy feminist protest, or invaders from Mars?
2011-04-16 YouTube punishes copyright offenders with animated pirate cat
2011-04-06 George Takei demonstrates why he should be playing Spider-Man
2011-04-01 High school students sacrifice chickens to improve their batting average
2011-03-07 NASA confirms aliens are real!
2006-09-27 My opponent pays teenagers to watch porn with probes connected to their genitalia
2006-07-22 Naked newscaster's Wikipedia page
The Naked News' Victoria Sinclair gets a Wikipedia entry.
2002-02-05 Elvis is alive
2002-01-18 Haunted hard drive
2002-01-18 Rent-a-stalker hoax
2002-01-17 Porno 4 potheads
2002-01-14 Hire a Japanese drunk
2002-01-07 Pointless urinal story -- with diagrams
2002-01-04 Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield
The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield
2001-12-25 Sexy Losers -- the comic strip
2001-12-17 A Leisuretown Christmas
2001-12-16 Stamps without flag? Cops called...
2001-11-28 Bare knobs and broomsticks
2001-11-26 Washington Post reporter gropes teenager
2001-11-25 Zeit fur Tubby Kille Kille?
2001-11-23 George W. Bush blew up frogs
2001-11-15 Larry Hagman on LSD
2001-11-09 Shatner hosts Iron Chef
2001-11-07 "Giving animals hand-jobs", complains zoo sperm bank worker
2001-11-02 Confessions of a call-girl roommate
2001-11-02 Scientists stage mouse rave
2001-11-01 A Leisuretown Halloween
2001-10-17 Shoot-out at bin Laden liquors
2001-10-15 Naked dolls tells Halloween story
2001-10-12 Drunken Afghan diplomat flashes two women
2001-10-12 Porn bomb
2001-10-10 From fark: Town rejects sculpture of woman's ass
2001-10-10 New Leisuretown coming - plus Secret Jerk-off Cam!
2001-09-29 Pakistan flooded with conspiracy theories
2001-09-06 Dwarf Metal (from Honan.net)
2001-09-06 How porn stars die
2001-08-28 Beware of Sewer Lizards
2001-08-28 Nude Suit . com
2001-08-08 Laura Bush runs stop sign, kills 17-year-old
2001-08-06 Single White Messiah seeks loving woman
2001-08-06 Drunken Losers . com
2001-08-06 Jenna Bush in Hustler?
2001-08-05 Hey kids! Explore space, not drugs
2001-07-31 Naked man drops exploding cow from helicopter
2001-07-31 Photos of people getting high (from Metafilter)
2001-07-30 Scary Squirrels!
2001-07-30 Demented Playstation Ads (on a slow pipe)
2001-07-25 Cut Off My Feet . com
2001-07-12 The fire-breathing stripper
2001-07-11 George W. Bush hates you
2001-07-06 Spiders on speed
2001-07-05 How to kill squirrels
2001-06-27 They saved Hitler's dog
2001-06-15 Demented Video: "I'm a Cow"
2001-06-06 Aliens stole my pants
2001-06-02 Parents buy 16-year-old daughter larger breasts
2001-05-25 Russia opens world's first Vodka museum
2001-05-24 How to defeat G.I. Joe
2001-05-17 Obscene parody of AOL TV ads
2001-05-16 Billy Boy, the happy German condom man!
2001-05-14 Canadians terrorize young stick figure
2001-05-07 Whoopass cola
2001-05-07 Crazed otter drowns fluffy dog
2001-04-29 Gillian Anderson campaigns for abortion rights
2001-04-26 Amazon readers mock George W's book
2001-04-23 Lesbian separatist Barbie
2001-04-18 Geeks are rampant sex machines, survey finds
2001-04-17 Wireless wagering brings cell phone gambling to church
2001-04-17 The robot with the mind of an eel
2001-04-17 The Terrible Secret of Space
2001-04-12 Hyakugojyuuichi is back!! (At Animutation Central...)
2001-04-10 Life with Shatner
2001-04-09 Godzilla and Rodan compete in Monster Island Survivor
2001-04-07 It's the chicken-breeding game! (Link from Honan.net)
2001-04-04 Dubya becomes Palm game character
2001-04-03 Ferengi rules of acquisition
2001-03-30 Virtual pet cemetery
2001-03-30 I was a teenaged Radiskull and Devil Doll addict
2001-03-26 Nintendo's demented "girl talk" ad
2001-03-18 Spock's art
2001-03-17 Papu meets the dotcom startup
2001-03-10 Psycho Bondage Bunnies -- the game (from Fark.com)
2001-03-10 Hunter S. Thompson's types new angry letter
2001-03-07 Jeb Bush's son breaks into house, vandalizes lawn with car
2001-03-07 Bush slags non-drinkers in wedding footage
2001-03-06 The Hamster taxidermy song
2001-03-05 Life with Peapod
2001-03-05 Utah's porn czar
2001-03-05 13th Street -- cool noir site
2001-03-05 Real Hamster . com
2001-03-03 Pro-Napster artists
2001-03-03 "Kimble's home page" -- includes Kimble's://~movie
2001-03-01 Jesus Christ Superstore
2001-02-27 Roger Ebert hates cell phones and PDAs
2001-02-17 Hatt-baby! La la la la la!
2001-02-17 Cat Enema.com
2001-02-16 "All your base are belong to us" -- the Shockwave
2001-02-15 Is the Bush administration over yet?
2001-02-14 Kinky cellphone sex
2001-02-14 Evil French Valentines
2001-02-10 Bite My Monkey . com
2001-02-02 Milhouse, built out of Legos
2001-01-29 Wil Shipley throws dinner party
2001-01-26 Bush disrobes his daughter?
2001-01-26 Paranoid Bush scours Oval Office for Clinton stains
2001-01-24 Bush Is Stupid
2001-01-22 Pictures from J20
2001-01-01 Stupid sheep page
2000-12-28 Should you stalk William Shatner?
2000-12-11 Bridge with Mr. Gates
2000-12-08 Monkeywire, your source for bad monkey news
2000-12-02 Drudge de-constructed.
2000-12-02 Burger King distributes porn addresses
2000-12-02 Is Jeb Bush humping Kathleen Harris?
2000-11-11 Bush-bashing fun
2000-11-06 Is the monkey hot or not?
2000-11-05 Christmas with Carmen Electra
2000-11-05 Porn stars on the Presidential candidates
2000-11-05 Which politico will be Playboy's "Beltway Babe"
2000-11-05 Penthouse on Presidential Candidates
2000-10-29 Demented "OK Ladies" cartoon
2000-10-21 Nudity meets animated GIFs
2000-10-05 Demented government Shockwave: Super Postal Workers
2000-10-02 My Marijuana . com
2000-10-01 Sexy "Digital Diaries" teaser
2000-10-01 Never trust a Canadian musician
2000-09-26 Subverting music distribution
2000-09-19 Science of Star Trek exhibit opens in London
2000-09-15 The Matrix meets "Stick figure Death"
2000-09-15 Stick figure battle-bot fight
2000-09-05 Burning Man images -- and a pie chart
2000-09-04 Captain Kirk's birthplace goes commercial
2000-09-02 Who is the "Most Downloaded Woman?"
2000-08-25 What happens when you type 'Amazon' with a 'G'
2000-08-25 Dr. Megavolt! Burning Man meets electricity...
2000-08-22 Pictures of Drugs You Shouldn't Do
2000-08-22 Anarchist installs lame graphics on web page
2000-08-20 Abraham Lincoln in the 30th century: the game
2000-08-20 "Virtu-Cone" VR enhancer
2000-08-17 Kurt Cobain haunts my laptop
2000-08-17 Hunter S. Thompson loathes 2000 election
2000-08-06 Vintage Erotic Postcards!!!
2000-08-03 Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign promise in Japan
2000-08-03 Flashing the 'Today' Show!
2000-07-21 Web economy bullshit generator
2000-07-21 Good-looking racecar driver, desperate for a date
2000-07-17 The Pong FAQ
2000-07-08 Spock, Paper, Scissors...
2000-07-08 Sexual Addiction -- the quiz!
2000-07-03 Hard Drinkin' Lincoln
2000-06-30 Knockers the Clown
2000-06-27 Art Bell's songs of the paranormal
2000-06-22 Pot-Smuggling Masters of Disguise
2000-06-16 Are you ready for 20/10 Eyesight?
2000-06-07 Espionage against spammers: "Behind Enemy Lines"
2000-05-24 Mp3's mocking this summer's movie blockbusters
2000-05-23 Liquor + Hardware = Weird Science
2000-05-07 A Letter from Metallica
2000-04-27 Elian parody flees to Playboy
2000-04-27 Evil Canadian propaganda
2000-04-27 Joey Ramone's stock picks
2000-04-25 Dig Freaky Links' house music intro
2000-04-25 Napster threat generator
2000-04-23 An Easter card in the Pigdog spirit
2000-04-14 Spying Robot Cows!
2000-04-10 Star Wars re-enacted in bad Shockwave!
2000-04-10 Propaganda!
2000-03-25 "Battlefield Earth" contains subliminal messages
2000-03-21 Tips for Crackheads and Helpful Hints for Hookers
2000-02-28 Biography of Bill Gates
2000-02-11 Demented Canadian mating rituals
2000-01-04 Pokemon de-constructed
2000-01-01 Geek fiction: 'Exit Strategy'
1999-12-25 A suck-y Christmas on AOL
1999-11-24 Beer is good
1999-07-07 Evil ad vendor conquers desktops!
Evil ad-installer hidden in BIOS
1999-06-11 Small Wonder Robot Girl Spotted in MA!
1999-06-11 Canadians are Evil!




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