Don't be dissin' on my wine, you potatoe drinkin' head-freezer.
-- Ratsnatcher


Baron Earl

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Pigdog Journal Articles:

2019-01-30 Giant Space Penises
2019-01-18 Ted Nelson's Junk Mail
2019-01-15 Slap Kirk!
2019-01-12 The End of the World
2019-01-11 Pork Cake recipe discovered at the Internet Archive
2018-02-23 Does anyone care about being wrong about Appalachia?
2017-11-06 Top Ten Reasons Morrissey Canceled a Show
2017-01-20 Mojo Nixon: Still Performing
2017-01-20 Please Continue...
2011-04-18 UK Ministry of Defense redacts classified info by changing background color to black
2011-04-08 Meat Cocktails
2011-04-07 San Francisco Uber Alles
2011-03-31 General Electric: Corporation with Benefits
2011-03-27 SF Chronicle finds a new way to keep subscribers
2011-03-04 IE6 Down for the Count
2011-03-02 UFO over Brazil causes cameraman to take shaky, out-of-focus pictures
2011-03-02 iPad2 brings new possibilities for porn
2011-03-01 Caesar's Palace show combines glitz, tits, and Absinthe
2011-03-01 Beaujolais named French wine of the year
2011-03-01 Canadian scientists theorize about pint glasses of neutron star superfluid extract
2008-04-08 San Francisco to Honor President Bush
2008-01-21 Bush Announces Economic Stimulus Plan, Stock Markets Plunge
2008-01-15 Live from Macworld 2008
2007-08-30 Rev. CyberSatan Allegedly Burns the Man
2007-05-17 Torture: It's not just for witches anymore!
2007-05-15 Fucked in the Head Preacher Dead at 73
2007-04-19 Terms and Conditions
2007-04-19 Power of the Press
2007-01-04 The MAN-tini
2006-12-27 The Night I Met the President
2006-10-03 Drive no wine before its time
2006-03-01 Anal Flashlight Rape Protects Freedom
2006-02-23 Secret Service Agents say Cheney was Drunk
2006-02-20 Passport Insecurity
2006-02-17 The First Rule of Pillow Fight Club is...
2006-02-17 Critcism of the Bush Administration is Sedition
2005-12-19 Bush Orders Wiretaps
2005-11-18 Hufu for the Holidays
2005-11-13 A Bright Future for Narcissistic Cannibals
2005-11-08 Displaying PDF Files in Mozilla
2005-05-17 Kudzu Kooler
2004-11-16 Canadians Pick Greatest Canadians
2004-09-14 Batman Stops Runaway Car
2004-09-14 Just Responding to the Bat Signal
2004-06-26 Ed's Shirt
2004-06-20 Pope thinks Bush may be the Antichrist
2004-06-20 We Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
2004-06-16 Cheap Gas for Everyone
2004-06-16 Help Reclaim the Public Domain
2004-06-15 Bush Manages a Complete Sentence
2004-06-15 Pain Killers Can Cause Frequent Headaches
2004-06-14 Not Enough Walken
2004-03-28 Romulan Highball
2004-02-05 What Wine Goes with Dick?
2004-01-31 CBS Wipes Corporate Ass on 1st Amendment, Flushes Fairness Doctrine
2003-07-13 Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain
2003-06-02 New Twist on Searching for New Twist
2003-01-28 An American's Dilemma
2002-12-23 10 Reasons to Get Your Crypto Working Now
2002-12-23 Vulcan Bloodtini
2002-12-18 Penis Flambé
2002-12-18 Santarchy 2002
2002-12-18 Drunken Elephants go on Murderous Rampage
2002-12-17 The Jury is in on the Elcomsoft Trial
2002-11-12 Pavement Soaked in Blood After Vicious Squirrel Attack
2002-11-12 Scary Squirrel Shorts Senior's Circuits
2002-10-12 Barbershop
2002-10-12 The Perfect Rum Drink
2002-10-01 Is that uranium in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
2002-09-26 Cut 'n Paste
2002-08-16 San Francisco Supremo
2002-08-15 Goatsucker Unemployed in Argentina
2002-08-09 But Do You Have to Turn Saddam Over Halfway Through?
2002-08-09 Bay Area Fastrak System Tracks You
2002-08-09 Candy Trains Future Fellators
2002-08-09 Woman Forced to Drink Own Breast Milk
2002-07-27 I Don't Feel Any Safer
2002-07-26 An Eggcellent Idea!
2002-07-19 Canadian Women Not Good Enough
2002-06-20 Fuck that Job!
2002-06-20 Real or Fake?
2002-06-06 India and Pakistan - Strongly Preparing for the War
2002-06-05 The Laughing Swede
2002-05-28 Mars Slushie!
2002-03-08 Brian Cooley is an Idiot
2002-01-12 Key Lime Spocktail
2001-12-18 Neil Young says Freedom is a Bad Idea
2001-12-01 Yeti@Home
2001-12-01 16 Hours of Hell
2001-11-03 How to Take Out a Suspension Bridge
2001-11-03 Liff Long and Prothper
2001-08-19 How a Bad U.S. Law becomes a Bad International Law
2001-08-04 Dmitry Sklyarov Bail Hearing on Monday - More Protests Planned
2001-08-04 Blurry Sharp Meltdown
2001-08-04 Jet-powered Beer Cooler
2001-08-04 Solar-powered Corpse Cooker
2001-08-04 Kinky Co-workers
2001-07-28 More Protests Scheduled for Monday
2001-07-26 Free Dmitry Sklyarov - March on the Feds!
2001-07-26 Piranha Not Piranha
2001-07-23 Impressions of Protest
2001-07-21 Now Hiring!
2001-06-11 AOL-Netscape Abandons Focus on the Browser
2001-06-09 Microsoft Figures Out How to Corner the Market on Net Advertising
2001-03-30 Canada, What Have You Done for US Lately?
2001-03-10 Sen. John Glenn Reveals the Truth about UFOs
2001-02-23 Life After Napster
2001-02-12 Life Sucks
2001-02-12 Milk Sucks. Got Beer?
2001-02-12 They Can Have My Chicken Strip When They Pry It From My Cold, Dead Fingers
2001-02-01 Out-Geek the Geeks
2001-01-17 A Modest Proposal
2000-12-03 Cocaine: One Man's Seduction
2000-11-10 Votescam: The Stealing of America
2000-09-20 Hawaiian Headbanger
2000-08-23 Waste the MPAA and DVDCCA's Time
2000-08-23 She Just Doesn't Understand
2000-08-07 The Parkway Theater Rox Like Sox in a Box!
2000-08-07 ManHunt and ManTrap
2000-08-07 Wearable Linux
2000-08-07 Diva and Goliath
2000-07-28 The Bloody Dog
2000-07-28 Stop Alien Abductions!
2000-07-14 Crime Wave Hits Broomfield
2000-07-08 Ugly Web Page Tells How to Create Ugly Web Pages
2000-07-08 Billionaires for Bush (or Gore)
2000-07-03 Broomfield drops D.A.R.E.
2000-06-28 Have Rocket, Will Travel
2000-06-28 Speed Racer Calls it Quits, Sells Car
2000-06-08 Dirty Deer takes Bubble Bath
2000-06-07 Crazed Beaver Gnaws Dogs
2000-06-03 Microsoft Contemplates Move to Canadia
2000-05-26 You Do the Math
2000-05-04 Metallica Sues Napster. Will Radio be their Next Target?
2000-04-29 Microsoft to Move to Canadia?
2000-04-03 Man Gets 16 Years for Stealing a Snickers Bar
2000-03-15 John Rocker Gets a Standing Ovation
2000-03-09 Freedom of the On-line Press a Problem for Janet Reno
2000-03-06 Beyond DVD
2000-02-24 Woody Allen was RIGHT
2000-01-23 The Lost Probe
2000-01-01 All that Angst... Wasted on NOTHING
1999-12-31 New Years Eve Anxiety
1999-12-30 The Bashed Skull
1999-11-05 Mahir Needs Women
1999-11-05 Federal Intrusion Detection Network
1999-11-05 WWW in 3D
1999-11-05 FBI Plans for Armageddon
1999-11-05 Squirrel Ka-Bobs
1999-11-05 CNN and InfoWorld Mock Windows
1999-10-30 Self-Indulgent Pukes
1999-10-02 Do You Measure Up?
1999-10-02 Name that Bodily Function
1999-09-25 Smoke Because We Love You!
1999-09-25 Gary Busey Swaps One Addiction for Another
1999-06-30 Transfer Capacitor Storage Device
1999-06-30 Duffel Bag 'o Death
1998-11-13 Escape to Spock Mountain!


Offsite Links

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2019-02-15 Amazing hand-stitched scenes from DUNE
2019-01-17 Contributions to Top Dark Money Spenders
2019-01-11 CES claims dildo is not a robot
2019-01-11 Rep. Steve King wonders how the phrase "white supremacist" became "offensive"
2018-02-23 Cliff Burton Day in Castro Valley
2017-05-03 Fyre Fest Lawsuit
2017-05-03 US Government uses drones to shoot M&Ms at endangered ferrets
2017-05-03 When will the abuse of airline passengers stop?
2011-04-09 Poll shows that almost half of Mississippi's Republicans think interracial marriage should be illegal
2011-04-07 Commodore64 redux - now with Linux
2011-03-31 Creating a wall-hangable computer from an Ikea shadow box frame
2011-03-26 Justice Department sends borrower to jail, declines to prosecute Countrywide CEO
2011-03-26 BBC News covers SXSW Dorkbot
2011-03-24 How to Identify a Chupacabra
2011-03-20 Absinthe documentary
2011-03-20 UFO over Oswego
2011-03-20 Stone-washed cyclocomputer
2011-03-12 Anton LaVey Candy Dispenser
2011-03-12 Hillbilly Alien Abduction
2011-03-12 Knoxville News Sentinel removing hillbilly from the comics page
2011-03-07 French biomedical firm uses Beaujolais Nouveau to create an anti-bacterial coating for their implants
2011-03-07 Liqueurs de France Takes Master, Gold and Silver in Absinthe Masters 2011
2011-03-03 Munyaradzi Gwisai, a lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe's law school, and five others were arrested and tortured for watching Internet news videos
2011-03-03 Deputy fired over UFO investigation
2011-03-03 Gary Busey makes the cut: Seven Celebrities Crazier than Charlie Sheen
2011-03-02 Glowing skateboards
2011-03-02 What speech impediment does Christopher Walken have? (Yahoo answers)
2011-03-01 Teach kids about the realities of living in a high-surveillance society
2011-03-01 Charlie Sheen interview best thing out of Hollywood since Gary Busey snorted cocaine off his dog
2011-03-01 Grandma knows Linux
2011-02-27 Anonyous targets Westboro Baptist Church (
2008-04-08 How the Fox virus spreads...
2008-04-08 The subprime mortgage crisis explained... in easy-to-understand cartoon form!
2008-04-08 A collection of pictures of George W. Bush in action
2008-04-08 Wondering where Butters music video on South Park came from?
2008-04-08 Clitter - It's glitter! For your vagina!
2007-11-26 Hillbilly mechanic
2007-08-30 ValleyWag interview with Paul Addis, aka Rev. CyberSatan
2007-08-27 Moan my IP
2007-08-27 Locate your nearest biodiesel source
2007-08-27 Dwarf glued penis to Hoover
2007-08-27 I'm the proud owner of Karl Rove's father's solid gold cock ring
2007-08-27 Laser Tagging
2006-09-11 Crazy British people in giant cellphone costumes snatch cellphones
2006-08-18 Pigdog found dead in Maine
It was charcoal gray, weighed between 40 and 50 pounds and had a bushy tail, a short snout, short ears and curled fangs hanging over its lips, he said. It looked like "something out of a Stephen King story."
2006-08-09 What in the name of god was I thinking?
2006-03-14 We don't know if Pol Pot was involved or not...
An FBI informant testified Monday in a federal terrorism trial that Osama bin Laden's chief deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, spent time in Lodi in 1998 and 1999 and frequented the community's mosque, a claim that a defense attorney described as outlandish.
2006-03-14 Stupid Drunk Tricks
David John Verrow, 46, was booked into Santa Rita Jail on a laundry list of crimes after he hit two parked cars, dashed from his truck and barricaded himself in his room. Once there, he used an ax to hack his way into an attic crawl space -- only to fall through the ceiling into the arms of the police below.
2006-03-01 Quantum Computer Solves Problem Without Running
2006-03-01 Which ancient leader are you?
2006-02-20 What part of "big lie" did you fail to understand?
2006-02-17 Other people shot by Dick Cheney?
2006-02-17 Sqrat Decanter
If you don't mind a little fur in your whiskey.
2006-02-17 Democrat's Annual Report
In Tucson, Arizona, Democrats took back the city council by defeating two Republican incumbents.
2005-11-08 Hey look! It's the Jesus nuke!
2005-11-08 Sulu is gay
2005-11-08 The more Breaux learned, the more he's felt compelled to use his knowledge of chemistry to crack the absinthe code...
2005-11-08 How can we miss him if he won't go away?
2005-11-08 Secret prison archipelago. Are we allowed to call them gulags yet?
2005-11-08 "You go to hell," President Bush screamed at the strategist. "You can leave and you can take the rest of these lily-livered motherfuckers with you!"
2005-11-08 Canadian culture drops several notches today with the filming of the final episode of The Red Green Show.
2004-11-16 Missouri tries to out-stupid Kansas
2004-11-16 Free States and Slave States
2004-09-14 Spot the humping dogs
2004-09-14 Helicopter Fuck Man
2004-09-14 Evidence of Hootchie
2004-09-14 More Chariots of the Gods!
2004-09-14 Fuck the Vote!
2004-06-30 Dentistry advances in Britain
2004-06-20 Mrs Saddam says Saddam is not Saddam
2004-06-20 Moon cannon takes a shot at lunar orbiter
2004-06-20 Home RAID issue revisited
2004-06-19 Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change
2004-06-19 Suicidal Husband Kept Wife's Body in Trailer Bed for 11 Years
2004-06-19 Hyberbaric Man-shredder
2004-06-02 Walken interviewed by the NYT
2004-04-22 Just who the hell exactly are we turning sovereignty over to on June 30th? Space Ghost?
2004-04-22 Tamale Chef Kills Friend, Cooks Him
2004-04-22 The Raich v. Ashcroft federal medical cannabis lawsuit.
2004-04-22 Gorgeous ice sculptures in China!
2004-04-17 The Face on Janet's Nipple
2004-04-17 Three-headed frog
2004-04-17 Magnetic implants
2004-03-28 Secretary fired for chatroom comments
2004-02-19 Whale explodes in Taiwanese city
2003-07-14 You want to talk about fascism?
2003-06-03 War Profiteers Card Deck
2003-06-02 SCO, Linux, and the Dukes of Hazzard
2003-06-02 Or you could just drink your Guinness a little FASTER...
2003-04-27 Sing-along with the Attorney General. Too bad the lyrics suck.
2003-03-14 French Disconnection Act of 2003
2003-03-13 Don Johnson's Pricey Ride
Is that 8 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF BONDS in your pocket or are you just happy to see the Swiss border guards? Don Johnson's pricey ride.
2003-03-13 Daddy warns Junior about the dangers of Unilateral Action
2003-03-13 The Lost Correspondence of Hunter S. Thompson & Martha Stewart
2003-02-10 Dude, you're getting a... Busted!
2003-01-11 I finally got a piece of the pie.
2003-01-07 Tit-sucking Dogs!
2002-12-23 Vampire Hysteria Causes Bloody Brawls in Malawi
2002-12-23 Real cheap beer in Germany - 5 cents a can!
2002-12-18 Sex club shut down
Neighbors complaining about loud moaning get cops to shut sex club down for violating local noise ordinance.
2002-11-23 Fun with Photoshop
2002-11-23 Definitely Not Spock
2002-11-23 "Ron Jeremy Ruined My Orgasm" link of the week
2002-11-23 Want Faster Wireless Data Transfer?
2002-11-23 Who thinks Latvian President Vaira Vike Freiberga has a nice ass?
2002-11-23 Slate uncovers the fact that Beaujolais Nouveau is good for a cheap drunk
2002-11-15 Male chastity belts for sale
2002-11-15 Satan on Mars?
2002-11-12 Looking to get into hunting? Try squirrels!
2002-11-12 Squirrel rampage causes power surge, destroys equipment
2002-11-12 Squirrel knocks out power to thousands in Napa
2002-11-12 Squirrels repeatedly attack New Jersey power systems
2002-11-12 Power service cut in Bloomington by cunning squirrel commando
2002-11-12 Benicia woman attacked by squirrel
2002-11-12 Squirrel cuts off power in Skowhegan area of Maine
2002-11-12 Squirrel Electrocuted in Palo Alto
2002-11-12 Squirrel Attacks University
In win act of carefully-planned sabotage, a squirrel has attacked the electrical system supplying power to the University of South Florida.
2002-09-26 This is not your typical chit-chat
2002-09-26 Have you ever tried to fuck someone while they're wearing a tampon? It's not easy...
2002-09-26 Everyone else will leave because of the smell...
2002-09-26 One Saddam, Two Saddam, Three Saddam, Four. Five Saddam, Six Saddam, Seven Saddam, More?
2002-08-16 Big Brother 2002
2002-08-16 Flying Cars
2002-08-16 Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the 1990's
2002-08-15 George W. Bush's Wish List
2002-08-15 Switch to Whaaa?
2002-08-15 Black helicopters sighted in Colorado
2002-08-15 What happened when cannibis was finally legalized...
2002-08-15 The greatest thing since tinfoil hats
2002-08-15 Squirrel Rampage Ends in Death
A squirrel in Illinois went on a rampage that left at least four people injured. That squirrel is now DEAD.
2002-08-15 Hell is Gary Busey
2002-08-15 First Iraq, then on to Venezuela!
2002-07-22 Beef Makes the Crust
2002-07-20 Poke the Bunny
2002-07-20 Smack the Raver
2002-07-20 Noelle Bush Can't Stop Popping Pills!
2002-06-23 Amateur Rocket to Reach Space!
2002-06-13 He Can Only Do This Show Nine More Times...
2002-06-13 What Happened at Emma E. Booker School on the Morning of September 11th?
2002-06-13 Giant Nuke May Run Earth's Magnetic Field
2002-06-13 The Official History of BART
2002-06-13 Spider Finds Home in Woman's Ear
2002-06-13 A Couple of Nuts
2002-05-28 Bored? Have a Small Penis? Have some vasoline and a syringe?
2002-02-24 When Will OJ Kill Again?
When will OJ kill again? Here's a Paypal account in which donations for a dollar each will be taken and the total sum will be awarded to the person(s) whose guess is nearest to the day without going over when... OJ Kills again!!
2002-02-24 Enron Owns the GOP (dot-com)
2002-02-03 Rep. Rick Boucher on the DMCA
2002-01-20 American Patriot Registration
As part of the Bush Administration's ongoing efforts to obliterate all traces of terrorism in the United States, the Department of Justice has commenced registration of each and every American Patriot.
2002-01-01 Drunken Raccoon Rampage
2001-12-26 Plan To Burn Opossum Burns Woman
2001-12-09 Modafinil... for sustaining the alertness of helicopter pilots.
2001-12-09 Santarchy!
2001-12-02 The Longest Bird Penis Ever
2001-12-01 Harry Potter Books Spark Rise in Satanism Among Children
2001-12-01 Walken for Christmas
2001-12-01 Obeisance to Chevron
2001-12-01 Better than a Foil Hat
2001-12-01 Tempest for Eliza
2001-11-04 DeCSS legalized!
2001-11-04 Fake Coast Guard Boat Raises Alert
2001-11-04 Pakistan gets anthrax letters too
2001-11-04 Microwave beam weapon to disperse crowds
2001-11-04 Hear no evil...
2001-10-31 Fucking Machines
2001-08-04 Philip Morris Companies Inc. Comments Regarding Czech Study
2001-08-04 The Implications and Limitations of Genetic Models of Alcoholism and Other Addictions
2001-08-04 Ravi Shankar -- Political Cartoonist
2001-07-28 Dvorak Online: The Sklyarov Gambit
2001-07-22 Hunter S. Thompson: The Champion of Fun by Todd Brendan Fahey
2001-07-22 Texas Department of Criminal Justice Final Meal Requests
2001-07-22 The Flex Keyboard
2001-06-21 Man's Periodic Table of the Elements
2001-06-20 15-year-old Sex Slave
It'd be interesting to tally how many different laws you'd be breaking by importing a 15-year-old sex slave. -- Mr. Bad
2001-06-16 George W. Bush: The Great Confusicator
2001-06-16 Heil Rush!
2001-06-13 Ron Jeremy Ruined My Orgasm!
2001-05-27 'Hogan's Heroes' Being Made into a Feature Film. Gar! Gar! Gar!
2001-05-27 Woman Bites Off Man's Testicles
2001-05-27 Find Your Prison Bitch Name
2001-05-27 Bonsai Kitten - Keep 'em Small Forever
2001-05-27 10 Pages of Dirty Words from the FCC
2001-05-27 Amway: The Untold Story
2001-05-27 Eugene, the Marvelous Crooning Child
2001-05-27 Coalition to Promote the Use of Child Soldiers
2001-05-27 Smack Bush
2001-05-27 Amtrek Northeast Corridor Improvement Project
2001-05-27 Gallery of CSS Descramblers
2001-04-15 Too Stupid to be President
2001-04-15 Who DOESN'T Hate that Damn Paperclip?
2001-04-15 German Snuff Porn
2001-04-15 Missing Novell Server Discovered After Four Years
2001-04-15 The Security Risks of Unicode
2001-04-15 The Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite
2001-04-15 Victims of Beastiality
2001-04-15 Easter is now CANCELLED!
2001-02-23 What is your major problem?
2001-02-23 The Earth takes a Leak
2001-02-23 .ca is for CANADIANS!
The .ca Domain is for CANADIANS! (Oh yeah, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second and her successors.)
2001-02-23 Larry Ellison's Home Page
2001-02-23 Hunter S. Thompson Rages About the Handling of the Film Version of RUM DIARY!
2001-02-23 Best Job I Never Had
2001-02-23 How to Piss Off the CIA
2001-02-23 How to RTFM
2001-02-12 Drug Busts Uncover Abuse of OxyContin
2001-02-12 Doll Surgery
2001-02-02 Electron Band Structure In Germanium, My Ass
2001-02-02 Jon Benet Ramsey and Star Trek
2001-02-02 Chanderalla of Harlem by Jenna Bush
2001-02-02 U.S. Pork Buyers Guide to VARIETY MEATS
2001-02-02 The Republican Wife-Cheating Hall of Fame
2001-02-02 Sega kills Dreamcast
2001-02-02 OS X on Intel
2001-01-11 Iowa's Top-Ranked Dating Service
2001-01-11 DNA Sample From Alien Abduction Case Raises Big Questions
2001-01-11 Why OOP Is Like Communism
2001-01-11 What Is 'IT'?
2001-01-11 Ghetto Scooter
2001-01-11 Scientists Figure Out How to Make Smallpox Even MORE Deadly
2001-01-11 2001 Detroit Auto Show Concept Cars
2000-12-15 Geek Boy Services
2000-12-15 Geek Girl Services (Revenge of the Nerds)
2000-12-15 Boardwatch's Burning Man Coverage
2000-12-15 What's on Freenet Today?
2000-12-15 When You Combine Sailor Moon with Sumo Wrestling, Expect Bad Things to Happen
2000-12-15 Distributed Intrusion Detection System
2000-12-15 Buy Your Own Coffin
2000-12-15 Iowa Professor Claims Compelling Evidence For Magnetotactic Mars Bacteria
2000-12-15 Linux Game Console Announced
2000-12-15 How to Set Up a Live ASCII Video Feed
2000-12-15 Home of the Baby Jesus Butt Plug
2000-12-09 The Turkish Wizard of Oz
2000-12-09 Nipple Addition Surgery
2000-12-06 McDonald's tries to make better food than KFC
2000-12-06 Retarded Candyraver Random Image Page
2000-12-06 Canadian Government Standards on "Group Ejaculation" and "Bootlicking"
2000-12-06 Reporter Fakes Having a Job at Stupid Dot-Com Company
2000-12-06 Poop Transfusion
2000-10-16 CEO Wealth Meter
2000-10-16 Truth in Advertising
2000-10-16 Q&A with Jaron Lanier
2000-10-16 Seven Golden Rules for Building Community
2000-10-16 The George W. Bush Dance
2000-10-16 Geek Porn
2000-10-16 Bitch Test
2000-10-16 Is that a hot pickle in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
2000-10-16 Student at Northridge University, victim of a CIA plot?
2000-10-16 Tell me... am I HOT or NOT?
2000-10-16 Diary of a dot-com junkie!
2000-10-08 Carnivore Does More than Previously Thought
2000-10-08 Hillary & Lazio debate hoax
2000-10-08 Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce
Daniel P. Musson admitted Tuesday that he sprayed oven cleaner on two Whoppers and spit on another in the Burger King where he worked.
2000-10-08 MC Hawking's Crib!
Your ultimate resource for information about Stephen Hawking the gangsta rapper.
2000-10-08 The Last Days of Netcom
2000-09-28 Drive-through Strip Club
2000-09-28 Blind customers want to touch club lapdancers
2000-09-28 Whores Smuggled into Las Vegas
2000-09-28 Jim Morrison May Lose Lease... on his Grave
2000-09-28 Monkeys the new weapon of Paris gangs
2000-09-28 Legendary 'Goat-Sucker' Resurfaces in Chile
2000-09-28 Zombies for Gore
2000-09-21 Gaudiest Vans in the World
2000-09-21 Green Flourescent Bunny
2000-09-21 Clone Jesus!
2000-09-20 A schoolgirl has been bombarded with 250 emails sent to her by mistake by a Navy officer.
2000-09-20 E-signatures Suck
2000-09-20 Bulletproof Tactical Body Armor
2000-08-23 Damning the oceans, full speed ahead! New working group tries to copy protect every bit of data all the way to your computer screen on behalf of Hollywood.
2000-08-21 Freemasonry Watch.
2000-08-21 I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK!
2000-07-28 FAKE Star Wars Episode II Trailer
You know it's time to move out of mom's basement and get a life when you start spending your time making FAKE Star Wars Episode II Trailers.
2000-07-28 What's Your Cheese, Baby?
2000-07-28 How to tell if your ass is too small
2000-07-28 The Hazzard County Driver's Test
2000-07-28 S.H.I.T. M.O.M. - We're Hungry!
2000-07-28 Internet Porn Protest Picture of the Day
2000-07-28 BENEVOLENCE
2000-07-28 Bohemian Grove Fact Sheet
2000-07-17 Is the Temple of Horus at Edfu, Egypt a CPU?
2000-07-17 The Committee of 300
2000-07-17 The Wars of Mars
2000-07-17 Tom Corbett, Space Cadet
2000-07-17 Tetrahedrons, Faces on Mars, Exploding Planets, Hyperdimensional Physics
2000-07-12 How to say Beer in any language
2000-07-08 Museum of Soviet Calculators
2000-07-07 Kilgore Trout revealed
2000-07-07 Haiku Movie Reviews
2000-07-03 Jesus endorses Guinness!
2000-06-29 Pigdog for Cyberbillies!
2000-05-14 Something special for the one you love.
2000-05-14 Weird but wonderful waste of time.
2000-03-11 U.S. Wants Less Web Anonymity
2000-03-11 Batboy escapes from scientist's clutches... AGAIN!
2000-03-11 Happy, Happy, HAPPY TOYS!
2000-03-11 The last page on the Internet
2000-03-11 Reasons to vote for anyone running against Dianne Feinstein
2000-03-11 patents use of affiliate programs and 'one-click' ordering.



C L A S S I C   P I G D O G

Skunk School -- Learn Why Not To Keep Skunks As Pets
by El Snatcher & Ms. BunnyPenny

Solex vs. the Pigdog
by The Compulsive Splicer

Eavesdropping on Geeks: 'Star Trek: Discovery' vs 'The Orville'
by Thom 'Starky' Stark, Lenny Tuberose, 'Tricky' Rick Moen, Destino

by Mr. Bad