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It's funny and Spockish, and it would make all the robots break when they see it! And then you would be king and you could make Harry Mudd go to hell.
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The Busey Clan

From bit parts to leading man... this family does it all.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Gary Busey definitely involved in a hit and run accident
Gary Busey was definitely involved in a hit-and-run accident, but won't face any charges because he's rich and famous. -- Baron Earl


Gary Busey allegedly involved in Malibu hit-and-run
"Sir! You hit my car! I need your information!" the woman yelled at Gary Busey driving a battered Volvo station wagon before he sped off. -- Baron Earl


Gary Busey Pet Judge
This may be the greatest show of all time... -- Baron Earl


Gary Busey Swaps One Addiction for Another
After decades of drug and alcohol abuse Gary Busey has finally found something new to get addicted to... JE-SUS! -- Baron Earl


At Long Last! A GREAT Jake Busey Fan Site!
DamNATION! This has got to be the GREATEST DAY IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY! There's finally a REALLY REALLY GOOD Jake Busey fan site on the World Wide Web! -- Mr. Bad


Primetime Jake
Hollywood finally recognizes the boundless talents of Jake Busey, by giving him a cutting edge TV show. -- Flesh


Anthropologists Discover Third Jake Busey Site
Pigdog scientists, working around the clock in shifts, have discovered a new Jake Busey fan site, believed to be just the third such site devoted to the actor. -- Tjames Madison


New Jake Busey Fan Site Discovered!
OK, well, not really. But LeeAnne's site has a listing of her favorite actors and actresses and Jake Busey is ON THAT LIST! He's right after Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, as a matter of fact. It's also worth mentioning that LeeAnne is Canadian. Perhaps we should take a moment to reconsider our fears and prejudices towards people from Canadia. Maybe we should stop believing those hoary old wives' tale about how Canadians eat babies and spit on pictures of the Pope. -- Tjames Madison


Only YOU Can Stop the Madness
OK, so by now each and every one of us has seen the new Star Track movie featuring little blond Analkin Skywalker guy. And, like, people who worry about this kind of stuff are already ruminating and declaiming about who'll play Angry Young Man Analkin in the NEXT Star Track movie, "Star Track II: Search for Spock," in which Analkin'll be about 20-someodd and swashbuckling around with his light sabers and killing clones on planet Gwelf and vigorously impregnating the Queen of Naboo (a planet, not a deviant practice) with many little tow-headed babes and commiting other such pirate misadventures in the Movie! Event! of the Year!, said year being of course 2002. -- Mr. Bad


Jake Busey Dazzles Audiences As 'Krug'
The latest Jake Busey vehicle, ENEMY OF THE STATE, is a creepy, paranoid thriller focusing on the shadowy world of satellite surveillance, communications monitoring, and secret intelligence agencies. Jake Busy is "Krug," the perfect "Black Ops" thug--an NSA operative, and former marine, who spent some time in the stockade for assault on a superior officer... -- El Snatcher


Busey Clan Receives Cold Net Reception
Many Leonardo DiCaprio fan site developers are showing little or no interest in extending/enhancing their sites to also promote Jake Busey. But the campaign continues... -- El Snatcher


World's Only Jake Busey Fan Site
I dunno. I just really don't know. It seems to me that with all the resources we've got on this big ol' World Wide Web, all the talent and creativity we have at our disposal, that someone, somewhere, could make a Jake Busey Fan Page that's worth a goddamn. But I guess that's not the case. -- Mr. Bad

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Hell is Gary Busey -- Baron Earl

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