We 1) are loud, 2) break things, 3) set things on fire.
-- Mr. Bad


Viva La Musica
Doe Ray Me Far So La De Doe

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2018-02-23 Cliff Burton Day in Castro Valley
-- Baron Earl
2017-12-28 A musical reminder: Don't Say GIF
-- El Destino
2017-12-22 Devo's one and only Christmas song
-- El Destino
2017-12-04 What teenaged girls really wanted to ask David Cassidy
-- El Destino
2017-05-03 Fyre Fest Lawsuit
-- Baron Earl
2008-04-08 Wondering where Butters music video on South Park came from?
-- Baron Earl
2004-01-15 I want my STV! (Saddam Music Television)
-- h.r.taffs
2004-01-15 Flash required. You will want these minutes of your life back.
-- Eugene Leitl
2003-03-14 VIVA LA MUSICA!!!
Beastie Boys Given it Away for Peace -- Miss Conduct
2003-01-11 I finally got a piece of the pie.
-- Baron Earl
2002-12-17 Hobbit Rappin'
-- LiquorPig
2002-07-27 Live DVD Hack Planned to Protest DMCA
-- Sylvia Maxwell
2002-06-22 Oranges and Graphic Design
TMBG Dial-a-song of yesteryear, reincarnated today as a kooky Flash app. Boojoo. -- Dkr. Armand Geddyn
2002-05-25 Translation, Please
If someone could please send me email telling me how to translate the word 'Dieterfest' into Quebecois French, I'd really appreciate it. -- Mr. Bad
2002-03-09 C.W. McWho?
Tales of the Four-Wheel Cowboy: a Tribute to America's Greatest [sic] Story-Teller -- Mr. Bad
2002-02-13 Rocking Under Satan's House
Living there, you'll be free, if you truly want to be. -- Mr. Bad
2001-11-30 The "Poor Timing in Reportage Award" Goes To...
-- Tjames Madison
2001-10-22 We Got DeathStar - Star Wars Gangsta Rap (Shockwave)
-- JRoyale
2001-07-27 shiggity shiggity shwa
Mario Brothers was never this good till now... -- Daemon Agent
2001-07-23 A musical example of why Sqrats are bad...
-- Daemon Agent
2001-03-03 Pro-Napster artists
-- El Destino
2000-11-10 Fuck You and Your Street Cred
*Fuck* you and your street cred, man. If being cool means I can't watch the No Doubt "Bathwater" video, I DON'T WANNA BE COOL. -- Mr. Bad
2000-11-08 Rock Out With The Man- Pay For Your MP3 Downloads
-- Flesh
2000-10-20 Chef Juke's Music of the Week
Chef Juke knows his music. And he puts new stuff up each week. I just listened to "Tie Me Kangaroo Down" and I'm pretty happy. -- Mr. Bad
2000-10-09 I Have It on Good Authority
I have it on good authority that it was actually EL SNATCHER who let the dogs out. -- Mr. Bad
2000-08-03 Stop the Rave Menace in Your Community
Mr. and Mrs. American Citizen and all the ships at sea! Do your part to stop the rave menace in your community! -- Mr. Bad
2000-07-19 True Love is the Land of a Thousand Dances
B-E-E-T-S, not B-E-A-T-S. -- Mr. Bad
2000-07-18 Stupid Ravers
Haw haw! Raves and ravers are stupid. Don't go to raves, kids. Gimme those drugs; Mr. Bad will dispose of them properly. -- Mr. Bad
2000-07-17 I Bought A Toothbrush, Some Toothpaste, a Flannel for My Face
I bought a toothbrush, some toothpaste, a flannel for my face. -- Mr. Bad
2000-07-09 Lingua Ravia
The dictionary you need for those difficult raver terms. Luvly. -- Mr. Bad
2000-06-28 Dammit, I'm Pissed
I can't tell you how disappointed I am that the Salt-N-Pepa Clubhouse has closed its doors. Fucking hell! Like the man says, 'Take care of each other - Salt-N-Pepa would want it that way!' -- Mr. Bad
2000-06-07 Motley Crue's Message to Metallica
-- Flesh
2000-06-06 Napster Makes Ammends With The Offspring. Promises To Play Nice While Kicking Dr. Dre's Fat Ass
-- Flesh
2000-05-20 Fuck Those Corporate Shills Known As Metallica! The Butthole surfers Makes Their Music Available For *FREE*.
-- Flesh
2000-05-09 I'm In Love With Your Girlfriend
Check it! Mojo Nixon gots a posse. Go look at the live Web cam of Mojo moanin' with your mama. -- Mr. Bad
2000-05-04 Create Your Own "Young" Country Song! Sell it and Make Millions From Rednecks!
-- Flesh
2000-04-26 Offspring To Metallica: "Fuck You!
-- Flesh
2000-04-05 Rave on Easter Island!
Rave on Easter Island! Drop big ACID and freak on the big-ass statues and dance like a freak! Boo-zho-lay! -- Mr. Bad
2000-03-25 Goa-ing out in a Blaze of Glory
Goa-ing out in a Blaze of Glory. Goablaze, more crazy Goa on the MP3 radio station. Roxx like spoxx. -- Mr. Bad
2000-03-16 Banging Trance & Goa MP3 Station
Philosomatica -- Crazy-ass Goa and Trance, 24x7 and shit. Yeah, it's all hippy-raver crap, but dig the BOOMING BEAT. -- Mr. Bad
2000-03-09 Just knowing that someone in this world/feels with a passion called hate
-- Mr. Bad
2000-02-23 IweellkeellyouIweellkeellyouIweellkeellyouIweellkeellyou
IweellkeellyouIweellkeellyouIweellkeellyouIweellkeellyouIweellkeellyou -- Mr. Bad
2000-02-02 Rock Stars Do The Dumbest Things
-- Flesh
2000-01-14 Ugly Child Buggering Rock Star Released After Serving Two Months. Promises Not To Date Your Daughter.
-- Flesh
1999-07-15 Orbital's Web site
Orbital's official Web site. (Because Orbital makes me all squanto, and they will be in the Bay Area on the 23rd.) -- El Snatcher
1999-06-30 Another cool Web Radio Station
Technostate: good music for BPotF. Check 'em out! -- Mr. Bad
1999-06-28 Michael Jackson Treated For Exhaustion
-- Negative Nancy
1999-06-11 We Don't Need Another Hero
I went looking for MasterBlaster and instead I got Dutch RAVERS. Is there life beyond THUNDERDOME? -- Mr. Bad
1999-06-10 Karaoke Riot in Florida Claims One Victim
-- Tjames Madison
1999-05-27 The Black Vault: More Frank, Less Spank
-- Tjames Madison
1999-05-27 Major Labels Jump on MP3 Bandwagon
-- Tjames Madison
1999-05-25 LoudFactory KICKS ASS
Groove to the hippy-trippy techno beautality of Loud Factory! Rockin. -- Mr. Bad



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