Tell me some more truisms, I need the sleep.
-- Master Squid


Negative Nancy

Nancy came to us from a documented magnetic well point in the mountains of Eastern Europe. Raised from birth in this warped environment, she's developed a black crackling aura about her person and a bitingly cruel outlook on the dark and decaying world. Despite months of electroshock therapy, we've been unable to reverse her polarity. More's the pity for the hapless patient; more's the pleasure for you, our gentle reader.

Pigdog Journal Articles:

2002-08-20 Chupacabra VS. Muhnochwa!
2002-06-05 Vacationing from Somnambulant Narrow Realities
2002-01-29 The Inattentive Beachcomber
2001-11-14 Now in new 'impish' flavor!
2001-05-11 Some Funny Shit
2001-04-23 Lets Just Take A Moment...
2000-04-06 Hackin' in the Bad Way
2000-03-22 Britsh Royalty Caught in Hair Cheese Scandal!
2000-03-21 So Close... and Yet...
2000-03-10 Aliens Frame Man For Burglary
2000-02-29 Wacky Brits Surfing Starkers
2000-02-28 Oh God Make It Stop!!
2000-02-25 MPAA Ain't the Only Bad Business...
2000-02-14 Dont Forget! March 13 is St.Urpasian Day!
2000-02-09 Ha! I Just Knew Something Bad Was Gonna Happen!
2000-02-09 Free Speech Shushed Once Again
2000-02-04 It Takes 2 to Tango, But Only 1 To Be An Asshole
2000-01-31 133% of Americans Think Polls Make Their Opinion Worth Something
2000-01-21 Woman Molested By Elvis & Michael Jackson At the Same Time!
2000-01-21 Everyone's a Critic
2000-01-19 Scottish Government Wants Gay Sex Lessons in Schools!
2000-01-13 Steal Ben Stein's Money!
1999-12-22 Midget "Shortage" Strikes Britain!
1999-12-20 This May Explain Love
1999-11-11 Keep 'Em Coming!
1999-11-05 South African Cabbies Clash; 10 Die, 24 Hurt
1999-11-05 Alien Baby Rushed to Hospital!
1999-10-22 This Really Isn't Funny
1999-10-22 2 Year Sentence For Columbine Threat Vs. 4 Months For Murder
1999-10-22 Hell House Scares the Fuck Out of Kids Yet Again
1999-10-21 Creationism Road Kill Fever!
1999-10-20 Mental patients to get the vote in England
1999-10-20 Y2K! Child Sex Scam! On The Internet!
1999-10-08 Knicker Nicker Nicked
1999-10-05 Customs Seizes Birdseed With 0.0014 Percent Hemp
1999-10-01 Death By Fetish
1999-10-01 Never Ask A Man To Do A Woman's Job
1999-09-23 Fnord-O-Rama!
1999-09-23 Good Morning America!
1999-09-21 He Said "Anus"
1999-09-21 My First Prostitute
1999-09-21 Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
1999-09-08 Fear Your Children!
1999-08-27 Walken and Singin'?
1999-08-18 Frosted Flakes Freak Out
1999-08-17 Ydych chi'n siarad Cymraeg?
1999-08-05 Alabama -- Atlanta, What's the Difference?
1999-08-05 Unconfirmed Case of Ebola Quarantined in Germany
1999-08-04 Honey, this mutton tastes funny
1999-08-02 Dosed By The Government!
1999-07-24 Hijacker Just Wanted to Fly Plane
1999-06-29 Lies and Trickery Used To Catch Bad Guys
1999-06-29 13-year-old Swindles New York!
1999-05-24 COMNAVAIRESFOR is One Hell of an Acronym
1999-05-21 And They Got Away With It!
1999-05-05 Scoop Scoopy-Doop
1999-05-05 Serial Killer Atlas
1999-04-29 Oh The Humanity! Oh For A Little Perspective
1999-04-22 Oh That's Really Gonna Help...
1999-03-24 Never Tell ANYONE What Goes On In This War
1999-03-16 Squirrel Cuts Power To Five Thousand
1999-03-15 Set Gag Reflex On Stun
1999-02-17 Female Sexual Pleasure Outlawed in Alabama
1999-02-02 CopMall, The Ultimate Fascist Showcase
1999-02-01 Waking the Dead
1999-01-05 Absent check apparently triggers attack
1999-01-05 Holiday Rice Cakes Kill Three
1999-01-05 Looky There! A Shack on Wheels!
1998-12-17 Revisionist Etymology
1998-12-01 Gruesome Pig Mutilations in Palo Alto!
1998-12-01 I'm Dreaming of a Green and White Christmas
1998-12-01 Knippen En Wippen
1998-12-01 Truck Spills Millions of Bees
1998-11-10 Pig Vs. Pig Grudge Match!
1998-11-10 Poop in the News!


Offsite Links

NOTE: content of offsite links is not (necessarily) created by this Pigdog Journal author. They just found it and shared it with you.

2001-12-19 It's good to have goals
When 900 years drunk you be, look this good you will not.
2001-11-15 Page me later
I fucking hate you! ps- page me later
2001-06-04 Icky Icky Piss Swilling!
1999-11-12 Police Bust Middleschool Pokemon Theft Ring
1999-11-12 Hoe E'Zine is a Hoe' Lotta Cool!
1999-11-12 Columbine Killers Left Videos for Police to Find
1999-11-02 Hawaiin Xerox employee looses that Aloha feeling and shoots 7
1999-10-22 Salon Covers "Tween" Fnord-o-Rama
1999-09-29 Customs Seizes $50,000 in Counterfeit Pokemons
1999-09-23 Woman arrested for not having cancer
1999-09-21 Monk use term "popping woody"
1999-09-21 Serial Cat Killer Plagues San Jose
1999-09-21 Being a monopoly means never having to say you're sorry.
1999-08-17 Was There A Real Fox Mulder?
X-Files version of history is backed by CIA report-- But how come only British papers are covering the story?
1999-08-04 Crocodile Dundee shot & killed by Aussie cops
1999-08-02 Lewinsky Rolls Her SUV
Monica Lewinsky rolls SUV while trying to get something outta her purse.
1999-06-30 Woman Goes Crazy For Tomatoes!
1999-06-30 Amish Cokeheads Busted!!
1999-06-30 Jury Awards $5M to Man in Bee Stings
1999-06-30 DAY OF THE HIT MEN
1999-06-30 The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors Settles Dispute in Georgia
United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors Settles Dispute in Georgia
1999-06-28 Michael Jackson Treated For Exhaustion




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