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Leonardo DiCaprio exposed as a Freemason!

What the fuck would we ever do with out the Internet? This kind of important stuff never makes it onto MSNBC, CNN, and whatnot.

Several key scenes in the movie Total Eclipse, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, are actually depictions of special masonic rituals that Leonardo DiCaprio performed in real life upon turning 21, and being initiated as a Master Mason of the first three degrees!!! Coincidence Theorists might have been safe ruling these scenes all a big coincidence if a German television network hadn't captured DiCaprio on tape admitting to being a Freemason.

This little gem nicely illustrates a few things...

  1. The sort of symbolic, non-verbal communication that these secret society members use to communicate with each other.
  2. How stupid they think the general public is... It's amazing that they thought we would never catch on to their little inside jokes flaunted so blantatly on the big screen.
  3. That masonic influence exists deep within the film industry.
If you get a chance, I recommend checking Total Eclipse out. It's about two absinthe swilling, buggering poets, and the whole thing has a unsettling atmosphere. I think a further analysis should be performed of the entire thing.

The full details are available at the following URL:


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