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Oh, yeah, ok, that well teach me to read pigdog after several Guinnesses.... Err... ok, so I lied... it won't teach me anything
-- Johnnie Royale


Fascinating, I find this category highly logical.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Slap Kirk!
In the classic ST:TOS episode Plato's Stepchildren, Captain Kirk slaps himself in the face. A lot. Can you slap Kirk more than Kirk? There's a video game where you can try. -- Baron Earl


Spock Center for Intergalactic Journalism Established
The Communications Department of the University of Texas at El Paso is getting a new Center for Communications Studies... named after Mr. Spock. For some reason, however, all the stories I've seen on this insist on referring to him as "Sam Donaldson". -- Tjames Madison


Vulcan Steel in the Hour of Chaos
It occurs to me every now and again, like right now, for instance, that compared to some of my other Pigdog associates, I'm just not all that political. I just like Spock, basically. -- Tjames Madison


Liff Long and Prothper
After long hours spent with William Shatner, filming the original Star Trek series, Leonard Nimoy found solace and comfort in a bottle. -- Baron Earl


Krazy Kraftwerkish Swedes Love Spocko!
It's true! Everybody loves Spock-o, of course, but nobody loves Spock-o like the crazy-ass citizens of the Kingdom of Sweden. And the Kraftwerkish lyrical stylings of silvery S.P.O.C.K just go to prove it! -- Mr. Bad


...and then Spock killed Mr. Rourke with a NERVE PINCH
So I was watchin' that Star Track movie the other day, "Star Track II: The Grapes of Wrath of Khan," and I was wonderin', whatever happened to that feller who was Khan in that, who also used to be Mr. Rourke on the Fantasy Island? So imagine my suprise when upon reading the newspaper, I found out that Khan has a whole new career in San Francisco, sculpting statues of people like Donny Osmond! -- Tjames Madison


Spock Thoughts
Over and over again, we here at Pigdog hear the same request from our readers: give us more Leonard Nimoy poetry! As usual, we're happy to oblige. -- Tjames Madison


Spock Has No PANTS
Hey! It's a movie on the Web with SPOCK! And he has no PANTS! -- Mr. Bad


Swedish Man Names His Rabbit After Spock
OK, so, there's this guy in Sweden. And he has a rabbit and shit. And he named the rabbit after SPOCK!!!! Isn't that CRAZY?!?! Don't you think? Kinda? OK, fucking give me a break, it's a slow news day. -- Mr. Bad


Spock Club on the Web
Everyone loves SPOCK. That's a given, right? So why aren't you looking at the Spock Club Page RIGHT NOW!!?!?! -- Mr. Bad


Christmas On Spock Mountain
Once again we present the story of "Christmas on Spock Mountain", wherein a band of hillbilly cyberscientists receive a midnight visit from an unexpected guest. -- Mr. Bad


Send Them Your Love -- Spock Style!
How many better ways are there to tell someone that you love them than to send them a poem by Spock?! None! That's how many! -- Mr. Bad


Spock Beer!
The latest cool Spock thing is... BEER! Why didn't we think of this? -- El Snatcher

Offsite links shared by staff writers


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Spock With Tits
Seven of Nine: Is she Spock with tits? YOU decide!! -- Mr. Bad


Spock Finds Islam -- El Snatcher

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