I want to kill bugs, sir!




Yorgo the barman had a friend drive us to Zeitgeist where there was THE TAMALE LADY and I had tamales and chocolate and Guinness and rum and YOU ALL MISSED OUT ON THE GREATEST FUCKING NIGHT IN SAN FRANCISCO EVER AND I LAUGH AT ALL YOUR MISFORTUNES! That is, until tomorrow morning, at which point I will likely be in heavy Regret Mode.
-- Crackmonkey


Fascinating, I find this category highly logical.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2002-04-19 Spock Center for Intergalactic Journalism Established
2002-04-18 Vulcan Steel in the Hour of Chaos
2001-11-03 Liff Long and Prothper
2000-03-13 Krazy Kraftwerkish Swedes Love Spocko!
1999-12-10 ...and then Spock killed Mr. Rourke with a NERVE PINCH
1999-12-01 Spock Thoughts
1999-08-07 Spock Has No PANTS
1999-03-01 Swedish Man Names His Rabbit After Spock
1999-01-03 Spock Club on the Web
1998-12-25 Christmas On Spock Mountain
1998-11-09 Send Them Your Love -- Spock Style!
1998-11-04 Spock Beer!

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2018-02-23 When Spock met PLATO
-- El Destino
2017-03-31 86-year-old William Shatner cast in a new romantic comedy: 'Senior Moment'
-- El Destino
2017-03-19 New ransomware taunts its victims with ASCII art of Spock and Kirk
-- El Destino
2011-04-06 George Takei demonstrates why he should be playing Spider-Man
George Takei demonstrates why he should be playing Spider-Man -- El Destino
2011-03-26 Spock + octopus
-- Eugene Leitl
2002-11-23 Definitely Not Spock
-- Baron Earl
2001-11-09 Shatner hosts Iron Chef
-- El Destino
2001-04-10 Life with Shatner
-- El Destino
2001-03-18 Spock's art
-- El Destino
2000-12-28 Should you stalk William Shatner?
-- El Destino
2000-09-04 Captain Kirk's birthplace goes commercial
-- El Destino
2000-05-04 Web to Spock: Eat More Salsa
Web to Spock: Eat More Salsa! -- Mr. Bad
2000-03-29 Spock With Tits
Seven of Nine: Is she Spock with tits? YOU decide!! -- Mr. Bad
1999-06-17 Spock Finds Islam
-- El Snatcher




C L A S S I C   P I G D O G

Put the "Life" Back in SF "Nightlife"
by Flesh

Escape to Spock Mountain!
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