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My bowels are as strong as any man's! I bet yours give out at about 10 Guinnesses.
-- Ratsnatcher


Some people are good people. Some people are bad people. Most people are just -tarded.

Some are good, some are bad, most people, however, are just -tarded.

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Now they're drinking their own urine
Without a winking smiley face or other indication that you're joking, it is impossible to parody an anti-vaxxer in such a way that someone won't mistake a joke for something that a sincere anti-vaxxer truly believes. -- Baron Earl


Eat a bowl of fuck!
Once upon a time, I worked across the street from a "special education" school. -- Flesh


Vaccine-hesitant but pro-livestock meds
In a surprise move Sunday the FDA announced that human beings are not cows or horses. -- Baron Earl


Dumbass Fired for Online Dumbassery
Turns out, posting insider information about your employer lead to your termination. Especially if you've only worked there for less than a month. Duh. -- Dkr. Armand Geddyn

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Armed and Dangerous -- Baron Earl


Hillbilly mechanic -- Baron Earl



Valhalla, I Am Coming!
Viking Kittens: hilariously ridiculous. (Flash) -- Miss Conduct

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