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Is that my blood?
-- P a u l

Ron Jeremy Ruined My Orgasm

“Every single person on the planet should be issued at least five stickers,” continues our correspondent. “They would be day-glow orange with The Hedgehog's face on it. Around the edge would be the words ‘Ron Jeremy Alert’. Any video with either Ron Jeremy starring in, or ‘just happened to be on the set at the time’ roles would get these stickers slapped (on) so that no human being could miss it.”

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Songs Of Love And Special Things
Well, dear reader, there's no denying it: Spring has sprung. The air is pungent with the fertile aroma of Romance. And you know what goes with Romance, don't you? That's right, Lover, porn. And not just any porn, but the kind you can sing along to. -- Miss Conduct

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Best. Use. Of. Rubber. Doorstop. Ever.
Holy doorstop, Batman! -- Michael Bakunin


Helicopter Fuck Man -- Baron Earl



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