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We'd only have the wake cause we are always looking for an excuse to drink.
-- Johnnie Royale

Police State Chronicles

All we want is a headrush. All we want is to get out of our skin for a while. We have nothing to lose because we don't have anything. Anything we want anyway... We used to hate people. Now we just make fun of them. It's more effective that way. We don't live. We just scratch on day to day with nothing but matchbooks and sarcasm in our pockets and all we are waiting for is for something worth waiting for. Let's admit America gets the celebrities we deserve. Let's stop saying "Don't quote me" because if no one quotes you. You probably haven't said a thing worth saying. We need something to kill the pain of all that nothing inside. We all just want to die a little bit. We fear that pop-culture is the only culture we're ever going to have. We want to stop reading magazines. Stop watching T.V. Stop caring about Hollywood. But we're addicted to the things we hate. We don't run Washington and no one really does. Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what your country did to you. The only reason you're still alive is because someone has decided to let you live. We owe so much money we're not broke we're broken. We're so poor we can't even pay attention. So what do you want? You want to be famous and rich and happy. But you're terrified you have nothing to offer this world, nothing to say and no way to say it -- but you can say it in three languages. You are more than the sum of what you consume. Desire is not an occupation. You are alternately thrilled and desperate. Skyhigh and fucked. Let's stop praying for someone to save us and start saving ourselves. Let's stop this and start over. Let's go out - let's keep going. This is your life - this is your fucking life. We need something to kill the pain of all that nothing inside. Quit whining you haven't done anything wrong because frankly you haven't done much of anything. Someone's writing down your mistakes. Someone's documenting your downfall.
-- KMFDM Dogma

Pigdog Journal Articles


Women arrested in Moscow for not speaking
A woman in Moscow speaks to a cameraman. "I'd like to ask your opinion," she says, "If I could just say two words." She then holds up a sign that literally says "Two Words" and before she can finish the sentence "Am I going to get arrested for this?" she is hauled off by five police in full body armor to a nearby police vehicle the size of a school bus. -- Generalissimo Fresh-n-Fruity


Want to help bypass Putin's news blockade and talk directly to real Russians? A Norwegian computer programmer has set up a site that allows you to send up to 150 emails from your own email account to random email addresses inside of Russia. You can send them whatever information you want, bypassing Russian information blockades. -- Generalissimo Fresh-n-Fruity


San Francisco Uber Alles
On April 12th the San Francisco Entertainment Commission will be considering new rules proposed by the San Francisco Police Department for any event in the city where 100 or more people are expected to gather. Some of proposed rules include mandatory scanning of all patrons by metal detectors, scanning, recording, and storing the personal data from every patron's drivers license, providing that data to local law enforcement upon request (no warrant or crime required), and hiring private security guards for every event (preferably off-duty SFPD officers). -- Baron Earl

2008-02-18 DNS censored
It's not prior restraint, because you can just memorize -- Michael Bakunin


It can't happen here
John Yoo has my undying respect. Anyone who can make John Ashcroft into a defender of liberty is an evil genius of the first order. -- Michael Bakunin


Torture: It's not just for witches anymore!
During the second Republican Presidential Debate each of the candidates was given a hypothetical "impending doom from terrorists" scenario and asked if they would use torture to extract information from prisoners who might have some information about a possible imminent attack. The answers ranged from "yes" to "absolutely yes" to Mitt Romney's "yes, as long as we refer to torture as 'enhanced interrogation techniques'." John McCain was the lone dissenter stating categorically "no". Too bad John McCain doesn't know his history. Torture was used to stop terrorism here before there was a USA. In 1692 the town of Salem, Massachusetts was being terrorized, and they successfully used torture to stop the terror. -- Baron Earl


A little Haldol for the road?
If Homeland Security didn't keep shooting Haldol in my ass, I might be a better person. -- Michael Bakunin


C'mon, the cossacks work for the czar
I am offensive to the point of insulting. I am chief of staff to the Deputy Attorney General. I have taken a personal leave from the Justice Department! -- Michael Bakunin


..but at the border they told me this was a free country.
George W. Bush: glorify his name or we'll steal your luggage. -- Michael Bakunin


Brown is the new black
..because if you wear black, the FBI will detain and question you. Seriously. No joke. -- Michael Bakunin


Kafka lives
What kind of asshat gets a boner reading Kafka? -- Michael Bakunin



Yo, I gotcher great writ right here
I miss the days when "Kafkaesque" was a literary adjective. -- Michael Bakunin


Start paying cash
Banal, perhaps, but never boring: your Pentagon and her National Security Letters! -- Michael Bakunin


“..or upon attorney general authorization.”
The wiretapping in the army, they say is mighty fine.. -- Michael Bakunin


Oopsie daisy!
Oops. -- Michael Bakunin


Staring at my sandals - that's a paddling
That's it.. taser me there.. mm.. right there.. uh.. that's the spot.. oh.. taser me again, baby! -- Michael Bakunin

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Even yet more torture for thee -- Michael Bakunin


I'm so bored with the P.S.C.
For daring to report illegal arms sales, Navy veteran Donald Vance says he was imprisoned by the American military in a security compound outside Baghdad and subjected to harsh interrogation methods. -- Michael Bakunin


The Curious Vacuum Cleaner in Rm. 641A
The address is 611 Folsom Street in downtown San Francisco. To be more precise, it’s in a tightly guarded, access restricted room: Room 641A. There’s a loud sucking sound coming out of this room. It’s the sound of the United States Constitution going down a rat hole. -- Michael Bakunin


Holy poo, this is getting ugly
Whether plaintiffs were subjected to surveillance is a state secret, and information tending to confirm or deny that fact is privileged. -- Michael Bakunin

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