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Crazy Pictures from the KPFA rally!!!!

(of Wed., July 14, 1999)

by El Snatcher & Ms. BunnyPenny

So we had these pictures ready to go about a week ago, but we thought nobody was interested!! The KPFA staff site wouldn't link to our coverage -- even though we were the first Web site to cover the story.

The CIA is responsible!!!
Look! This obscure sign causes
lots of honking!

(We had coverage Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m., long before the local media picked up the story.)

Of course, we had a photographer on scene IMMEDIATELY the day following the initial strife, but we shelved the photos because of lack of interest. And you know, this kind of thing happens pretty often in Berkeley, so we figured maybe everyone is just sick of bad hippies, rallies, and riots.

Anyway, a few people finally wrote in to say, where is the TOTAL COVERAGE that they had grown to love and respect???! So we're back on the story, at least temporarily. If you are REAAAAL nice to us, we might send our photo crew down there for updates and whatnot.

The HIGHLIGHT of this brewhaha is definitely SIGNS! This KPFA protest must have some the THE BEST FREAKOUT SIGNS that we've ever seen around here. They have bigtime artists working on these. It's really colorful. CHECK OUT THE SIGNS!!!!!!

Hippie of Yesteryear -- CHECK OUT THE SIGN, MAN!!!

Famous Color Purple Lesbian Author!!!
Pre-riot-gear PR Cop...
People were fantastically excited. This is the first time since the big Telegraph lootings/riots several years ago, that the Berkeley "activists" had something to do besides creating new sister cities, which must number in the dozens!!

Cool SIGNS!! It's all about the signs!!!!

There was the speakers, on the back of a pickup truck...

Streets were blocked off...including Martin Luther King, a major Berkeley thoroughfare.

All the cops were standing behind barriers, and seemed to be in good humor, flirting with our camera specialist, and generally taking it easy.

Fantastically excited crowd!!!

Pacifica had boarded up the KPFA building. So there was a bunch of plywood with some nice posters on it below the SUPER FANCY KPFA entrance...

These people REALLY know how to concoct beautiful propaganda!KPFA's grand entrance!

The crowd was mostly made up of retired hippies, Berkeley politicos, homeless people with K9 assistants, college hipsters, and a few concerned yuppies.

There were several news vans, with really bored news crews. One of the reporters was heard to mumble, "Damn hippies."

This is a lot more back-to-the-sixites than "Woodstock '99," which may have had better riots and fire, as well attendance, but they don't have real expert hippies and they don't have COOL ASS SIGNS!! It's all about the SIGNS, man!

Gettin' the AXE

Info Station with free bagels.

Look, it's THE MAN.

Hey, isn't that the SF Mime troop guy???!


Over.  End of Story.  Go home now.

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