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Tjames Madison
like a rolling steel keg rolling on concrete

In the words of Doctor Murdock, Tjames Madison plunges through the world of journalism "like a rolling steel keg rolling on concrete." His take-no-prisoners style and invidious investigative skills make him feared from Shanghai to Chicago. Needless to say, the so-called Ogre Juggernaut has his softer side -- he does needlecraft and volunteers at children's hospitals in his persona as Hip-Hopalong the Kowboy Klown. But he wants all you corrupt politicians and exploitative businessfolk to know, "Just because I've got a SOFT HEART, doesn't mean I'm SOFT on the NEWS!"

Pigdog Journal Articles:

2002-05-24 Canadia Revealed: A Brief Guide to a Large Country
2002-05-02 When Assmen Collide
2002-05-01 Rise of the Ratbots!
2002-05-01 Elegy For an Elegant Bastard
2002-04-29 Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together
2002-04-25 Boscoe the Turtle Has Cashed His Check
2002-04-22 Disoriented Walken Forced to Make Movie About Cartoon Bears for Disney; Prognosis Grim, Say Experts
2002-04-19 Spock Center for Intergalactic Journalism Established
2002-04-19 George Bush, Now With Kung Fu Action Grip
2002-04-18 Vulcan Steel in the Hour of Chaos
2002-04-18 The Single Worst Thing Ever
2002-04-18 Golf Bag Lighter Will Bury You
2002-04-17 The IBM Selectric Typewriter Changed My Life
2002-04-17 Raisin Scare Grinds Canadian Economy to a Halt
2002-01-21 Conservatives ponder Pigdog
2001-12-23 Jesus on the Lam
2001-12-22 Brits Have a Big Cow Over Accurate Portrait of Queen
2001-12-22 Canada "Not Ready to Attack Iraq"
2001-12-21 The Toyota MR2 is Decadent and Depraved
2001-11-30 All Beatles Must Pass
2001-03-13 All I Wanted Was a Damn Sammich
2001-01-26 A Fragmented Memory Regarding a Bearfight
2000-08-03 Who Wants to Be a Pimp?
2000-05-10 Parade Kid! Hooray for the Parade Kid!
2000-05-10 Boycott Molson!
2000-05-10 Let's Go Universal Remote!
2000-05-10 Once More Into the Behavioral Sink, Boys!
2000-03-28 Me No Fear The Reaper
2000-02-21 Haunted Painting Scares Up Serious eBay Scrilla
2000-02-21 Canadia Is Dreary And Depressing
2000-02-08 Hey Mister, Bad News for DOS Fans
2000-02-07 Long Days and Deadly Nights in Broomfield
2000-01-29 Canadians Are Still Real Dumb
2000-01-29 Web Dinks Give Super Blow to Football Fans
2000-01-20 WHOA, man! The moon is like TOTALLY TRIPPY!
1999-12-20 A Slew of Holiday Favorites!
1999-12-20 Dreary Canadianism Marches On
1999-12-20 Everyone Hates Cliff Richard
1999-12-20 Would you people just stop making sites like these now, please?
1999-12-18 HOT SEXXXY MAMAS!!!11
1999-12-10 Dumb Brits in Love with Hamster Music
1999-12-10 Giant Space Turd Smashes into Australian Reservoir
1999-12-10 Entertainment Briefs: Kirk Douglas Fete Attracts Near-Record Turnout of Useless Celebrities
1999-12-10 ...and then Spock killed Mr. Rourke with a NERVE PINCH
1999-12-02 Miles Standish is a Big, Dumb Hillbilly
1999-12-02 Big Stupid Numbers
1999-12-01 The WTO Protests are Decadent and Depraved
1999-12-01 Spock Thoughts
1999-12-01 Fun-Loving Aussies Deliver Another Blow to Equality
1999-12-01 Steve McQueen Returns from the Dead... and He's Black
1999-11-11 Gross Homeopathic Linux Bigots!
1999-11-11 Would-be Stalkers Beware: Porno Pager is Here
1999-08-27 Spock Mountain Research Labs: A Short Primer
1999-08-22 The Stuff I Am Bringing to Burning Man '99
1999-08-21 Why England is Dying, Chapter 309
1999-08-21 More Free Publicity From Pigdog!
1999-08-21 Save the Orange Show!
1999-08-18 How Many Bleedin' Gorillas Do You Need?
1999-08-17 Project GRIZZLY!
1999-08-17 Damn! Them's Some Damn Fine Icons, Jed.
1999-08-16 Assman Better Have My Money!
1999-08-16 Naked Tarzan Spurs Orthodox Anger
1999-08-11 Bees!
1999-08-11 Giant Space Penis Sparks Massive Frenzy in Brazil
1999-08-11 Your Repetition Will Never Be Accepted
1999-08-07 Will That Be Coffee, Tea or Prozac, Sir?
1999-08-06 Blur Are Shite
1999-08-05 Pocketful of Poseurs
1999-08-05 Lee Roy: So Beautifully Can Be No Man However
1999-08-04 Night of the Lenin Dead
1999-08-03 China Is Bad and Must Now Go Sit in the Corner
1999-08-03 Call Yerselves Bloody Professionals?
1999-08-03 Incredibly Cool Simulated Animal Torture!
1999-07-29 Flowers For the Assman
1999-07-28 Jandek is Indestructible
1999-07-21 Summer Relief From Itching Clown Syndrome
1999-07-19 The Blair Witch Project: Feelgood Movie of the Year?
1999-07-16 Do Math Geeks Dream of Electric Drabble?
1999-07-15 This Is All Herb Caen's Fault
1999-07-14 Pacifica Board Ousts KPFA Staff; Hammers Down on Protesters
1999-07-13 Ayatollah This Was Gonna Happen
1999-07-12 It's a Scary Baby Conspiracy, Baby
1999-07-12 Ugly, or Just Plain Annoying: Pick One
1999-07-12 Please Enjoy Japanese Life With Soft-Drinks!
1999-07-12 Reality Crashes Down in Broomfield
1999-07-07 Clown Pornography: The Hidden Menace
1999-07-07 Another Day, Another Dead Guy in a Whale Tank Story
1999-07-07 God's Movie Critic Gives Thumbs Down to Underwear
1999-06-29 Columbine Tragedy Takes Turn for Worse
1999-06-29 Polar Bears! Whales! Oh My!
1999-06-29 Saskatchewan Smoking Scandal SHOCKER!
1999-06-29 Dear Jesus, Take My Wife... Please
1999-06-18 Another Milkman Bites the Dust
1999-06-17 Der Bra Ist Krazy!
1999-06-16 I Am the Assman! Goo Goo Ga Joob!
1999-06-16 Zany 'Nucks Claim: "We Led NATO Missions"
1999-06-16 British Man Dies in Freak Gardening Accident
1999-06-15 Anthropologists Discover Third Jake Busey Site
1999-06-15 New Study Warns Monkeys: Stop Listening to Orbital
1999-06-11 Harvey Keitel's Life in Danger, Say Experts
1999-06-11 Beekeeper Rivalry Turns Deadly
1999-06-10 Haughty Frogs Exposed as Cheap Wine Guzzlers
1999-06-10 The KKK Took My Limey Away
1999-06-09 Crazy Epidemic in Great Britain
1999-06-09 Big Fat Man Falls Out of Roller Coaster
1999-06-04 Pop Singer to Lead NATO Peace Talks in Balkans
1999-06-03 Pat Robertson is Completely Insane!
1999-06-03 Beer Riot Claims 54 Lives in Belarus
1999-06-02 Killer Bees Attack Texas!
1999-06-02 Killer Bees Attack Mexico Schoolkids!
1999-05-30 Pay No Attention to the Matt Behind the Curtain
1999-05-28 Drudge to Art Bell Fans: Bait, Then Switch
1999-05-28 New Jake Busey Fan Site Discovered!
1999-05-27 How Nature Points Up the Folly of Men
1999-05-27 The Assman Cometh
1999-05-27 Star Wars Fans Are Big Nerds!
1999-05-26 Court Ruling Eases British Impotence Fears
1999-05-26 Rock Me Dr. Zaius
1999-05-26 Barry Manilow Recovering From Mouth Surgery
1999-05-21 Canadian Authorities Cracking Down on Fish Molestation
1999-03-31 Fabio Latest Victim of Insane Animal Hostility
1999-03-23 The Ogre Juggernaut Comments on Mr. Bad's Latest [sic] List
1999-01-18 Photo Essay: JedCam Diary
1998-11-30 It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Canadia


Offsite Links

NOTE: content of offsite links is not (necessarily) created by this Pigdog Journal author. They just found it and shared it with you.

2002-04-19 British Media Still Obsessed With Oasis For Some Reason
2002-04-19 Bizarro Santa Claus Burns Confederate Flag
2002-04-19 Hey Johnnie, You Can Also Call People "Chicken Butts"
2002-04-19 Drinking + Pyromania = Amateurs Need Not Apply
2001-11-30 The "Poor Timing in Reportage Award" Goes To...
2001-11-30 Researchers: Girls Are Crazy
2000-04-27 The Best Story USA Today Ever Printed
2000-02-08 Randolph Mantooth Has a Posse
2000-02-08 British Press Still Stalking Spice Girls for No Apparent Reason
1999-08-21 Atlanta Sex Slave Ring Busted; Ted Turner Weeps Bitterly
1999-08-21 Flabby, Pasty British Kids Fool Dumb Cops
1999-08-21 New Report: British Schoolchildren Soft, Pasty. Like, No Shit.
1999-08-17 Plutonium-laden DEATH SHIP Nears Earth
1999-08-17 German Hillbilly Music! Jed Sanders, Liebling Deutschlands!
1999-08-16 Pat Robertson: Abortion Causes Crime
1999-08-07 The Recovered Entertainment Archives: Cool Made Up Stuff About the
1999-08-07 NME: Ken Kesey on the Road Again With Merry Pranksters. Gross!
1999-08-07 Pat Robertson: Women Are Tramps and Should Be Kept Out of the Military
1999-08-06 UK Politician Accused of Date Rape With GBH!
1999-08-06 Hiroshima Survivors Protest Souvenir A-Bomb Earrings
1999-08-06 Shorts, Singing Banned in Pakistani Town. Wearing Shorts While Singing Is Just Right Out.
1999-08-06 There is Something Really Wrong About This Chicken Man
1999-08-04 A Pool of Infinite Depth: More Annoying Post-Columbine Kneejerkisms
1999-08-04 Queen Mum Turns 99; Celebrates by Microwaving Poodle, Taking Frozen Dinner for Walk
1999-08-04 British Get OK to Whiten Horrible Looking Teeth
1999-08-03 Another Trying Week in Broomfield: Dog Feces Placed on Porch, Fig Newton Cookies Stolen, Hairdresser Pelted With Rocks and Garbage
1999-08-03 Pat Robertson: Y2K Crisis OK Because Mainly Christians Will Survive It
1999-08-03 Soccer Player Told He Cannot Take Outer Space Trip
1999-08-03 Angry Villagers Kill 350 Suspected Witches in Tanzania
1999-08-03 Japanese Use Mechanical BUTT to Test Car Seats!
1999-07-22 Mike Watt: He Still Jams Econo
1999-07-21 Stupid Chicken Man Makes Wretched, Broken Web Page!
1999-07-16 Yeargh! Archimedes Plutonium Has a Website! He's Still the Best Crazy Guy on the Internet!
1999-07-16 Live Millenium DomeCam: How Lame! A static picture of a stupid, ugly building in England. There will be a big part there on Dec. 31. Yay. You can even launch a floating DomeCam window on your desktop. Brits are weird.
1999-07-16 Yet Another Crazy Brit Fails to Storm Buckingham Palace
1999-07-16 Horrible Drunk Driver Sues 8-year-old Girl He Orphaned
1999-07-15 Aussie Pitbulls Maul Postman, Horse
1999-07-15 Exploding BEER BOTTLES Confound, Alarm Chinese Citizens!
1999-07-15 Reuters: Bad Hitler Art Sold to Dumb Norwegians for $80,000
1999-07-13 Reuters: Crazy Dutch to Broadcast Funerals Live on Internet
1999-07-13 Reuters: Preschooler Takes Toy Truck For Highway Joyride
1999-07-13 Pat Robertson: God Hates Rap Music
1999-07-13 Pat Robertson: God Is Stalking You
1999-07-13 Actor Omar Sharif Marked For Death in Pakistan
1999-07-12 Xena: Warrior Lesbian!
1999-07-12 Catholic Saint 'o the Day! Collect 'em All!
1999-07-07 Pat Robertson: "Warlocks Control U.S. Military"
1999-07-07 Pat Robertson: "You Can Trust a Commie... to be a Commie"
1999-07-07 Pigdog Scoops E! Online
1999-07-07 German Talk Show Hosts Under SIEGE!
1999-07-07 Let's Go Be Beggars in Graz, Austria!
1999-07-06 Naked Aussie Submariners Got a Lot of Splainin' to do
1999-06-29 Grouchy Woman Complains About a Lot of Stuff!
1999-06-29 Real Life Oceans 11 Caper Plays Out in Vegas
1999-06-29 Scary Bag of Skulls Frightens Indian Police
1999-06-29 Another Fish Beating Reported
1999-06-22 Disco Inferno!
1999-06-22 Austin Powers is Some Kind of CHICKENHAWK!
1999-06-17 Y2K "Test" Spills 4 Million Gallons of Sludge in L.A.
1999-06-17 Italians Get Official Go-Ahead to Behave Horribly
1999-06-17 Flesh-Eating Bacteria Kills Dope Fiend
1999-06-16 Drunk Mayor Wets Pants in Broomfield: City of Crime
1999-06-16 Wacky Brits Force Schoolgirl To Wear Beatles Wig
1999-06-16 Man Arrested For Hitting Girlfriend With Fish
1999-06-15 Power Tools Stolen in Broomfield: City of Crime
1999-06-15 Voice From Coffin Spooks Argentine Man
1999-06-15 Finnish Government Cracks Down on Urination
1999-06-11 Thai Trannies Stage Noisy Protest Over Censorship
1999-06-11 "Hey Whiskas": Athlete Changes Name to Cat Food Brand
1999-06-10 Karaoke Riot in Florida Claims One Victim
1999-06-10 Cussing Canoeist on Trial in Michigan
1999-06-10 Former Rolling Stones Drummer Now a Hot Dog Vendor
1999-06-10 Fecal Explosions Rock Honduran Capital
1999-06-09 Woman Sells Twin Babies for $7 Each
1999-06-09 Naked Protesters Arrested at Buckingham Palace
1999-06-09 The Club Against Chicken Mans: Join Today!
1999-06-05 Our Hats Look Damn Good: Haberdashery With Bocephus
1999-06-03 The SICKEST Thing I've Seen in at Least a Week
1999-06-02 Brazilian Anglers in Piranha-Killing FRENZY
1999-05-29 Bob Hope Still Not Dead
1999-05-27 The Black Vault: More Frank, Less Spank
1999-05-27 Major Labels Jump on MP3 Bandwagon
1999-05-27 U.S. company plans market test of FLYING CAR
1999-05-26 Rampaging elephant stampedes through downtown Madrid




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