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The Weird get isolated and destroyed by white blood cells in the Disney bloodstream pretty quick.
-- Mr. Bad

Patient Joab

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Hot Babes in Peril!
This is not a new link. It is an old link, in need of a little bit more support, folks. It's called "Are You Hot or Not?"


AOL/Time Warner Plans to Fumble Towards World Domination One Misstep at a Time
Does corporate stupidity know no bounds? Recently, AOL Time-Warner purchased Business 2.0, one of those hype-filled new economy rags, to add to its already overgrown, festering pile of fly-fattening media properties.


The URLs of Home
So tha folks saw yr tappin' away at the codin' box, and reckoned you'd make more possum hides if you threw all yr meager belongins' on tha truck and hauled yr ass to Sili-kon Valleee. And they were right: you've made out better than Cotton Eye Joe! But, as the old song goes, you got what you wanted but lost what ya had.


Sugar Aliens On The Run!!!
As all you E.T. hunters know by now, Seti@home has just started sending chunks of radio telescope space data out to home computers to scan for messages.


On the Implementation of a Grocery Bag And Overforestation Initiative
Patient Joab and his evil cohort, Patient Steve, develop a proposal for the plastic-v.-paper problem that EVERYONE can be happy with. An EXCLUSIVE from Spock Mountain Research Labs!


Proof that it's going to take a heap of hillbilly ingenuity to find a good home in the post-apocalyptic/Y2K infowarfare age we're all being flung into. Not content with a mere Mobile home, here's a fella who took a 727 and turned it into a right comfy home dwellin'. Complete with in-depth drawings illustrating the difficulties of getting the damn thing down First Avenue and much more.


Light and Time and Bars
Patient Joab's scientifick editorial discusses aspect of the space-time-beer continuum never before processed by sub-bush-robot minds!!! Too fabulantastic to contempulate!


You're Bugging Me
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not really after you! In fact, many agencies that you never even HEARD OF are keeping detailed dossiers of your mundane life. And they're using S00PER SEKRIT high-tech to do it!


What the Mountains Did to the Man
Want to learn to converse all scientific, like the Spock Mountain Research Labs beverotologists do? Well, tan my hide!


Stupid Postcards
Here's something to keep you drooling moronic link-clickers entertained for a while: this compendium of stupid, weird, and disturbing postcards is comprehensive and voluminous. Enjoy your drug.

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More fun than you'd imagine
Robot Frank's page. As my friend April puts it, a kind of pre-futurama Bender in real life. Real Funny, though I'm not sure why.


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