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Everybody has to call me "Bluto" from now on.
-- Mr. Bad

Sappy Christmas Shit

Celebrate that capitalist holiday to over-indulgence with Pigdog. You can just send us money for our present... thanks.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Pigdog Journal Annual Christmas Essay Contest RUNNER UP ESSAY
A funny thing happened Pigdog Christmas Essay Contest. We got a second entry -- a raunchy, rowdy fable that seemed destined for glory, to RUN HARD and STEAL THE PRIZE, a strong contender to be this year's grand prize winner. -- Lenny Tuberose


Pigdog Journal Annual Christmas Essay Contest WINNING ESSAY
It started 20 years ago -- and we're STILL HERE, dammit! So because Christmas is a TIME OF TRADITION, and to honor's glorious resurrection, we announced the return of our most hallowed tradition: the Christmas Essay contest.

And now we're announcing the BIG 2017 WINNER! -- Lenny Tuberose


Because is entering OUR 20TH YEAR! And because the world is even MORE BATSHIT CRAZY than ever! We're announcing the glorious return of our most sacred tradition: the Pigdog Journal Christmas Essay Contest. -- El Destino


What is hanty?
Do you want to give gifts that stand out? Gifts that can't be mistaken for mall drek? Do you want to give a gift that says "love" and maybe "help!"? Don't fight the Wal-Mart crowds, stay home and make a custom hanty for your special someone. -- Downer Cow


Pigdog Journal Fifth Annual Christmas Essay Contest WINNING ESSAY
That's right! The moment we've ALL been waiting for ALL YEAR LONG since the beginning of this anus horribilis is FINALLY HERE! The ANNOUNCEMENT of the WINNING ESSAY in the FIFTH ANNUAL PIGDOG JOURNAL CHRISTMAS ESSAY CONTEST! Boojho! Huzzah! -- Lenny Tuberose


Can you believe it? We've been having this WACKASS CONTEST for FIVE YEARS. FIVE! That's a lot of years! To have a contest! About Christmas essays! I mean serious! And it's time once again (OK, a little past time, I agree) to do it to me one more time! For Christmas's fucking sake! Beaujolais! -- Mr. Bad


Santarchy 2002
Every year Santas get together all over the globe to bring children presents, to offer tidings of joy, and TO RAMPAGE IN YOUR BUNGHOLE LIKE DEMONS FROM HELL during an annual bachanalia known as SANTARCHY! -- Baron Earl


Pigdog Journal Fourth Annual Christmas Essay Contest SECOND RUNNER UP ESSAY
Beaujolais for the pimpin' Christmas year! Despite the complete and utter passing of the holiday season of sharing and caring, Pigdog Journal continues to pump out the essay contest extravaganza winners! -- Miss Conduct


Pigdog Journal Fourth Annual Christmas Essay Contest FIRST RUNNER-UP ESSAY
Beaujolais! X-mas time for the whole family with the FIRST RUNNER-UP winning X-mas essay! It's a holiday extravaganza that's sure to make everyone warm in their cockles. -- Lenny Tuberose


Pigdog Journal Fourth Annual Christmas Essay Contest GRAND PRIZE WINNER ESSAY
Beaujolais and Meli Kalikimaka! The Pigdog Journal Fourth Annual Christmas Essay Contest is OVER, and you are MOMENTS AWAY from reading the GRAND PRIZE WINNING ESSAY! Destined (ha ha) to be a holiday classic for years and years and years and years to come! -- El Destino


Jesus on the Lam
There are dire tidings from the Badlands this Christmas. -- Tjames Madison


Santa's 2001 Official FAA Flight Clearance
As most people are aware, War against Terror and Drugs and other Bad things has resulted in a monumental shift in American security precautions as we now face the threat of military trials and executions for disobeying President Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft. This heightened security also threatens to cancel Santa Claus' annual delivery of presents -- many people who are paid to worry about such things were concerned about just how much damage a sleigh filled with 50,000,000 toys could do if it missed a roof top and plowed into the side of a building. -- JRoyale


Pigdog Journal FOURTH Annual Christmas Essay Contest
Beaujolais!! Can you believe it's Christmas time again? I really haven't been able to plan around it since we survived Y2K -- never saw that coming. Anyways, send in your essay submission and LAUNCH YOUR CAREER TO THE STARS. -- Mr. Bad


Pigdog Journal Third Annual Christmas Essay Contest WINNING ESSAY
Beaujolais! We have a winner! And none too soon -- the most magical day of the year is nigh upon us. Curl up to your iMac and read another touching Yuletide tale by none other than our Xmas essayist emeritus, LENNY TUBEROSE! -- Lenny Tuberose


Christmas On Spock Mountain
The return of a holiday favorite the whole family can enjoy! A charming saga of a bunch of drunk cyberbilly hyperscientists and their encounter with a VERY SPECIAL VISITOR on Christmas Eve. Read it with someone you love. -- Mr. Bad


Third Annual Pigdog Journal Christmas Essay Contest!!!!!!
That's right, folks! It's back again, better than before, like Rocky VI or some shit. The Third Annual Pigdog Journal Christmas Essay Contest! You can practically smell the Christmas Magic! -- Mr. Bad


YET ANOTHER Pigdog Journal Second Annual Christmas Essay Contest HONORABLE MENTION
Man, I bet you, the general public, have pretty much had enough of the sporadic serial publication of Pigdog Journal Second Annual Christmas Essay Contest winners and honorable mentions and stuff! But don't forget, CHRISTMAS AIN'T OVER YET. So KEEP READING, DAMMIT! -- El Crackhead Grande


Pigdog Journal Second Annual Essay Contest HONORABLE MENTION
This is one of the fabu entries in our Pigdog Journal Second Annual Christmas Essay Contest. It is honorable, so we mention it. It manages to weave Hitler, cryonics, and into a single narrative thread. Beaujolais! Enjoy! -- Bill Young


Pigdog Journal Second Annual Christmas Essay Contest SECOND PRIZE WINNER
Huzzah! A second prize winner in our fabuloso Pigdog Journal Second Annual Christmas Essay Contest! This one is from our VERY OWN Ms. Bunnypenny! Wee haw! -- Ms.BunnyPenny


Paranoid Strippers & Psychotic Crack Dealers (Tales of Christmas Eve)
Christmas day, for the last 17 or so years has bored me. I find that the real fun and excitement always takes place on Christmas Eve. Every other year, it's the excitement of the metaphorical hunt instead of the kill. Otherwise, it's just plain bad craziness. -- Flesh


Pigdog Journal Second Annual Christmas Essay Contest WINNER
The results are in! Pigdog Journal's expert array of AI software essay-judging programs have returned a result -- and what a result it is! -- Lenny Tuberose


Pigdog Journal Second Annual Christmas Essay Contest
Hooray! It's that time of year again! The Season of Caring and Sharing! When all the people of the world come together in the Joy of the Season! And Pigdog Journal is so full of MAUDLIN COMMERCIALLY-MANUFACTURED EMOTION and SAPPY SACCHARINE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT that we're having YET ANOTHER Christmas Essay Contest! -- Mr. Bad


Aw Fuck. It's That Time Of The Year Again
Once again, you've found yourself with a holiday shopping list a mile long. You have no idea what to get for anyone, and all the stores are packed with shoppers with a staving piranha mindset! May we suggest that you let The Stranger be your guide? -- Flesh


More Pigdog Christmas Wish Lists
OK, well, more Pigdog staffers came in with Christmas wish lists over the weekend. I don't know what these are supposed to prove, but I'd be remiss not to report them -- if only to publicly record their dreams, so when they're dashed on 12/25/1999, we can all laugh at them. -- Mr. Bad


Pagan Christmas
Pao Tzu's Christmas essay comes in a few days late and a few dollars short. But, considering that no one else but he and Lenny submitted essays, he gets the 1st Runner-up prize in the Pigdog Journal Christmas Essay Contest. Sure, it's a travesty of justice, but what can you do? -- Pao Tzu


Furbiling Trend Rises to Disturbing Levels
Hospital workers at San Francisco General have reported a 15th emergency-room case involving the deviant sexual practice of "furbiling". City health officials have formed a task force to raise public awareness of this problem. -- Mr. Bad


A Clone Christmas In Guelph
Lenny Tuberose, Grand Prize Winner of the Pigdog Journal Christmas Essay Contest, presents a heart-warming tale of what Christmas is all about: brutal assaults and substance abuse. Destined to be a Christmas classic! -- Lenny Tuberose


Pigdog Christmas Wish Lists
We realize it's getting a little late in the game for you to get presents for the Pigdog Journal staff like you really should. But some of us are a little disappointed with this year's take and we thought we'd give the Fat Man one more chance to come through with the goods. And, no, we don't mean J.L. McCabe. -- Mr. Bad


OK, here's one classic example of poor re-use of military technology: NORAD, AKA the Nuke Spooks, are using your tax dollars to supposedly "track" Santa Claus through the Northern Hemisphere. What a crock of shit! -- Mr. Bad

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The California Christmas song from the show Crazy Ex Girlfriend
The "California Christmas" song (from the show "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend") -- El Destino


Santarchy! -- Baron Earl


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