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The Millennium Falcon
1999-11-14 18:55:23

Spocktail of the Week
Always remember that I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.
-- Winston Churchill


We here in SMRL's Beverage Research Lab realize that there is more to life than just drinking spocktails. It's important to have other activities. One such activity that we wholeheartedly support is dancing six or more hours to Trance music. So we have designed a drink to accommodate this.

We call this drink The Millennium Falcon, because it'll quickly propel you into hyperdrive in no time. It's also easy to make.

The Millennium Falcon

  • 1 part Vodka (preferably Skyy)
  • 3 parts Hansen's Energy Drink
  • 2 capsules Metabolift
  • Mix the vodka and Hansen's. Crack open Metabolift capsule and empty into mixture. Drink quickly and prepare to blast off with all the fun of speed, but no annoying psychosis or pesky burnout.

    Warning: Do not drink more than two in a six-hour period. Your heart will explode. And no one needs that mess or distraction when trying to dance.

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