Burn them ALL! ALL of THEM!




Guinness at 6:30 AM! Delicious!
-- Ratsnatcher


El Snatcher

Raised by anacondas in a South American rain forest (or born and abandoned in a Memphis laundromat, and brought up by Quakers, depending on whose version of the "truth" you want to believe,) El Snatcher is Pigdog's fiercest attack journalist, a hillbilly icon born and bred to unearth diamonds lost in shitpiles and uncloak Bad People in angelic disguise wherever they lurk.

Three-time winner of the Pigdog "Most Likely to Harbor a Deeply Personal Lifetime Grudge Award," Snatcher spends his days and nights cloaked in mystery on Spock Mountain, an enigmatic figure in a blood-spattered lab coat lurking the labyrinth hallways of his Super Sekrit MegaResearch laboratory in an undisclosed location, where he performs myriad and inhuman experiments on all forms of human and whatnot matter. Rumors have it that El Snatcher lives on a diet that consists solely of broiled and grilled large meat and fresh beaujolais from his private reserve.

El Snatcher has an undying, pitbull jaw-clamping-like hatred for people who say things like: "Let's go debunk old granny ESP ladies and laugh in their faces! HAHA HA We are SO SMARTY PANTY! We did a sting on that old dowser guy! hahah! Everything not endorsed by Nature magazine is a fraud!! Let's get them real good, har har! And we're HIPPIES! We're BAD HIPPIES at the same time!! YaY!! I am a vegetarian skeptic boy HIPPIE!!! We spy on people with our telescopes while we're barefoot!! And this is our club. We all LOVE TO LOVE Carl Sagan together in paradise. Let's watch Star Track and masturbate!! Yay!!"

Pigdog Journal Articles:

2007-09-09 Alex Jones manhandled and arrested on trumped-up charges by NYPD!
2002-04-12 High Availability Guinness Stress Test
2001-11-25 802.11b and Absinthe
2001-07-05 Walken Super Dance
2001-03-06 Scoundrel: A New Concept For Searching P2P
2000-12-31 Iowa Armageddon
2000-08-19 Walken Fan Club Materializes
2000-07-24 Secret Society Goes Crazy in The Wine Country
1999-11-16 Hunter on the New Porsche Carrera 4
1999-10-24 Lego DEATHSTORMS
1999-09-28 Pigdog Content Refresh Bug
1999-08-25 www.cyberbilly.com Opens Its Doors...
1999-08-24 Communion Anal Probe Scene Museum
1999-08-11 Monumental Christopher Walken Newsletter
1999-08-10 Touch-Tone Hillbilly Terrorism
1999-08-05 Send Mail to the Future
1999-08-05 Blair Witch Not the First 'Recovered Footage' Flick?
1999-08-04 Spock Mountain Pictures From Last Year's Burning Man
1999-08-03 China Uses Info-War Techniques to Suppress Religious Following
1999-07-28 R. U. Sirius Debuts New Wrestling Magazine
1999-07-24 Deep Inside Linus Torvalds
1999-07-20 Blood-Thirsty Rats Back in Deutschland
1999-07-20 The Case of the Full-Tilt Backpedal
1999-07-18 Art Bell Intimidates Montana Service Provider?
1999-07-15 Apple Will Reveal Cool, iMac-like Laptop!
1999-07-12 Swinger Conference GETS IT ON in Reno! YEAH Baby!!!
1999-07-10 Earth Changes TV (ECTV) Covers the Talk Show Wars
1999-07-10 Y6B: Citizens of Earth: Reduce Birthrate or Face Certain DOOOOOOM!
1999-07-09 Art Bell Fires a Warning Shot Across the Pigdog Bow?
1999-07-08 Talk Show Wars Spin-Doctoring Backfires
1999-07-07 Web Search Engines Are Falling Down on the Job!
1999-07-07 Sqrats Go Commercial Too Soon
1999-07-02 Talk Show Host Blames Downfall on Chatroom Vixens
1999-07-02 Wild Updated Mailbag!
1999-06-30 Radio Talk Show Host Hits Below the Belt
1999-06-28 Careless Canadians Foster Virulent Gopher Strain
1999-06-28 How Yo Git PPP T'Wawk on Yer Linux Box
1999-06-24 Sqrats: The New Rodent Super Weapon
1999-06-21 Stonehenge Solstice Ceremonies Turn Ugly
1999-06-17 Paranoid Talk Show Host Hides From Art Bell Fans In Montana Bunker
1999-06-14 Old Java Wine in New Box
1999-06-09 Elephant Gang Stomps Villagers in Vietnam
1999-06-09 Nasty Review of New Hunter S. Thompson Compilation CD
1999-06-04 Jerry Springer May Defect to England
1999-05-28 Art Bell Releases Vicious Attack Lawyer
1999-05-26 Jerry Springer Sanitized!
1999-05-25 Free Stickers from the STW Alien Resistance Movement
1999-05-23 Masonic Ritual 1: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
1999-05-22 Is Someone Trying to Silence Art Bell?
1999-05-05 US Survival Tips for Aussies
1999-04-30 Talk Show Wars
1999-04-30 Emaciated Pigdog Mailbag
1999-04-27 Crazy Art Bell Knockoffs
1999-04-21 Gothic Teen Media Makeover
1999-04-21 Going Down...
1999-04-08 Bad Toilet Browser
1999-03-11 Canadian Army Developing Combat Super-bras
1999-02-24 Nasty Rutting Skunks Invade Home
1999-02-24 Hunter Does Nash Bridges
1999-02-22 India Cracks Down on Monkey Menace
1999-02-18 New Telebubbies Goofouts
1999-02-17 Pigdog Journal Blacklisted by CCKR!
1999-02-17 Subliminal Seduction and Windows 95
1999-02-16 We're Back -- After A Terrible Ordeal!
1998-12-18 Furby Death Machine
1998-12-17 Soviets Backed Open Source Software in the '80s?
1998-12-15 Cyberstrike Follow-Up
1998-12-14 Blond Bimbo Rapists
1998-12-12 Cyberstrike Now!
1998-12-11 Bad Kid Deletes Resume!
1998-12-11 2000-Year-Old Vampire Enters Plea
1998-12-10 Used Condom In McDonald's Chicken Bun
1998-12-08 The Rollins/Shipley Break-up
1998-12-08 Hire This Bad Kid Now!
1998-12-07 Horsey Serial Killer Strikes Again
1998-12-07 UK Takes Lead In Bestiality
1998-12-04 Dog Fights Off Murderous Deer
1998-11-24 Jake Busey Dazzles Audiences As 'Krug'
1998-11-22 Chocolate New Wonder Medicine
1998-11-22 Skeptics Pelt Art Bell With Rocks and Garbage
1998-11-18 Busey Clan Receives Cold Net Reception
1998-11-16 Great Pyramid To Receive New Gold Capstone
1998-11-14 The Trephination Clinic Will Drill Your Brain Real Good!
1998-11-12 A lot of UK Judges are Freemasons!
1998-11-12 Vampires are killing our homeless people!
1998-11-11 Alien Attacks Dog!!!
1998-11-09 A Couple of Alien Quickies...
1998-11-06 SETI Makes First Contact?
1998-11-04 Spock Beer!
1998-11-04 Johnny R. And Snatcher go CRAZY!!!
1998-11-03 Leonardo DiCaprio Exposed Is A Freemason!
1998-11-03 Ninjas Being Lynched In Jakarta
1998-11-03 Erich Von Daniken On Art Bell!
1998-11-03 Oliver Stone Pushing TWA Conspiracy Theory
1998-10-05 Flying Squirrels Terrorize Family!
1998-10-05 Insurance Against Aliens


Offsite Links

NOTE: content of offsite links is not (necessarily) created by this Pigdog Journal author. They just found it and shared it with you.

2011-03-05 What is the creepiest thing that you've ever experienced?
2007-09-09 Alex Jones' "Endgame" trailer released... (YouTube)
2005-10-19 Squid + Hillbillies == the best new television show this fall!
2002-12-17 The Beast's 50 Most Loathsome
2002-11-12 The Hidden Agenda of Tax Exempt Foundations
2002-06-20 Massive cattle mutilations in Argentina!
2002-05-28 Dirt-Eating Hillbillies
2002-05-28 Annu $20 Bill
Have you seen the pair of secret images that become visible only by folding the new $20 Federal Reserve note a certain way?
2002-05-06 Esperanto -- The Aggressor Language
2002-04-17 Turn that fucking TV OFF!
2002-04-12 Beware the evil jack rabbits of Santa Rosa!
2002-04-07 Esperanto needs more bad people!
2002-01-22 Yuppie: With your help, takeover is inevitable...
2001-11-29 Excellent Christopher Walken-inspired Electronica
'UNIGLORY': Fantastico Christopher Walken-inspired Electronica ('Onscreen' is especially beauty.)
2001-11-29 New Christopher Walken Fan Christmas Items
2001-11-27 Man injured in squirrel 'whiplash attack.'
2001-10-28 Where men with big teeth make babies cry....
2001-05-19 Real pictures of a C204 Gravity Distortion Time Displacement Unit from the year 2035.
2001-03-15 Art Bell Silenced By NSA!
2001-03-15 Strange Candian Ice Rings Baffle Researchers
2001-03-06 Arthur C. Clarke Discovers 'The Glass Worms of Mars'
2001-03-06 'The Great American Meatout 2001' -- Poised To Limit Damage From Mad Cow Disease
2001-03-06 Real Doll: The Movie -- starring Ron Jeremy!
2001-02-13 The Alien Internet Conspiracy
2001-01-26 More J20 Pictures
2001-01-13 Hunter S. Thompson Bitten By Brown Recluse Spider!
2001-01-12 Audio Interview with Art Bell (Stupid MS Media Player only)
2000-12-08 Ancient Egyptian Treasures In The Grand Canyon?
2000-12-08 Chemtrail Central
New Chemtrail Weblog, Chemtrail Central ('...Searching for Answers in the Chemtrail / Contrail Issue')
2000-12-08 Yeti@Home
YETI@Home is a scientific experiment that harnesses the power of hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected computers in the search for giant ape-like creatures (YETI).
2000-12-08 The Joys of Reptoid Sex
2000-10-13 Flesh is a mysterious and dynamic originator of wonderment and humour. He is also the founder of Pigdog mailing list.
2000-10-04 Hit Piece: The Failure of Linux
2000-07-16 Visit E-Telegraph Avenue
2000-04-25 Spook
'Spook... is a distributed web based artwork which explores issues of surveillance, tracking and covert activity on the web in an interactive website based on the conventions of computer games.'
2000-04-11 The Franlin Mint's new 'Roswell Incident Official Eyewitness Sculpture'!!!!!!!!
The Franklin Mint's new 'Roswell Incident Official Eyewitness Sculpture'!!!!!!!!
2000-03-11 Current and recent eBay items offered by Bob Lazar...
2000-03-10 Mission to Mars
NASA scoffs at 'Face on Mars' theory, then helps Disney develop "Mission to Mars," a 120-million-dollar blockbuster about the coverup of a massive humanoid face on the Red Planet.
2000-01-18 Hey, I gotta get me one of them virtual dogs...
1999-12-17 Yay! Boycott eToys.com!
1999-12-02 Crack Aficionado Online
1999-11-19 Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie
1999-11-18 NY Post: The Top 25 Most Evil People of the Millennium
1999-11-12 xechelon.org
'xechelon.org's purpose is to inform people of Echelon's existence and provide them tools and information with which they can loudly object to and thwart this pervasive government surveilance network.'
1999-11-08 Online Book: Nuclear War Survival Skills
1999-11-05 BBC: Brits used EXPLODING RATS to win WWII!!
1999-09-14 The Latest 'Skunk Ape' Sighting!
1999-08-24 AP: Drunk Cop Crashes Chevy Citation Into Aztec Temple
1999-08-24 AP: Naked Ghosts Scaring Iraqi Drivers
1999-08-24 Beginner's Guide To Making Crop Circles
1999-08-24 'The Masons Stole My House'
1999-08-18 Purchase high-grade marijuana on the web! Yay!
1999-08-18 Russians to get disgusting yoghurt
1999-08-18 Led Zeppelin bumper stickers PROBABLE CAUSE for a vehicular search
Konformist: New Illinois law -- Led Zeppelin bumper stickers PROBABLE CAUSE for a vehicular search...
1999-08-18 Fire Diving -- the most retarded 'extreme sport' ever.
1999-08-18 French fatten pigs and poultry with sewage!
UK Times: Major health risk -- disgusting French fatten pigs and poultry with sewage!
1999-08-11 Wired on crazy Extro4
1999-08-11 Melee at Marimba -- Press Conference Turns Violent
1999-08-11 Panic Alarms and ID Badges at Columbine
1999-08-11 Addict Caught Using FAKE PENIS for urine test...
1999-08-09 Walken In My Shoes
'Walken In My Shoes' -- The First Brazilian Christopher Walken Site (Bad Geocities)...
1999-08-09 Where the weird crop circle people hang out...
1999-08-07 BBC: Yugoslavs are creating a new 'cybernation'...
BBC: 'Birth of a Cybernation' -- Yugoslavs have created a bizarre virtual country that will 'go live' Sept. 9th. Anyone can be a citizen, and a minister.
1999-08-05 CNN's 'Insurgence on the Internet'
'Insurgence on the Internet' -- CNN's "in depth" special on hacking and computer security.
1999-08-05 Art Bell claims threats from former guests...
1999-08-05 Brutal kidnappings latest fad in Russia...
1999-08-03 CNET: Mattel to sell retarded Barbie and HotWheels computers...
1999-08-02 Reuters: Bad Robots could be the World Cup stars of the new millennium.
1999-08-02 Canadians now better at tea than Brits, study says...
1999-08-02 Huge fleet of evil white vehicles being prepared in Texas...
1999-07-29 Irish News: Firefighters tackle inflamed nipples
1999-07-29 U.K. Times: Girl, 12, admits being serial sex attacker
1999-07-28 Postman Attacked by Evil Cow in England!!!
1999-07-28 Karl Marx, Antisemite-Racist-Satanist Extraordinaire!
1999-07-27 Russian Hackers Busy Stealing U.S. Weapons Secrets!
U.K. Sunday Times -- Russian Hackers Busy Stealing U.S. Weapons Secrets!
1999-07-22 CNINews -- Former space agency employee says NASA knows about UFOs!
1999-07-20 Imminent Chinese takeover of the Panama Canal
1999-07-19 Crazy hacker magazine 2600 covers KPFA protests!
1999-07-16 Plot to assassinate Vice President Al Gore?
1999-07-15 Subterranea Britannica
1999-07-15 www.abductee.net
1999-07-15 Laundry: A Quantum Mechanical Approach
1999-07-15 Net Chess Players Give Kasparov Trouble
After his humiliating defeat by IBM's 'Deep Blue' chess computer, Azerbaijani chess master Garry Kasparov is having trouble with Internet chess players...
1999-07-15 Orbital's Web site
1999-07-15 Salon: Prankster gives away Excite's domain (Network Solutions' security is ridiculously lax).
1999-07-15 90' crop circle found in Brentwood, Tennessee -- heavily covered by local media.
1999-07-14 Kesey, Pranksters and bus set for U.K. gig
Ken Kesey packs decrepit, drug-free Pranksters into Magic Bus for UK 'Search for Merlin' Tour...
1999-07-14 AP: Free speech uproar at Calif. public radio station
1999-07-13 UN says world Internet is increasing global inequality (Only rich white guys are able to use it).
1999-07-12 Reuters: Police Capture Drug Dealing Monkeys
1999-07-12 Computer hackers go mainstream -- add 'newbie' tutorial to DefCon. Har Har.
1999-07-11 AP: Polar Bear / Eskimo hostilities resume! One Inuit dead, two badly injured...
1999-07-10 Shadie-Pines II -- A list of links to resources about the Talk Show Wars (Geocities)
1999-07-08 BBC: Countries in Middle East and North Africa now blocking politically sensitive web sites. (Net pornography used as excuse!)
1999-07-08 60 UFO cultists disappear into the Columbian jungle!!
1999-07-07 Biotech could unleash race of 'superweeds'
1999-07-07 National Guard training domestic terrorism "RAID TEAMS" to handle Y2K!
1999-07-07 Latest offering from Japanese vending machines: filthy insects
1999-07-07 Know your Chupa! -- Labeled Diagram of El Chupacabra
1999-07-07 Another good site tracking the Talk Show Wars story (Now that shadie-pines.com has been taken down, this is the best source for up-to-the-minute coverage.)
1999-07-06 Real Sick Color Cases For Your Palm Pilot (The clear one is kinda cool, but that clear case stuff is so '80s.)
1999-07-03 British Police Helmets Get Spy Cameras (HA).
1999-07-01 Reuters -- Gray Hair Hip Fashion Statement For Japan's Youth
1999-06-29 BBC: British breast milk 'highly contaminated' (Yuck!)
1999-06-25 AP: DEA Denies Inserting Listening Device Into Mobster's Ass.
1999-06-25 What is up with this Richard Belzer comedian guy? He is supposed to be a big CONSPIRACY THEORIST now??!!! And if he is really a comedian, why is he on that DREARY Homicide show?!
1999-06-24 Translate Pigdog Journal Into Hillbilly Talk
1999-06-17 Spock Finds Islam
1999-06-16 Good Morning America Interview With Art Bell's lawyer About the 'Conspiracy' to Smear Art Bell.
1999-06-12 Teletubbies? NO: Telecommies!!
1999-06-10 Bush campaign bullies web sites off the Internet
1999-06-10 Journal Sentinel: Two-Headed Piglet Stolen
1999-06-08 Shadows PROVE that the mission to the moon was FAKED!
1999-06-08 Reuters: If Elected, She'll Pose Nude!
1999-06-08 Reuters: Mother Castrates Son For Medicine?
1999-06-08 Reuters: Passenger refused alcohol goes INSANE, forcing plane down
1999-06-08 Alien village cut-and-fold paper project!
1999-06-08 Reuters: Weirdo hen-eating Sheep!
1999-06-04 The News: Bilderberg 'summit' opens under massive security
1999-06-03 BBC: Biological computer born
1999-06-03 Irish Times: Brother allegedly wanted Kennedy coffin dumped
1999-06-03 UK Times: Swamp safari seeks living brontosaurus
1999-06-03 The No Clown Zone -- Anti-clown site
1999-06-03 Reuters: Norwegian woman uses cleavage to incubate bird...
1999-06-03 Reuters: College instructor orders class to strip nude...
1999-06-03 Time to go sky fishing for them 'rods.'
1999-06-03 UK Times: Lost continent found under the ocean...
1999-06-02 Great Pyramid was a power plant?
1999-05-30 AP: JFK's casket dumped in ocean to conceal evidence?
1999-05-30 Bilderberg 1999 -- Agenda Leaked!
1999-05-28 Geek Gourmet
1999-05-27 FOX News: Mob boss spills beans about who shot JFK...
1999-05-27 New Art Bell talk show wars site
1999-05-26 Salon: Gun nuts hack vegetarian web site!
1999-05-26 UK Independent: Vast Maya city found -- with 10 pyramids!
1999-05-25 Guardian: Passengers sing Titanic film theme as ship sinks.
1999-05-25 Ufomind is the BEST UFO/Paranormal index on the Web!
1999-05-22 REUTERS: Mexicans crack down on bodygaurds (weird)...
1999-05-21 Chicken that got its head chopped off and lived for 4.5 years...




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