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Fuck, now I'm drinking at work. This can't be any good, oh no.
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New Telebubbies Goofouts -- Reported 1999-02-18 12:55 by RatSnatcher

Oh my goodness. We haven't been paying attention. After being down all January, New Ground Atomix has two new Macromedia Flash Telebubby goofouts!! In response to Jerry Falwell's nutty claims about homosexual alien babies being roll models for toddlers, there's a new adventure in which Dinky Winky RE-EVALUATES HIS LIFESTYLE with a visit to his "persecuted pals," Burt and Ernie. Then, there's a bizarre scene with Poe and his pimp friend, Tyrone, involving sheep and some sort of facial wash. We can't figure that one out, but it's REAL GOOD...

Poe visits Ernie and Bert in the Castro:

Pimp daddy Tyrone in the shower:

New Ground Atomix has also published an interesting letter by Jeffery P. Commaroto. Commaroto wrote Jerry Fawell a letter detailing his own investigation into the sexual preferences of various Teletubbies. He concludes that rather than being a homo, "Tinky Winky is [actually] sharing intimate sexual relations with the character Po. A small red colored character who appears to have the female symbol adorned atop her head." Read the rest of his powerful argument. (Note: The Poe character in Telebubbies Fun Land is male, and fucks sheep.)

What is New Grounds Atomix? Damned if I can figure it out. It seems to be all sorts of crazy shit this guy (Tom Fulp) makes with Macromedia Shockwave. Fulp is pretty good at self promotion. Based on these animations, he has built an audience so big that he had to change service providers three times, and he says MTV considered hiring him to work on their web site. He also sells t-shirts, and hawks CDs for Music Boulevard. More power too him, if he keeps coming up with disgusting Teletubbies parodies! And don't forget to checkout another new web toy by New Grounds Atomix--"Beat up the Backstreet Boys."

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