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The Innocent San Francisco Mule
2000-05-27 10:41:30

Spocktail of the Week
One wonders how prior generations survived and flourished without the Internet and alt.binaries.clits.
-- Johnnie Royale


Flesh and Abby have moved to an isolated rural location in the United States - equipped only with their sense of adventure. Recently they came down off the mountain briefly to file this report?

The area where I now reside is remote. In some cases, a maintained dirt road is considered a luxury. A trip to the local drinking establishment is an excursion that must be carefully planned. So you are left with only two alternatives: stock up well on supplies, or get to know your nearest neighbors really well and hope they consume as much as you do (if not more) and have rations to spare/share. In most cases, you end up doing both - stocking up, and then inviting like-minded folks from around the county to come over, have a few drinks, get naked and howl at the stars.

In doing this, we've found a nice tasty recipe that'll put hair on your back. We call it the "Johnny Royale Stopped In Customs & Given a Full Body Cavity Search Because Someone Called The Narcs & Said He Was Smuggling Three lbs. of Smack Into The Country" or it's short name:

The Innocent San Francisco Mule


  • 1 Bottle of Spicy Jamaican Ginger Beer (the spicier the better)
  • 1 Measure of Georgia Moonshine
  • (optional) big squeeze and/or wedge of lime


Put measure into a chilled (important) tumbler with three ice cubes. Pour in ginger beer. Hit it with the lime juice. Drink.

Two to three of these will have you braying at the moon. But that's OK. Everyone else will be as well.

Warning: the next morning, you will feel like someone's shoved their entire arm up your rectum, and used your spinal cord as a bell rope.

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