Porn dogs sniffin the wind for something violent that they can do
-- Underworld


Burning Man Nonsense
Nip the buds, Shoot the kids, Burn the Man.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2007-08-30 Rev. CyberSatan Allegedly Burns the Man
2003-06-13 Freaking Out the Normals with Nambla the Clown
2002-10-23 SSM Decompression Issues
2002-09-06 Spock Went, Spock Wrote, Spock Kicked Ass
2000-12-19 Alex Bennett Burning Man Pictures From 1995
2000-10-04 Fine Coverage of Burning Man by Dr. Black
2000-07-30 Burning Man 2000: What a Good Time THAT Was!
2000-07-24 Gerlach, Nevada becomes Virtual Reality!
1999-11-23 Dr. Megavolt
1999-09-28 Pigdog Content Refresh Bug
1999-08-27 Spock Mountain Research Labs: A Short Primer
1999-08-26 DJ Christ Superstar (a rock opera)
1999-08-14 The Collected Transmissions of Tokyo Rico
1999-08-05 Do Your Part! Complain About Burning Man!
1999-08-04 Spock Mountain Pictures From Last Year's Burning Man
1999-08-03 It's BURNING TIME Again
1999-06-24 AWD Man Out
1999-06-23 Don't you know? It's the FLESH LAB
1999-06-09 Austin is ON FIRE
1998-12-08 Burning Man, Part 2: Funky Hoedown at the Research Lab!
1998-11-04 Spock Got Game!!!

Offsite Links

NOTE: content of offsite links is (usually) found and not created by Pigdog Journal staff. Read at your own risk.

2007-08-30 ValleyWag interview with Paul Addis, aka Rev. CyberSatan
-- Baron Earl
2001-11-14 HAAAPP-EEE Biiiirthdaaaaaay, Deeear Saaaay-tannnnn!
HAAAPP-EEE Biiiirthdaaaaaay, Deeear Saaaay-tannnnn! Hap-py Birth-day toooo yooooou! (And many mooooooore!) -- Mr. Bad
2001-07-05 New Definition of Weird
I'm no Bible-thumper, but I actually found this article kind of touching. -- Mr. Bad
2000-12-15 Boardwatch's Burning Man Coverage
Boardwatch's Burning Man Coverage (with prominent mention of Pigdog) -- Baron Earl
2000-10-04 World's Weakest Burning Man Coverage in Businessweek
Here it is: the world's weakest Burning Man coverage. Right in Businessweek, where you'd expect it. Fuck, at least they didn't talk about dot-com networking and shit. -- Mr. Bad
2000-09-05 Burning Man images -- and a pie chart
-- El Destino
2000-08-25 Dr. Megavolt! Burning Man meets electricity...
-- El Destino
2000-08-08 New, Marginally Navigable Burning Man Web Site
There's a new, marginally navigable Burning Man web site. It's actually fairly easy to find stuff. Huh. -- Mr. Bad
2000-08-05 Burning Man Wallpaper
Burning Man Wallpaper!!! -- Cookie
2000-08-03 You, Too, Can Be A Cyberbilly
You, too, can be a cyberbilly -- if just for a day! Go check out this auction for the full haps! -- Mr. Bad
2000-08-03 Buy Some Creativity
Jesus, Man! I think up like 30 of these things before breakfast. Wish I had known that I could get PAID for it. -- Mr. Bad
2000-05-10 Burning Eddie!
Wow! Check out the cover of the new Iron Maiden CD. Burn Eddie! Pagan satanist coolness! -- Mr. Bad
2000-02-28 LA Burns
Burning the Cross, Burning the Man -- Mr. Bad
2000-01-10 Little Rubber Indians
There are little rubber Indians, and Burning Man is dead. Uh, no, I don't get it either. -- Miner 99er
1999-08-28 The Early Burn
A story about the DPW and the early Burn in the Bay Guardian. -- Mr. Bad
1999-08-16 Burning Squirrel
Uh, I guess these guys set a squirrel on fire. And call it "Burning Squirrel." It would have been cool if theyda used a SQRAT instead. -- Mr. Bad
1999-08-11 Burning Man is actually all about DEVIL WORSHIPPING!!!!!!
-- Patient Joab



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