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I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, That's as good as they're going to feel all day.
-- Frank Sinatra

Burning Man Nonsense

Nip the buds, Shoot the kids, Burn the Man.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Self-righteous assholes block highway to Burning Man
A group of self-righteous assholes converted exactly zero people to their cause by blocking the highway to Burning Man this week. The group, which used a flimsy trailer, some lengths of chain, and a few folding chairs to block the road, put up signs including "Burners of the World Unite," but none of the burners stopped in traffic wanted to unite with them for anything. -- Baron Earl


Rev. CyberSatan Allegedly Burns the Man
Pigdog contributor Reverend CyberSatan, aka Paul Addis, was brought up on charges of arson for allegedly setting fire to The Man at Burning Man early Tuesday morning. The Man, which is basically a large pile of wood and other flammable material designed to be burned to the ground this coming Saturday night, caught fire in the early hours of Tuesday morning. When The Man is burned this coming Saturday night, it will mark the culmination of the week long festival. It will be art. It will be a party. However, if you burn it on a Tuesday, the powers-that-be call it arson. -- Baron Earl


Freaking Out the Normals with Nambla the Clown
Raconteur, clown, queer icon and all around weird dude-about-town Ggreg Taylor dropped by the shack to talk about his latest project. -- El Snatcher, Liquor Pig, Mr. Bad & Frankenstein Jones


SSM Decompression Issues
During a magnificent sunny day in a fast receding autumn, the Spock Science Monitor reporters once again blew the playa dust off of their computers and covered the 2002 Burning Man Decompression – held every year just east of Portola Hill in beautiful San Francisco. Both an afternoon and evening issues were released to the unsuspecting crowd of freaks attempting to in some small way experience the euphoria of the playa – if but for a brief afternoon far from the desolation of Northern Nevada. -- JRoyale


Spock Went, Spock Wrote, Spock Kicked Ass
Every Labor Day weekend a large portion of the PDJ staff joins 30,000 other freaks at one of the biggest and strangest art festivals in the world - Burning Man - somewhere on the edge of the Black Rock Desert. Our base of operations is always the ultra swank Spock Mountain Research Labs - the World Leaders in Beverage Science and Leisure Technology. This year, we hauled up our computers, printers and a massive digital duplicator, determined to become Black Rock City's third daily newspaper. Even Spock was surprised by our success - news will never be viewed the same on the playa. Read all seven issues of the 2002 Spock Science Monitor for yourself and see why. -- JRoyale


Alex Bennett Burning Man Pictures From 1995
Man, I got another edition of the Ghost Sites of the Web newsletter today, which always makes me happy. And check it: ALEX BENNETT's 1995 Burning Man Pictures were featured in this issue. Alex Bennett! Burning Man! -- Mr. Bad


Fine Coverage of Burning Man by Dr. Black
Well, as usual Pigdog Journal is lagging heavily in our coverage of the Fabulous Burning Man. For all anybody knows, we haven't been to the damn event in four years. But we really do go, honest! We do cool stuff, too! People love us! -- Mr. Bad


Burning Man 2000: What a Good Time THAT Was!
Well, it's only been a few months since the event, but already some of the photos from Burning Man 2000 are starting to appear on the World Wide Web. Some of the best coverage so far is from! -- Mr. Bad


Gerlach, Nevada becomes Virtual Reality!
Burning Man attendees pass through Gerlach, Nevada -- a mysterious small town where everything is owned by a man named Bruno. Crazy Berkeley geeks simulated a 360 panorama using Virtual Reality technology! -- El Destino


Dr. Megavolt
Hey, so, if you were at Burning Man 1999, you probably couldn't help but see Dr. Megavolt. Or, like, if you watch Sizzler commercials, you've probably seen him, too. Ha ha. -- Mr. Bad


Pigdog Content Refresh Bug
You've probably been studying on why there has been so little content this month. And, like, why there aren't any crazy stories about skunks, or skunk-apes! Hits are way down, and everyone's all just sitting thar, staring at the screen, sick to death of hitting reload just to be rewarded with the same old crapola. What we need is new crapola, NEW CRAPOLA. Okay, so I'm gonna tell you what happened... -- El Snatcher


Spock Mountain Research Labs: A Short Primer
SMRL will be making another appearance at Burning Man next week. For the uninitiated, the question is: who are these guys? -- Tjames Madison


DJ Christ Superstar (a rock opera)
WOW! Mr. Bad interviews the makers of A RAVE OPERA at the Burning Man festival this year. This is gonna be GREAT! Jesus Christ, RAVE ON. -- Mr. Bad


The Collected Transmissions of Tokyo Rico
Put down your gun, GI! Don't volunteer for anything! Tokyo Rico is here to lower your morale and make you leave Burning Man! -- Mr. Bad


Do Your Part! Complain About Burning Man!
So, if you're a Burner and you got a complaint, it's your DUTY to let the people at the Burning Man Project KNOW about it! -- Mr. Bad


Spock Mountain Pictures From Last Year's Burning Man
Pigdog had a friggin' BLAST at Burning Man '98. Check out the official picture gallery, including pictures or our BOMB-ASS hillbilly shack. This material has been offline for several months, but now it's back... extra optimized, extra crazy. -- El Snatcher


Gar! It seems like it was just yesterday that SMRL was throwing a Giant Head of Spock into the fiery inferno that is the Burning Man. And now it's time for the whole shit shebang to happen again. But this time, EVEN CRAZIER! -- Mr. Bad


AWD Man Out
No, I'm not talking about Subarus or some Amiga group. AWD is to DANCE what DEMOLITION DERBY is to SPORT. Compare and contrast! These guys rock the cool checkit, gotta say. -- Mr. Bad


Don't you know? It's the FLESH LAB
Hey, so check it out: Flesh Lab has a home page! Coolio! These guys rawk. -- Mr. Bad


Austin is ON FIRE
OK, so, if you live in Austin, and you missed Burning Flipside, you SUCK. -- Mr. Bad


Burning Man, Part 2: Funky Hoedown at the Research Lab!
Crazy journalist Joab Jackson gives his personal account of visiting Pigdog's own SPOCK MOUNTAIN RESEARCH LABS theme camp at this year's Burning Man festival. -- Joab Jackson


Spock Got Game!!!
If you missed the Spock Mountain Research Labs Tour at this year's Burning Man here's your chance to hear a copy of the tour tape. Unfortunately, those wizards at SMRL (leaders in the field of beverage research and leisure technology) haven't yet figured out how to deliver HyperWhiskey (TM) via the web - so we here at Pigdog advise you to drink massive quantities of alcohol and stand outside in the blazing sun for six hours before you listen to the tape. -- JRoyale

Offsite links shared by staff writers


New Definition of Weird
I'm no Bible-thumper, but I actually found this article kind of touching. -- Mr. Bad



World's Weakest Burning Man Coverage in Businessweek
Here it is: the world's weakest Burning Man coverage. Right in Businessweek, where you'd expect it. Fuck, at least they didn't talk about dot-com networking and shit. -- Mr. Bad



New, Marginally Navigable Burning Man Web Site
There's a new, marginally navigable Burning Man web site. It's actually fairly easy to find stuff. Huh. -- Mr. Bad



You, Too, Can Be A Cyberbilly
You, too, can be a cyberbilly -- if just for a day! Go check out this auction for the full haps! -- Mr. Bad


Buy Some Creativity
Jesus, Man! I think up like 30 of these things before breakfast. Wish I had known that I could get PAID for it. -- Mr. Bad


Burning Eddie!
Wow! Check out the cover of the new Iron Maiden CD. Burn Eddie! Pagan satanist coolness! -- Mr. Bad


LA Burns
Burning the Cross, Burning the Man -- Mr. Bad


Little Rubber Indians
There are little rubber Indians, and Burning Man is dead. Uh, no, I don't get it either. -- Miner 99er


The Early Burn
A story about the DPW and the early Burn in the Bay Guardian. -- Mr. Bad


Burning Squirrel
Uh, I guess these guys set a squirrel on fire. And call it "Burning Squirrel." It would have been cool if theyda used a SQRAT instead. -- Mr. Bad

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