Goddamn all you people to hell. Thom Stark, you stole my Dog Name.
-- Ratsnatcher


The new breed of hillbilly. Now with 20% more RoR in every bite!

Pigdog Journal Articles

2006-09-09 The Cross Canadian Ragweed Red Dirt Roundup
2002-04-29 Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together
2001-02-15 Elvis sees Stalin's face
2000-03-28 Me No Fear The Reaper
2000-03-22 Rollin' Phillies, Actin' Silly, Cyberbillies
2000-02-21 Ave Cletus! We Who Hoedown Salute You!
2000-01-20 Jethro Bodine is Shithouse Crazy
2000-01-12 Big Stills! Weehaw!
1999-12-20 Would you people just stop making sites like these now, please?
1999-12-13 Sunday Bests Fer Cyberbillies
1999-10-28 The URLs of Home
1999-08-25 Opens Its Doors...
1999-08-17 Damn! Them's Some Damn Fine Icons, Jed.
1999-08-16 Here's to incest, gas drinkin' and firearms!
1999-08-10 Touch-Tone Hillbilly Terrorism
1999-06-29 Columbine Tragedy Takes Turn for Worse
1999-06-29 Dear Jesus, Take My Wife... Please
1999-06-25 Shrine to the Stars
1999-06-21 Lego Nut Buys Car
1999-05-11 Cyberbilly, Discovery of
1998-11-13 Escape to Spock Mountain!

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2017-05-03 Iíve Made Millions Selling Fake Plastic Hillbilly Teeth
-- El Destino
2017-05-03 Hillbilly miner turned coder wants to make Kentucky into "Silicon Holler"
-- El Destino
2011-03-12 Knoxville News Sentinel removing hillbilly from the comics page
-- Baron Earl
2002-02-05 Elvis is alive
-- El Destino
2001-12-03 My Hillbilly Name is "Bubba Ray Winchester"
-- JRoyale
2001-03-06 The Hamster taxidermy song
-- El Destino
2000-07-28 The Hazzard County Driver's Test
The Hazzard County Driver's Test. -- Baron Earl
2000-06-12 If you ever need BubbaTeeth, now you know where to find them
If you ever need BubbaTeeth, now you know where to find them -- JRoyale
2000-01-21 Flatt and Scruggs!
Flatt and Scruggs, the original Cyberbillies! -- Mr. Bad
1999-12-26 Scab Duke Boy Home Page
Scab Duke Boy Home Page! 'Them scabs, them scabs! Keeyuugeeyuugee! Git em, Flash!' -- Mr. Bad
1999-11-17 Learn to make meat black and smoky
Want to learn to make dead flesh all black and smoky, with the vital juices gooshing around inside? Then you should view this Cyberbilly meat-maker tutorial! -- Mr. Bad
1999-11-08 The King of the Hillbillies
The King of the Hillbillies is now a Cyberbilly too!!! And a great ARTIST! -- Ragboy
1999-08-17 German Hillbilly Music! Jed Sanders, Liebling Deutschlands!
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-08 Wall Drug!
Hey! It's that place with the bumper stickers. I wonder if The Mystery Spot has a Web site. -- Mr. Bad
1999-06-24 Translate Pigdog Journal Into Hillbilly Talk
-- El Snatcher
1999-06-08 They STOLE OUR IDEA!
Crazy-ass Japanese cyberbillies create cheap knockoff ROBOT DOGS in imitation of Spock Mountain Research Labs! -- Mr. Bad



C L A S S I C   P I G D O G

Interviewing the SETIguy
by Siduri

Sex Crimes of the X-Men
by El Destino

Skunk School -- Learn Why Not To Keep Skunks As Pets
by El Snatcher & Ms. BunnyPenny

Escape to Spock Mountain!
by Baron Earl