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Crazy Art Bell Knockoffs -- Reported 1999-04-27 19:21 by El Snatcher

Wired may be right that Art Bell is "tired" (see this April's Wired Magazine), but the suggested "wired" alternative, 21st Century radio, is way too lame. If you're sick of Art Bell, the real alternatives are the Jeff Rense show and the Laura Lee Show.

Wired may be right that Art Bell is "tired" (see this April's Wired Magazine, but the suggested "wired" alternative, 21st Century radio, is way too lame. It's just a poorly executed imitation.

The hosts, Zohara and Robert Hieronimus, could easily be freako guests on some nutty talk show themselves (look at their bios!), except they are too boring. How can they be any more wired than Art Bell when they have the exact same topics ("earth changes," Y2K, paranormal, remote viewing, UFOs, etc.) and even the same guests on their show, but dish it out without any of Art's showmanship or sense of humor? Hella suck.

21st Century Radio also has a bad website with very spotty audio archives. Audio archives are everything! That's what Real Audio is for! You have to have good audio archives. You can listen to Art Bell anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a half-way decent net connection. Talk shows with full net connectivity are wired.

If you're tired of Art Bell, but still want to here the latest on chupacabras, EBEs, and remote viewing, the best knockoffs are the Jeff Rense show and the Laura Lee Show.

Jeff Rense keeps a rolling web log of frightening headlines on his home page and has archives going back to his very first shows. He covers many of the same beats as Art, but is not afraid to delve into freemasonry, conspiracy, the New World Order, and political intrigue. Art Bell is a Freemason, so he refuses to talk about that kinda stuff...

If you really do want your talk show host to be shithouse crazy, then you will also want to listen to David John Oate's related show. He's the "Reverse Speech" guy. Reverse Speech is the "discovery" that people subconsciously talk backwards as they are talking forwards. By reversing people's speech, Oates is able to find out what they really want to say. Jeff Rense gave David Oates his own show after he had a falling out with Art Bell and got permanently banned from Art's show for allegedly maligning another one of Art's guests.

Laura Lee also covers some of the same topics as Art Bell, but she sometimes goes in depth into some of the more bizarre stuff. She recently did a show about how the Great Pyramid is actually a giant water pump. Then just to put everyone off guard, she will do a show on topics that aren't considered as controversial, but get controversial guests to talk about them. For instance, she recently did a show on the scientific method and one about the Internet. And her archives are pretty good. Definitely a much better show than 21st Century Radio.


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