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Interview with Seth Shostak — Reported 2001-12-21 19:42 by Siduri


Mark TerritorySeth ShostakSiduriSplicer

(Pigdog Journal's crack interview team gangs up on SETI astronomer Seth Shostak; bad craziness ensues)


Seth has his very own autographed SPOCK

Seth Shostak's a pretty nice guy, and probably didn't deserve to be tackled in a dark alley by an elite force of Pigdog journalists. But we had questions—questions about extraterrestrials—and we'd heard Seth is the Man To Ask. After all, he's a SETI astronomer. For decades he's been listening to the things the stars say. Get him liquored up at a party and he'll start doing impressions of quasars.

Tell us about the aliens, we said. We want the truth.

Ow, he said. Get off me. I'll tell you what I know.

But my tape of the interview starts only with a mysterious white noise, and when the voices finally come through, Seth is saying that there are things he can't talk about...


Go check it OUT you FREAK!


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