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               Pigdog Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
                  © Copyright 1996-7 Pigdog Journal

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1.0   General information.

      1.1.  What fuck is Pigdog?
      1.1.1 Yeah but why "Pigdog"?
      1.2.  What is the Pigdog mailing list?
    * 1.3.  Are there other Pigdog mailing lists?
    * 1.4.  What other Pigdog resources are available on the Internet?
      1.5   Why The Pigdog Mailing List is Like A Penis

2.0   Administrivia, etc.

    * 2.1.  How do I unsubscribe from Pigdog?
    * 2.2.  Is there a digest version of Pigdog?
      2.3.  What are the rules for posting on Pigdog?
    * 2.4.  Who is the list moderator for Pigdog?
    * 2.5.  What do I do if I want to add someone to the list?


1.1.  What fuck is Pigdog?

      Pigdog evolved from the deep dark recesses of East Bay computer
      bulletin board life.  Born of a hangover, it culminated in a
      strange series of magazines that were published by pilfering the
      resources of unwitting copy places that foolishly hired various
      Pigdogers to run their computers, typesetting machines, and
      copiers.  After a botched attempt to turn the project into a
      regular monthly, the Pigdog crew decided to continue work in the
      much cheaper publishing medium of the Internet and the World Wide
      Web.  Strangely, the original computer bulletin boards that
      started it all are still there, running like Bruce Dern's deserted
      Biosphere-II-like spaceship in the movie SILENT RUNNING.

      1.1.1  Yeah but why "Pigdog"?

             Pigdog.  Pig Dog.  A pig and a dog.  Pig and Dog.  The
             combining of Pig with Dog.

1.2.  What is the Pigdog mailing list?

      Pigdog is the vestige of all Pigdog R&D from the good ol' days,
      and the launching off point for brand new Pigdog adventures.

1.3.  Are there other Pigdog mailing lists?

      Not really.

1.4.  What other Pigdog Resources are available on the Internet?

      See the Pigdog home page. 


1.5.  Why The Pigdog Mailing List is Like A Penis

      Some folks have it, some don't. Those who have it would be
      devastated if it were ever cut off. They think that those who
      don't have it are somehow inferior. They think it gives them
      power. They are wrong.

      Those who don't have it may agree that it's an nifty toy, but
      think it's not worth the fuss that those who do have it make about
      it. Still, many of those who don't have it would like to try it.

      It can be up or down. It's more fun when it's up, but it makes it
      hard to get any real work done.

      In the long-distant past, its only purpose was to transmit
      information considered vital to the survival of the species. Some
      people still think that's the only thing it should be used for,
      but most folks today use it for fun most of the time.

      Once you've started playing with it, it's hard to stop. Some
      people would just play with it all day if they didn't have work to

      It provides a way to interact with other people. Some people take
      this interaction very seriously, others treat it as a lark.
      Sometimes it's hard to tell what kind of person you're dealing
      with until it's too late.

      If you don't apply the appropriate protective measures, it can
      spread viruses.

      It has no brain of its own. Instead, it uses yours. If you use it
      too much, you'll find it becomes more and more difficult to think

      We attach an importance to it that is far greater than its actual
      size and influence warrant.

      If you're not careful what you do with it, it can get you in big

      It has its own agenda. Somehow, no matter how good your
      intentions, it will warp you behavior. Later you may ask yourself
      "why on earth did I do that?"

      It has no conscience and no memory. Left to its own devices, it
      will do the same damn dumb things it did before.

      [Contributed by enigma <enigma at tpi dot net>]

2.1.  How do I unsubscribe from Pigdog?

      Send a message to <mailman at pigdog dot org> with:

           unsubscribe pigdog

      in the subject of the message--and nothing else.  Do not include your
      signature file. 

      Or just go here:


      If all else fails, contact El Snatcher <snatcher at pigdog dot org>. 

2.2.  Is there a digest version of Pigdog?

      Yeah, it's now configurable on your Mailman subscription profile, which
      you can edit after you subscribe.

2.2.  Can I read Pigdog on the Web?

      Yep.  Standard Mailman stuff.  But you have to be a subscriber first.

2.3.  What are the rules for posting on Pigdog?

      There aren't any hard and fast rules, but try to post things that
      other list members will find interesting or amusing. This does not
      include the Svetlana Agency ad that has been forwarded to the list
      five-hundred million times.

      Here is a sample Pigdog post:

           Aliens have big eyes.  They make noises like angry crows or
           cars skidding.  They smell kind of like detergent.  Sometimes
           an alien might get a splinter and they would hop around like
           crazy.  They hate that.  Also, aliens cannot use spoons and
           forks, but they can dance pretty well.  Certain vegetables
           scare them, beets especially.  Don't ask me why.  Aliens do
           not smoke, but they won't give you a lecture if you want to
           light up.  Don't buy alien tapes or CD's because their music
           is totally lame.  It doesn't sound like anything except a low
           hum.  Oh, and they are delicious.

                                 -- Quaker State Tapioca Rupture

2.4.  Who is the list moderator for Pigdog?

      Currently there is no moderator.  Anyone on the distribution list
      may post to the list without any review.  However, there is a list
      administrator:  El Snatcher <snatcher at pigdog dot org>.  Technical
      questions about the mailing list and administrative requests that
      Mailman cannot handle should be sent to him.

2.5.  What do I do if I want to add someone to the list?

      That's bad form, don't do it.  She should subscribe to the list



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