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sodium pentothol is yummy
-- Sylvia

Mr. Bad's List -- Reported 1999-01-02 20:51 by Mr. Bad
FUGGOFF!! That's _MY_ beer!!!!

This week's list: Ins and Outs for 1999

Out In
withdrawing thrusting
stupid swing dorks cyberbillies!
The Onion LeisureTown
interruptus coitus
Beastie Boys Marginal Prophets
investing stockpiling
having babies mountain unicycling
portals slashdot-style
SCSI FireWire
Suck PoonieDog
teasing penetrating
.com .org
Chemical Brothers Propellerheads
Vegas Indian casinos
The Web gopher
RedHat Debian
exercising overindulging
Toni Morrison Hunter Thompson
ecstasy absinthe
Trevor "Fuckhead" Johnson Abby Cadabra
RealAudio streaming MPG3
Janine Tobe Kai
homebrew Beaujolais Nouveau
JenniCam JedCam
Studio Archetype Purpledyne Multimedia
body piercing amputation
Bob Spock
CDs vinyl
Russians Gypsies
iMac Itsy
the new Bug semiautomatic firearms
+Pamela +Anderson +Kim +Rollins
20-something 4font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> 30-something
money shot female ejaculation
Flash SMIL
Drudge Report Pigdog Journal
gerbiling furbiling
making fun of Canadia making fun of Freemasons
brew pubs CoffeeNet
BBS's (finally) Web sites
ICQ talkd
New York San Francisco
martinis greyhounds
Windows Everywhere (TM) Ron Jeremy Everywhere (TM)
careful reasoning reckless adventurism
Leonardo DiCaprio Jake Busey
pot cocaine
Dilbert Danish motorcycle gangs
chai trucker speed
popcorn spicy green beans
goths ...GOTHS!!!
My Yahoo My Pigdog
Usenet mailing lists
disease of the week herbal drugs of the week
hippies double depth-charge
cookies AI
El Paso El Destino
harmless, exploitable geeks geeks with guns
SOMA offices Mission offices
*BSD Linux
Bill and Bill Jerry and Linus
The X Files Telebubbies
penguins mandrills
e-commerce e-fun
Zima Hyperwhiskey

T O P   S T O R I E S


C L A S S I C   P I G D O G