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I realize Webvan is going to fold any second, but do you realize they are giving away FREE HAM!?!
-- Quaker State Tapioca Rupture


Oliver Green

Oliver Green, aka Ganja Gonzo, is a footloose fool blazing swathes through Asia. He grew up in Egypt's Sinai peninsula and went to school in Indonesia and then found England altogether too tame. After living in Bangkok for five months, saving and working and blazing around on big fuckoff motorcycles, he secured a job with a scabby Thai NGO in Phnom Penh. He is a teacher and does humanitarian relief work too. On weekends and holidays he shoots off into the bush on his Honda Dream to find and explore the jungle-ravaged relics of the lost civilizations of Angkor. He is proud to be a member of the Pigdog team.

Pigdog Journal Articles:

2000-02-12 Clowns Take on God in Mysterious Annual Ceremony
2000-02-12 Bad Demo-Craziness
1999-12-19 Australian Troops Set for Days of Debauchery to the Tunes of Kylie Minogue
1999-11-16 Dante's Showroom
1999-08-02 Crazy Drunkard Yeltsin Ruins Kremlin
1999-06-30 Banana Baffles British Boffins
1999-06-08 Terror in the Central Market
1999-05-29 The Deep Dark Underbelly of the Star Wars Myth, or Ramayana Remembered
1999-05-13 Perilous afternoons at Café Freedom
1999-05-12 Happy Herb's Bistro
1999-04-30 The Despicable Farce of Cambodian Justice
1999-03-11 Shameful Arrests of Good-natured Ganja Ladies in Phnom Penh's Russian Market



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