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I wish I was drunk, so I wouldn't have to think of tomorrow.
-- Head Freezin' Gene



What Is It?

My Pigdog! is a new service that lets you decide what you see on the Pigdog Journal home page. You can choose the news, sports, weather, horoscopes, tickers and other data you need for your busy life.

How Can I Use It?

By signing up with the simple Web form below, you'll customize Pigdog Journal for the data you like to see. It's that simple!

You can leave out any data you want, and your My Pigdog! home page will skip that feature. Required fields are marked with an "*".

1. Personal Data

Give us the following data so we can customize Pigdog Journal to your needs.

* First Name:
* Last Name:
Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY):
For security reasons, please also enter your Social Security number and mother's maiden name. We'll use this information to verify your identity if you call Pigdog Journal for technical support.
* SSN: --
* MMN:
2. Weather

My Pigdog! can give you local news and weather. Enter your Zip Code below. (Weather data courtesy of WeatherTronic Weather Data Services, LLC.)

Zip Code:
3. My Pigdog! Horoscope

Choose your My Pigdog! star sign to get a FREE daily horoscope by Madame Jedda (TM) every day!

Check here if you want us to make something nice up on days that your horoscope is bad.
4. Porno

My Pigdog! Porn of the Day (TM) gives you hot porn on your Pigdog Journal home page each and every day! Whew! Can you feel the heat?

Check for your favorite porn.

Money shot
Anal Intruder
Hard S&M
Double dildo
Mills College
Erotic Smoking
Girls in casts
Stiletto heels
Barbecue sauce
5. Sports

My Pigdog! can give you up-to-the-minute scores and results from your favorite sports teams. Choose your favorite sports below. (Sports scores provided by Sportotronic Sports Data Services, LLC.)

Canadian Football
0-Day War3z
Mountain Unicycling
3-Dimensional Chess
RC5 Cracking
Computer Hardware Acquisition
6. Drug Price Ticker

Keep up to date on drug prices in your neighborhood with My Pigdog! Drug Ticker (TM)! Enter the ticker symbol for your favorite drugs in the space below (example: "X", "ACD", "CCN") and we'll give you precise prices in your area.

See a price you like? Click on it to go to Drugmart (TM) for no-load on-line drug purchase! ( Drugmart (TM) registration required)

Drug 1:
Drug 2:
Drug 3:
7. Animal Attacks

My Pigdog! Animal Attack (TM) provides current, precise information on vital animal attack data in your area. Select the species you want Pigdog Journal to monitor for your locale.

Squirrels (includes flying squirrels) *
Rogue Bull Elephants
Other Apes
Drunken Blue Jays
Lovestruck Elk
8. Paranormal Activity

My Pigdog! Paranormatron! (TM) keeps you in-the-know on crucial paranormal information relevant to your life. Watch the numbers on your pet theory!

Reverse Speech
Ancient Astronauts
Psychic Computing
Spock *
9. Gross Stuff

With My Pigdog! Sludge Ticker (TM) you can get a heapin' helpin' of horror every morning when you come into work. Choose your poison below.

Slow-motion Vomit
Bloated, rotting corpses dripping slime
Severed Heads
Severed Thumbs
Shotgun Suicides
Ass Mutilations
10. Software Updates

My Pigdog! Insta-Downloader (TM) lets you choose the latest software for your computer! Each day we highlight software for you chosen platform and OS. Select your OS from the list below.

Debian GNU/Linux
RedHat Linux
S.u.S.E. Linux
Slackware Linux
Stampede Linux
Kheops Linux

That's it! Just click the button below to start using My Pigdog!.

By clicking the button above, you agree to our privacy terms and conditions. We reserve the right to use your personal data to retrieve credit information and use your name for a reference. You agree to let us send you spam whenever some minor part of our site is updated. We can give your name and email address to the highest bidder. We will call you at home at 7AM on a Saturday. We can laugh at the gross porn you like.


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