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-- Tjames Madison

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It's hot out, time to cool off with a frozen slab of smokey, hot-dog flavored gelato on a stick, Oscar Mayer's newest fresh-from-the-freezer treat, the Cold Dog. -- Baron Earl


Cashing in your Cheetos
Depending on whether you've smoked a bowl of some supreme weed, eaten some psilocybin mushrooms, or microdosed on LSD, a Cheeto can take on a life of it's own. Appearing to some as a duck or a character from Game of Thrones, rare Cheeto aficionados are taking their delicious miniature sculpted cheesy discoveries and selling them off on EBay to the highest bidder, raking in tens of dollars. -- Baron Earl


More Trouble For Fry's Electronics
After closing its Palo Alto store, another Fry's Electronics just closed in Georgia. And even more upheaval may be coming -- this time in the heart of Silicon Valley at another Maya-themed store in San Jose. -- El Destino


Terms and Conditions
Most people are familiar with Google AdSense, which produces the ubiquitous column of text ads that appear on just about every web site that's trying to scrape up some advertising dollars. The flip side of this service is called AdWords, where Google takes money from advertisers so that those advertisers appear in Google search results and on AdSense pages. What most people don't know is that Google is perfectly willing to take money from AdWords advertisers selling things that they prohibit their AdSense publishers from publishing. -- Baron Earl


Cheap Gas for Everyone
Tired of bitching about high gas prices and want to do something about them instead? Here's a sure-fire way that your direct action can bring prices at the pump down. -- Baron Earl


I Hate the Information Age
I bought myself a cell phone for Christmas so that I could send private little text messages back and forth with my boyfriend. Generally I can't stand the idea of being reachable anytime, anywhere, day or night. But who am I to impede the progress of love? So, I knuckled under and took advantage of this great AT&T "Free-2-Go" Wireless and Nokia offer at my local 7-Eleven store. Now, I'm all fired up. -- Miss Conduct


Your Jet Pack Is Recalled
Remember back when Trek Aerospace was going to auction off the SoloTrek XFV on eBay? Well, bidding got up to almost $7 million by the second day. Then, on the third day, the seller ended the bidding early because of an error in the listing. -- Miss Conduct


Here Is Your Jet Pack
It may be a few years late, but your jet pack has finally arrived. The SoloTrek XFV (Exoskeleton Flying Vehicle) strap-on aircraft goes up for auction on eBay tomorrow. Bidding begins at $50,000 but the final sale is expected to exceed $1 million, according to Michael Moshier, chief executive of defense contractor Trek Aerospace. Just ignore that part about how the company is going out of business due to lack of money, a missed milestone and a test-flight accident, and let the bidding begin! There is only one. -- Miss Conduct


DeCSS A-OK in Norway
"DVD Jon" Johansen was acquitted Tuesday of all charges brought against him for his authorship of the widely-publicized DeCSS code (not here), which enables Linux users to view legally purchased DVD content on their computers. -- Dkr. Armand Geddyn


It’s What I Live For
The Rev lays it down, once again. Kinda like Joyce Carol Oates, except he's bald and wears leather. -- Reverend CyberSatan


"Come on Down. No wait -- don't! Ayeeeee!!!!!"
An angry mob of 10,000 converged on a Las Vegas casino. And then things got ugly. -- El Destino


I Am So Outta Here
So that killer job you took with that up-and-coming dot com has turned into a luxury seat on the titanic, and it’s now time to grab a lifeboat off. How about a tool to write & deliver your resignation letter as you’re walking out the door? -- Flesh


Impressions of Protest
The protest to free Dmitry Sklyarov was outstanding. The turnout was huge. I got there late. TOTAL COVERAGE means lots of pictures. We have 'em. Best of all, Adobe backed down! -- Baron Earl


Don't Think TOO Different, Now
Apple's deep dark secret: was made with a Macintosh! My goodness, can you really build Web sites with a Mac? -- The Compulsive Splicer


All I Wanted Was a Damn Sammich
I had a very satisfying lunch at my local Arby's restaurant today. It consisted of a slab of sort of chewy roast beef product slathered with some sort of cheese sauce slapped between two onion rolls with some sort of mildly sweet sauce stuck resembling worcestershire somewhere in the middle. I chose the curly variety of french fry as a nutritious side course. -- Tjames Madison


Barking Spoon unveiled
Corporate America wants to insult your intelligence. "Hey, rube! Wanna buy a barking spoon?" -- El Destino


Fuck PG&E, save the Chronic
How to turn California's despised deregulated industry into California's favorite regulated substance. -- Pao Tzu


FCC allows AOL Time Warner buy itself into existence.
As yet another tribute to the worthlessness of American politics, AOL gets a big FCC-style thumbs up to its giant monopoly. -- Pao Tzu


El Destino vs. Comdex
One of our star reporters was sent to Comdex by his employer. El Destino reports live from the biggest, geekiest trade show in the world. -- El Destino


Wish I'd Been There To See It, Part II
I'm so proud of my almost-kinda home town of Branford, CT. They've found the best way to combat the encroachment of corporate chains into a small town—an act of God. -- The Compulsive Splicer


Waste the MPAA and DVDCCA's Time
David "NetRangerrr" Green ( writes to Pigdog: "Why not write lots of letters to the MPAA and DVDCCA like: "Is there any legal way to get a DVD player for Linux? We are creating software based training for DOD and would like to make our training stations run LINUX for an incredible cost savings and greater stability. I see you are suing against DeCSS so I presume that you have an alternative." -- Baron Earl


Fight the Dominant Species!
Are you aware that there is another form of life on this planet that's more powerful than humanity and which is looking to enslave us? They walk in our midst without our knowledge and they corrupt our minds with our permission! This next step in human evolution already controls most of the governments of the world and has been instrumental in overthrowing the governments that have resisted their influence. You have a chance to open your eyes to the coming invasion of... homo corporatem! -- The Compulsive Splicer


MPAA Ain't the Only Bad Business...
OK, you got your DeCSS button on your page, you've got a "Fuck the MPAA" bumper sticker, you've handed out informational leaflets at work... still feel like poking at the status quo? The folks at have a great suggestion for some low-tech semi-passive, semi-legal, low-profile protesting. -- Negative Nancy


Back to Business as Usual
On January 9th, 2000, everyone's favorite politician, Mayor McHat, was sworn in for a second term. In his speech, Willie promised that he would "listen". And true to his word, Da Mayor did listen. How long he listened is another matter. It's clear he isn't listening now. Especially when it comes to the issue of San Francisco nightlife. -- Flesh


You're in Advertising? Kill Yourself!
The only people on the planet who like advertisements are either marketing rodents, or the people who pay the creatures slightly below Rattus Norvegicus for their commercials. And it's an unfortunate fact that the only way to escape the continuous bombardment of various degrees of sales hawking, is to either destroy the advertising, or the medium in which the offensive advertising is being delivered. And while taking a chainsaw to billboards is admirable to the point of encouragement, it's not very realistic. So what can you do lighten the carpet-bombing intensity of the hucksters in your life? -- Flesh


You're Pumping What Up Their Asses?
You see these fuckers just about everywhere. Bubbling cauldrons of unchecked happiness and optimism, without a drop of reality in sight. It's enough to make want to push them over the guardrail of an overpass into the path of a speeding semi. But before you risk going to death row (sent there by people who won't understand that this person just had to die) may we suggest using some the products manufactured by Despair instead? -- Flesh


Smoke Because We Love You!
Brown & Williamson, a tobacco company, has come up with a simply amazing advertising ploy. -- Baron Earl


Planet Hollywood Collides with the Asteroid of Reality
This is certainly just desserts. And the moral of this story is that if you serve really, really, bad food, have a waitstaff that is total inattentive to customers and charge ridiculously high prices - it doesn't matter if you park your restaurant in priciest and most famous addresses available, get big name Hollywood actors to invest and fill your shop with cheap Hollywood trinkets... you'll still end up in Chapter 11. -- JRoyale


Please Enjoy Japanese Life With Soft-Drinks!
Here is having a list of soft-drinking machines around in Tokyo. Having map of machine plus showing information on what to drink from machine, most complete anywhere information. -- Tjames Madison


I See by the Cards that You Will Win the Next Pokemon Tournament
So the daughter of New-Age Wicca in your life has a birthday coming up. And like anyone else, you ponder the question, "what can I possibly get for her that she'll not only like, but will use for years to come?" Well Chester, contemplate no more. We have the perfect gift. Get The Hello Kitty Tarot Deck -- the cutest tarot deck you'll ever see. -- Flesh


Upstart American Spirits Puts Ancient Wisdom in Every Pack
It's not often that a new face bursts onto the scene in the rough-and-tumble world of the tobacco industry. Mr. Bad covers the recent explosion of upstart tobacconists American Spirit. -- Mr. Bad


Lego-Man off the Block Comments
An open letter the Lego Company from Mr. Lego-Man himself. -- El Destino

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"Little" Green Man
Hulk's Bulk Makes Mom Sulk! -- Miss Conduct


Buddy,Can You Spare A Beer?
You know? There just doesn't seem to be enough Internet panhandling. -- Miss Conduct



Beef Makes the Crust -- Baron Earl


Turn that fucking TV OFF! -- El Snatcher



NewMP3Free Is Not Responsible For Anything
In a move legal analysts worldwide are describing as both daring and brilliant, has declared itself "Not Responsible For Anything." -- Siduri


Better than a Foil Hat -- Baron Earl


Amway: The Untold Story -- Baron Earl


Whoopass cola -- El Destino



Sega kills Dreamcast -- Baron Earl



Geek Boy Services -- Baron Earl


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Yay! Boycott! -- El Snatcher


Poisonous Coca-Cola!! -- Ms.BunnyPenny


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