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Furby Death Machine

By El Snatcher
Pigdog Editor

The creators of "Telebubby Fun Land," New Ground Atomix, have a new evil web machine for killing Furbies!


Apparently, New Ground Atomix specializes in making really funny and bizarre web toys. The site has really taken off since they started fooling around with Shockwave. They even have their own t-shirts now. Their site probably wont be as interesting if you don't have a Shockwave-capable browser (get the plug-in).

BTW, If you haven't been to the "Telebubby Fun Land," thing in awhile, go there again right now, because they added a couple of new things: The (baby) Sun, and Nuu Nuu the vacuum cleaner...

Special bonus: Assassinate Leonardo Dicaprio!

You dare mess with "Dicaprio"?




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