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Slitting Your Juggler -- Reported 1999-03-15 20:30 by Juggler Vain


some of the paragraphs may express obvious content of little moment

some may contain significant portions of buzzwords & abbreviations

some express the ruins of variously too-far fetched bridges & braids

suspend about


att-man, spokesmodel for att's collect-call address: ?what do you get, if you want bill & ted, but can't afford both, nor even wcw's meeen whoo gene okerlund, speaking to the issue of a realworld clebritum having visited -- through "you as camera" videoclip -- wcwspace: he cannot disclose her purpose on this broadcast (lawyers & such, ?eh... psyche), but call 900...

resume about

while narrating paragraph of n>2-twin ("idea" (wavespace-node) intersection) synthesis

... but I'm writing a show;

suspend about

jesus parried high-priests' inquisition; their rule was ratified by all; he never challenged their authority... ?what would jesus do today

one guy... one judge...

... fnb-l... issue of minority (well... one, at least; and may be one or even a few others' sufferance that he make) accusation against a self-certified co-founder of fnb: "you shouldn't use that title in you sig; it could give people the idea that you're an officer of fnb"... people unclear on the concept of anarchy

{resume about}

... and I'll make an alias for each, so that I need only type


... one guy tells all the pilots at american brand air-concession that they *must* fly... american's violation of contract (via reno-air) is not an issue; the judge cant "see" what's not put before him... a half-blind judge is worse than stone-blind justice

{there's a constituency for popular typography & other marks of style; ?am I "about" the talk, or ?am I merely talk with a thin typographical shell}

troupes of performance-art as agents of provocation wasn't new, but narrowcast as cointelpro {and here, again depending on the time, include fine structure of & related links from The Wavespace-Node Henceforth Known As cointelpro}

call [?] "natural immunity"

call [?] "(deliberately) acquired immunity"

american regime in latter-mid {} contrived cointelpro, but "The Movement" -- pretty-much all groups "suffered" a low-level infection of dysfunctional Social Science & Technology

troll for outrage {here, having written to here, I expect that I'll talk about the script as part of the talk which is my house of dung}

!hey [ingratiatingly solicitous widecast], help me protect my intellectual property: invest in Juggler Vain's Increasingly Diluted Investment Scheme

perils of being on tv, as distinct from perils of being on radio, as distinct from perils of being on other, as discting from the complemt-perils of being off... makes me proud, even as Jolly Roger explains: "We're not Pirates, We're Your Neighbours"...

... as american regime digitized a new century, (diversity cast as divisiveness) intentional groups sought outreach amid alternate and legacy technology... armed forces will have found ready-machined firearms

neural semantic environment: cruelty in prison

... ?who might lawfully have released "Naked Lunch" to public access... it's a wonderful space, internet...

... trolling for outrage at hardees' tv-campaign for friscoburger: "shooshing-Ss" announcer, tomato

fox' o'reilly (with dick morris) breaks the code illustrating Mexico and Our Glorious War On Drugs (except that the drugs that we're on kill us and our friends & foes... it's a friction-brake and a badge of pride/honour)... cynically dramatic suggestion "but he says that it is so; and he tosses four billions, and goverment agencies scramble for foxnews... headline: siskel felled by tumor of the brain... hapless big-time pratfall: titanic's steam-whistle could sound for eleven miles, but (cutting to restored whistleabra on stage) spectators said that it sounded today more like a whimper



if you want to be on tv/radio-for-dollars, you gotta' give an exclusive... ?wanna' plug your book on kgo; gotta' give them the first...

... this "give us exclusive or get lost" got in the way of serious public interest: cpsc wanted to alert us public on child-safety issue, so went to broadcast-nets' morning tv-shows... "we need to get the word out on..."... nbc's Today: "give us an exclusive or get lost"... so us-gov embargo'd story from other programmes while Today crow'd... GMA protested... we're just chips, chumps, pawns

fcc/gore push for equity in ad$/audience, "minority" v "prime"... we're just ears...

... !hey, wanna' plug your product on pirate radio... send money... ?want me to keep quiet about your racket... don't bother

states' AsG ganging up on "predatory" sweepstakes... that is sweeps as distinct from state-lotteries

speaking of gangs, benito giuliani and Yet Another "Civil" Forfeiture of Accused's Property *Before* *Trial*...

... "we need to send a message to the accused that he's guilty"

Steven Smith (age fifty), in stoney-lonesome for murder since '85, set for "bail-release" (recall last week's release) after IL-supremes void conviction after repudiating witness for prosecution as "unreliable"...

... but ?what kind of reliability comes from bribery

US-supremes to hear challenge to dp based on judge's fraudulent, ummm... erroneous instructions to jury... they "might reasonably" have inferred (incorrectly) from his statements that if they didn't vote to kill whom they convicted, that he might be out "on the streets"


fuzzy logic, slack reason... enough perspecive, even fuzzy, apprehends images to self-styled satisfaction of reality... enough

{but when I'm really talking about what -- without such commentary as this -- would be what I'd likely be talking... which thing, this talking, is a house made of dung... I could cheerfully go on about


?albright on mcnews, characterises widespread demonstration by friends of ppk as "coordinated" / "organised"

sri(market-opp): mtbe is cheapest, don't ban... it's leakage, not aerosol

slow glass... from science-fiction to technology-news

no demon in rum, nor honour in cups... the guy who donated to Brown/Goldman Benevolent Fund, then theatrically destroyed oj-memorials, well... many angry and confused artists express their agenda onto (non-consenting) humanity-as-canvass

conceit of a parody of comdeycentral brand comedybroker: cbn & patrobertson lampoon comdeycentral for its contemptuous humour at xians' moral sense (of humour)... comdeycentral-style humour attaches characteristics of stupidity &

here's what I think of terrorism: I'm terrified... but, that's o.k... ... terror for the unknown, awe at the unknowable, and blissfully innocent of the inconceivable... that is, supersecret terror that eludes conscious apprehension, and works its terrible mojo deep into

first actor announces to audience and to second actor that he (the first) be invisible, inaudible, in fact entirely insensible to that second... second actor expresses character & purpose of a detective-inspector on a case; all without the least acknowledgement of the first... alternatively written as instructive inspiration or lessons of futile folly...

syntactly linked "dataports", supporting semantic content

nature of individual consciousness, ?whither, thus, human culture: rule (martial law, civil administration), artistic expression (profane & sacred)...

... path towards "higher", "successor", "expanded"... whatevername consciousness... our consciousnessess sense our individual selves... we deduce/synthesize community from environment-perceptors... anyway, the path... artistic illumination from ? of frequencies resonant to & highlighting images close to ...

... inducing states of post-perfomance fugues in hope, ennui, optimism, and vulnerability...

npr @ the video tran-dude with the hochimin poster and the flag... voice of asian peter lorre interviewed in the crowd/quietmob: "I'd like to kill him... yeah, ?why not".


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