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A Couple of Alien Quickies...

Some quick alien related stories: First, someone keeps pestering our UFO researchers in this country. A UFO researcher named Michael Unam was run off the road by a mysterious truck while collecting data on the Devil's Highway, Route 666. And secondly, take a look at some new images of Egyptian hieroglyphics that seem to represent ancient Egyptians offering goodies to a Gray-style alien!

Michael Umon en route...

Who is bothering our UFO Researchers?

The Devil's highway, Route 666, winds through an area of the United States that is incredibly rich in UFO sightings. Author and ufologist, Michael Unam, set out to on a four day bicycle trip along this stretch of road to collect data, but something terrible happened. A big truck zoomed up in front of him and forced him off the road, causing him to crash into a ditch. His bicycle was destroyed. Read all about it at the exoScience site, or at Ufomind.

Grays in Ancient Egypt?

Take a look at these crazy hieroglyphics on a temple wall in Saqqara, Egypt. Although the people who put these images up really need to learn how to use the sharpen filter in Photoshop, or take better pictures, the effigy of the small bug-eyed creature on this mural unmistakably resembles a typical Gray. Grays are the most commonly reported race of aliens.

Please see the Ufomind page on grays for more background information.

I suppose a good egyptologist could think up some way to explain this away as some sort of coincidence, but there are a number of strange things about ancient Egypt, for which the orthodox explanation isn't very satisfying...



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