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You don't have to be on the clog-dancing team to get clogs, folks!
-- Mr. Bad


TNiPNaZ Announcement Rules

1) The announcement must be posted on pigdog-l.

2) The announcement must be use declarative sentences.

3) The announcement must use an authoritative tone.

4) ASCII art is mandatory.

5) The announcement must be for a physical meeting place.

6) The first conforming announcement to the list for a given date is authoritative.

7) Announcements for non-Bay Area locations don't preclude a local Bay Area announcement.

8) Under no circumstances should Karaoke, in any manner, shape or form, be associated with any TNiPNa_ event. The penalty for doing so is death.

9) The poster who announces the event must attend the event.

Rules originally fabricated by Mr. Bad in this text, and grudgingly extracted by same for use here. Rule #8 -- the no-karaoke one -- was added by Johnny Royale.


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