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Shipley Ends Journal

By El Destino
Pigdog Staff Writer

In an entry titled "Journal Ends" Wil Shipley abandoned his ongoing journal, "Scab."

"The truth is too complex, and involves too many innocent people, for me to fully relate," Shipley reports. The journal ends -- "for a while, at least."

Shipley has composed 51 essays in the last ten weeks documenting his recovery from the end of a nine-year relationship with net-celebrity Kim Rollins. Yesterday, on a grey Seattle Wednesday afternoon, Shipley penned a ten-paragraph farewell -- including a section titled "Final Thoughts."

The Omnigroup President and co-founder hints of conciliation with Kim Rollins. "She feels like maybe someday we'll get back together, and maybe not, but time apart doesn't hurt us."

"I agree."

Days earlier, Shipley's journal included an unflattering depiction of Kim Rollins -- torn between Shipley and the man she left him for. "She said, what should I do, come back for a month and decide if I love the new, Zoloft-improved you, and then if not leave again? And I said, yes, why not."

"And she said, he probably wouldn't take me back."

Contact continues. Wednesday Shipley indicated that "I've talked with her a lot recently, and I hope to keep doing it."

Shipley's tone has changed from weeks ago, when he reported he'd emailed Kim that he no longer wished to talk to her. "It makes me concentrate on her, and how much I miss her, and will she maybe come back, instead of concentrating on getting on with my life."

Shipley's come full circle -- and he acknowledges this journal entry as "a wishy-washy finale."

"If I do write more, it'll be under a different title.

"Possibly 'Scar'."



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