A Pigdog Journal Special Report
1999-01-22: Wil Shipley Memories
1999-01-22: Shipley Ends Journal
1999-01-12: Two months later and she's still with him...
1998-12-24: Shipley Renames Journal: 'Scab'
1998-12-14: Wil Shipley Makes Fun of Himself
1998-12-07: Shipley's Doctor Prescribes More Pills
1998-12-01: Shipley's Bladder-Capacity Improves
1998-11-29: Wil Shipley Quiet
1998-11-27: A Wil Shipley Thanksgiving
1998-11-23: Shipley Confronts "Little Her," Remembers Obsessive Behavior
1998-11-22: Shipley Misses Sex Less Than Expected
1998-11-20: Shipley Has Haircut and Eats Banana!
1998-11-19: Police Sent For Rollins' Ex
1998-11-17: Sex Weekend, Says Rollins' Ex
1998-11-16: Long-time Net Goddess Kim Rollins to Close Site

The Rollins/Shipley Break-up Caption Contest!
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Kim Rollins' Final Journal Entry (Archived)
Ouch. (Wil Shipley's Diary)
The "Lost" Ouch
Entries, November 15 - 20, 1998 (Archived)
The Shipley Crisis (.wav)
Good-bye -- The Kim Rollins Theme (.wav)

"500 regular visitors to Kim Rollins' on-line journal Tuesday found instead a link to an essay titled "Ouch" written by her ex-boyfriend Wil Shipley--the founder and president of Omni Development, Inc." -- El Destino (1998-11-16)