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It's Called 'Catfight!'

Confessions of an Amateur Pornographer

Everybody gets the itch sometimes -- to be creator as well as consumer of smut. Our man [Anonymous] goes out to scratch it [the itch]. Check out his erstwhile smutlord adventures.

Porn Pet Peeves

She's mad as hell and she's not gonna spank it anymore! Disillusioned smut-monkey Creampuff Alamosa gets goes off on the current state of porn.

Well, well, well, as they say in the porn business...

The Money Light

This guy over here used to work in the porn biz. No, seriously! Thom Stark talks about his experience as a light guy, making fish-belly white drug addicts look even vaguely sexy. [Includes special bonus toe-tappin' porn song. Cool!]

Last Gasps of the Dying

Our rocking roving reporter Flesh goes to the heart of the darkness -- San Francisco smut houses. There he learns some lessons about love and porn and comes back to share them with you.

Here I am.  Rock me like a hurricane.

Becoming XXX

Geoff We@sel is completely insane! What the hell is he talking about? Porn and shit, we think. We're only running this article because we fear him.

These are not the strippers you're looking for

Behind the Sequined Curtain

We always figured those stripper chicks really dug us -- why else would they be undulating inches from our noses? But in our Pigdog Interview [and we know you only read it for the interviews] we find out exactly what makes an exotic dancer slick. Uhhh... "tick". Sorry about that.


Jed Sanders, America's Favorite

Jed Sanders, America's Favorite, discusses pornology. He can smell a bleeding heart from a mile away.

Pigdog Journal Literary "Pullout"

The Danny Letters

What can we say about Danny? He's a great mind in a weird world. Here's some excerpts from the chronicles of his never-ending quest for sex of some kind.

I want to love you, big man
Late-Breaking Results from Spock Mountain Research Labs, Porn Division

The Medium is the Mess

It's the Pigdog Journal Porn Media Shoot-Out! We put the power of SCIENCE behind this porn-delivery-method comparison to help you make the best-informed decision when buying your wank material. No need to thank us; it's our job.

Mmm... I could sure use some porn right up about now.

Pigdog's Ultimate Sex Links

It's a porn jungle out there; let us be your toadyish little native guide through the Fields of Porn.

If Life Were Like Porn

We asked the experts: What will life be like in the Age of Porn? It's kinda like that section of Wired where they ask all these people you never heard of what life will be like in the year 2525. Cause we're all futurist tight-anused digerati and shit.


Software Review - News Robot

Dirk Diggler exposes a robot porn slave for the lazy wanker.

Ve are ze Porn-bots!
You kids steal my porn and I'll beat the living crap out of you.

Porn and the Spawning Pigdog

There comes a time in a man's life when he puts aside boyish things. Or does there? Our man in the field, Master Squid, explores porn life in the married world.

In The Thick of Things - My Night with Ron Jeremy

We're required by international maritime law to have an article about Ron Jeremy in every single issue of Pigdog Journal. In this one, Jeff Gerstmann tracks the Hedgehog to Sacramento for some one-on-one time. No, not that kind of one-on-one time. The other kind.


Music Review - Portishead

Pigdog reviews music. Man, what a joke. Who the hell are we trying to kid? Well, at least you get to see some boobs.

Sign O The Times
Baron Bounce-Bounce

"Boy Howdy, that's some damn fine porno!"

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