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Running The Money Light--Sex, Pliers, and Video Tape
(by Thom Stark)

She's called an actress/but she can't act.
She's got two talents/and that's a fact,
Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah

Here comes the actor/he's such a stud.
He needs a stunt cock/'cause he's a dud,
Oh, yeah
Oh, no

You think it's funny/but that's all right.
I'm makin' money just runnin'
The money light.
The money light.

(From "The Money Light" by Thom Stark, Copyright © 1986.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.)


"I'd never worked on a porn set
before, so it was a... learning

In 1986, when bands with skinny ties and power pop inclinations were in charge of "adult contemporary" radio playlists, I was still scratching out an existence as a freelance video dude and part-time AV tech. To scrape together the rent, I basically did anything and everything from scriptwriting to tape duplication. I'll admit, poverty drove me to do some things I'm not proud of.
IndentEditing Lockheed training tapes about the care and feeding of Trident missiles, for instance.
IndentA friend with whom I'd done a monster movie satire back in 1983 put up his $10,000 inheritance to shoot a trio of porn movies, hoping to double his money inside of a couple of months. The idea was to leverage the same sets, equipment and actors to shoot all three scripts in three days and I was hired at $100 a day to light them all.