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Danny's Week


I got my third dicksuck yesterday and man, I really hate how the only free sex I get is with people that I'm not sexually attracted to. They tend to be older people, like 40s or 50s, who have sex with everything on the planet, and since I'm one of the younger dudes around their cruising areas they zoom in for the kill faster than light when it comes to me. Not all of the people who hit on me are older dudes, some are around my age. The only times when I've actually had sexual experiences with genetic women versus other genders and transgenders (I prefer genetic women myself), is when I paid hookers for their services, and damn, those prices are HIGH. Say, does anybody know if I can get AIDS from blowjobs, assuming that my dick remains unwashed for many hours after the blowjob and AIDS from the cocksucker's spit might've went into my dick's pores? I was kinda wondering about that because I've started having kind of blurry vision in my right eye, I previously heard that the second sysop of Keyhole BBS died of complications from AIDS and those complications included some medical condition that presumably made him partially blind (he said he couldn't read books anymore) and I kinda linked that sysop's experiences with my current status.Man, you know, after getting the blowjob yesterday, I was coming home when I saw some virgins on the bus. I couldn't get over their innocence and vibrant glow and untainted view of the world, and sorta mourn the loss of my sexual innocence because I've directly or indirectly immersed myself in every kind of sexuality there is, be it vanilla to kinky, normal or fetish, with adults or with children and animals, etc. I'm not saying that I had sex with animals and children, I'm just saying that I tried to learn as much as possible about those worlds, along with all other sexual worlds and there's no way that I can go back to my former virgin self. I'm still technically a virgin because I haven't fucked anything living or dead with my dick. I've just fucked blowup dolls and fake vaginas and I haven't been fucked up my ass yet, but I don't feel like a virgin because I've done or learned hella lots about just about every other form of sexual activity. After each sexual experience, I feel bad about myself and resolve to never have another sexual experience again (except when I did it with genetic women, who made me feel good), but after a while I get horny again and then I start cruising for sex again. I guess I'm addicted to sex and I can't stop my urges just yet. Man, I'm so sick of having sexual experiences with everybody except genetic women all the time that I'm gonna go shop for a blowup doll later today. It might only last a few days before it springs a leak on me (I tend to have rough sex with blowup dolls and my last doll busted within days), but at least it'll give me a taste of what it's like to fuck a real woman again. I get a taste of fucking a real woman by fucking fake vaginas, but I've NEVER found a fake vagina that has a tight vaginal tunnel. All of them are real expansive and wide vs. tight and hugging your dick. Oh yeah, don't tell Flesh about what I said about not being able to score with genetic chicks all the time like he does, or Flesh will laugh his ass off into the next century and never stop calling me a cripple. Also, I'm kinda desperate for a blowup doll right now cuz I'm gonna be 26 years old in a coupla days, and once that big 2-6 hits an era will end. In my view, your youth kinda ends at around 26 years old, and I wanna celebrate the last few days of my youth before they wane away into the mists of time. It's kinda like a sexual Wanderjahr, I guess.


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