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Used Condom In McDonald's Chicken Bun

by El Snatcher

1998-12-10 05:52:00

It's happened AGAIN... A disgusting foreign object has been found in a value meal. As if McDonald's food wasn't blecherous enough to begin with, a Wisconsin woman recently bit into a McDonald's Chicken Bun sandwich, and almost choked to death on a used condom!

We keep hearing about people finding things in McDonald's fat-laden, fast food products. At least a half-dozen times a year we hear about someone finding a rat claw, bloody Band-Aid, or a screw, etc., in his or her Big Mac, Fish Bun, or whatever. The victims sue for justice, but invariably, once the lawyers zoom in, it turns out that the whole story is a HOAX. This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. But are all of these people lying? What are the odds!?

SORTA-RELATED-ANECDOTE: One time, in Dayton Ohio, I chomped down on a RUSTY SCREW hidden in a sandwich from Rax Roast Beef. One of their meat-blasting machines must have been loosing pieces or something. When I complained, not only did they NOT replace my sandwich, but they accused ME of being in a conspiracy to defraud them. I should have SUED THOSE BASTARDS!

But would I have had any chance against a mega-corporation fast food chain? Considering that a smart person knows better than to directly go up against these types of wretched corporate mega-scums, how many incidents like this go UNREPORTED? Once can only wonder...

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