Here are all seven issues of the super spectacular 2002 - Spock Science Monitor,
direct from Black Rock City... including the never before seen issue #7.

If you are just stopping by for the Spock Science Monitor, you should really
check out the rest of the Pigdog Journal. It roxs like Spock's soxs in a box.

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Sunday, 8/25 - You Big, Dumb, Dogshit-Eating Hillbilly


Our premier issue, brewed and printed in Bay Area. Dragged to the playa and distributed before the sun set on Sunday.


  • Playa Dust Causes Cancer
  • Elegance At An Affordable Price
  • Gerlach Man Doesn't Believe
  • How Lame Was My Playa: BM Spots To Avoid



Monday, 8/26 - There Is A Zombie Behind You Right Now


Most of this issue was also created off the playa, but production issues forced us to finish it in the middle of the desert.


  • BM 2003 Theme: First Peek
  • Johnnie Royale's Guide To Playa Living
  • Pyramid-Shaped Camp To Offer 'Zone of Solitude'
  • Kids Korner



Tuesday, 8/27- Interfering With Your Experience Since 1997


Our first playa created issue. A generator failure sent Yosemite Sam and Johnnie Royale running into Reno to fetch back up power sources. Their late return delayed the issue - which actually ended up being printed and delivered on Wednesday. Given the lost time, the SSM management team decided skip a Wednesday paper and began immediately working on Thursday's issue.


  • Commissary Food Riot Fiasco
  • News Flash: You Have Made A Terrible Mistake
  • A Pretty Flower that Smells Bad
  • Gift Economy Flourishes at Center Camp
  • The Legend of HyperWhiskey



Thursday, 8/29 - Rock Out With Your Spock Out


Hitting full stride, we savage most of the BMOrg and other sacred unicorns of Black Rock City in our amazing Thursday issue.


  • Fiery Plane Crash In Black Rock City
  • New Fish and Wildlife Regulations On The Playa
  • Unique Pirate Camp or Art Car Startles All With Daring Theme
  • Larry Fucks Up
  • You Know You're Going To Hell
  • News On The March



Friday, 8/30 - Don't Think We Won't Kick Your Ass, Too


The Coffee Coupon, available in this issue only, forced the Center Camp Cafe to post signs saying that the SSM coupons would not be honored.
  • When BLM Horndogs Attack
  • Yawl Sed
  • Yay! Piss Clear!
  • From The Fashion Desk
  • Spock Science Monitor Saves Black Rock Gazette
  • Spock Science Monitor Saves Black Rock City
  • News On The March
  • Coffee Coupon



Saturday, 8/31 - That Hate-Filled Rag


Perhaps the best SSM issue of 2002. The previous day Piss Clear had released an issue glorifying the DPW - while the SSM exposed the real truth about the crew of degenerates that builds Black Rock City. Also, Captain Winner, the SSM publisher, had trashed Durgy, the Black Rock Gazette publisher, in Thunderdome -- while street signs were being modified at an increasing rate. All scoops of the Spock Science Monitor.


  • Sign Revolutionaries Still At Large
  • PlayaNET: Black Rock City's Red-Headed Stepchild
  • Unemployable Drugheads Reluctantly Build City In Desert
  • Two Men Enter, One Spock Leaves
  • News On The March



Sunday, 9/1 - So Funny I Wet My Sarong


Another kick ass issue that was produced, but tragically never printed on the playa. No matter how much we babied and cajoled our Riso 4000 Digital Duplicator, it just wouldn't make a master print. So after fighting with it for several hours, our Editor-in-Chief, in near tears and covered in ink splotches, kicked the machine, asked for shot of Hyperwhiskey and demanded that the Riso be tossed into the nearest burn pile.


  • Tragic Accident Destroy Desert Landmark
  • The Desperate Loser's Guide To Getting Laid
  • Black Helicopters Over Black Rock City
  • Now Git
  • The Ark of the Nereids


The SSM team apologizes for the quality of some of the pictures in the PDF files. The SSM was optimized to print out of an old, cranky Riso digital duplicator and not for publication on the web. Perhaps, if we can pry one of the graphics editors out of the bar for a couple of hours, we can pretty things up a bit.