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"....I carry a bag of hot dogs with me wherever I go. I eat them from the bag whenever I get the urge, regardless of the circumstances. When I make a movie, my hot dogs are my co-stars. If, in the middle of a scene, I decide I want to consume a hot dog, I do so. I waste the director's time and thousands of dollars in film stock, but in the end, it is all worth it, because I enjoy eating hot dogs more than I enjoy acting. This bothers some people. I was supposed to portray Batman, but when Tim Burton learned of my hot dog cravings, he asked Michael Keaton to wear the cape. To this day, I am peeved about this." -- Walken in LA

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Christopher Walken Dance Now
Christoper Walken has the MOVES. -- Flesh


Not Enough Walken
I went and saw The Stepford Wives over the weekend. Every now and then I like to see a movie on its opening weekend, and it doesn't really matter what the movie is. I just like sitting in the dark in the 6th or 7th row back from the screen and getting totally absorbed in the movie. If the theater is packed and the movie gets a reaction from the audience – audible gasps, groans, or guffaws – so much the better. Unfortunately, The Stepford Wives was a rotten remake of a low-budget 1975 B-movie, and even Christopher Walken's presence didn't save the film. -- Baron Earl


Justice And Sanity Kicked in the Balls by Wrong-headed Pig People
The world sits on the brink of disaster today: an insane war for oil half a world away fought over the broken bodies of long-standing alliances and the dream of international law and order. People all over the globe are considering what's gone so wrong that the American war machine can blaze gigagallons of radioactive bullsemen into the dying throats of Iraqi children and the hopes of decent folks for centuries. Well, I mean, _other_ people are thinking about that. Me, I'm thinking about the fuckheads at the Raspberry Awards and their unconscionable sleight against Christopher Walken. -- Mr. Bad


The Walken / Country Bear Conspiracy
As has been recently reported in the PDJ, Christopher Walken, evil s00per villain extraordinaire, will be appearing next month in Disney's newest release, The Country Bear Movie. Always playing some wicked and very disturbed badass in movies like Sleepy Hollow, Illuminata, The Prophecy I, II, III, Pulp Fiction, Batman Returns, The Milagro Beanfield War, A View to a Kill, The Dogs of War, Heaven's Gate, and The Deer Hunter, Walken is unsuprisingly a big favorite in the PDJ news room. -- JRoyale


Disoriented Walken Forced to Make Movie About Cartoon Bears for Disney; Prognosis Grim, Say Experts
Here's an item that's been banging around the Pigdog offices for quite a while, but has seemed too horrifying to actually comment on. Until now. Slow news day and all. -- Tjames Madison


Walken Super Dance
Christopher Walken launches his music video career. -- El Snatcher


Walken Fan Club Materializes
Hey Crazy: join the Christopher Walken fan club! Free membership and everything! Dang. As I sit here drinking wine and listening to pirated Gnotella Willie Nelson music, it occurs to me that everyone should join this club right away... -- El Snatcher


Tim Burton Uses Christopher Walken to Scare Up Audiences
Tim Burton found himself in a bit of a situation. It seems that no actor in hollywood wanted to take the role of of the Headless Horseman, because of the obvious lack of visage. Who did they call? Christopher Walken! -- Flesh


Walken and Singin'?
When someone says "musical" don't you immediately think Christopher Walken? Well, no, neither do I. But if someone were to say "James Joyce," how about then? OK, still no Christopher Walken. But what about "The Dead"? Ah ha! See, see, it all makes sense to have Christopher Walken starring in a musical adaptation of James Joyce's depressing short story "The Dead." -- Negative Nancy


Communion Anal Probe Scene Museum
Many people consider Christopher Walken's finest acting job to be his roll in The Deer Hunter, the 1978 film about the effects of Vietnam. He garnered the Best-Supporting-Actor Oscar for it. However, his true tour de force is Communion, a greatly under appreciated film about bad, buggerin' aliens. -- El Snatcher


Monumental Christopher Walken Newsletter
Did you know that early in his career Christopher Walken was in musicals, and he sang, and he wore a white-hair wig like an English judge? Can you imagine how frightening that must have been? -- El Snatcher

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Walken for Christmas -- Baron Earl


Excellent Christopher Walken-inspired Electronica
'UNIGLORY': Fantastico Christopher Walken-inspired Electronica ('Onscreen' is especially beauty.) -- El Snatcher



Walken In My Shoes
'Walken In My Shoes' -- The First Brazilian Christopher Walken Site (Bad Geocities)... -- El Snatcher

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