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Situationist. Heh heh heh heh heh. Damn, doesn't the _idea_ of being a "Situationist" just crack you up?
-- Mr. Bad


Monkey Business
Apes, apes and more apes... from the little ones to the great ones.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2006-02-17 The First Rule of Pillow Fight Club is...
2004-08-09 "Talking" Gorilla Learns to ask for Codeine
2002-04-05 Monkeys Attack Girls School
2002-02-16 What's Tjames Doing in Europe?
1999-07-09 Monkey Spanks Investors
1999-06-29 The Mandrill Who Came To Dinner
1999-06-15 New Study Warns Monkeys: Stop Listening to Orbital
1999-06-08 Mandrills Create Their Own Web Site!
1999-05-12 Get a Life, Get a Job
1999-03-05 World Network TV Premiere of Humiliating Monkey Movie
1999-03-01 Intel Uses Sock Mandrill as Shill to Sell Stupid New Chip
1998-12-20 Free Monkeys!!!
1998-11-25 Alligators Miss Late Night Snack
1998-11-24 Perfidy Soars In Non-humans

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2011-03-12 Shut up! Yours are weirder.
-- JRoyale
2011-03-11 D & D Playable Races Line Up
-- JRoyale
2003-03-13 Don Johnson's Pricey Ride
Is that 8 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF BONDS in your pocket or are you just happy to see the Swiss border guards? Don Johnson's pricey ride. -- Baron Earl
2001-02-10 Bite My Monkey . com
Bite My Monkey.com -- El Destino
2001-01-02 Revolting, Yet Somehow Mesmerizing!
"Revolting, yet somehow mesmerizing!" This page has the best animated psychedelic mandrill butt on the Web -- BAR NONE. -- Mr. Bad
2000-12-08 Monkeywire, your source for bad monkey news
-- El Destino
2000-11-06 Is the monkey hot or not?
Is the moneky hot or not? -- El Destino
2000-11-06 How About a Five For Two Tens and a Blow Job?
-- JRoyale
1999-07-12 Catholic Saint 'o the Day! Collect 'em All!
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-12 Reuters: Police Capture Drug Dealing Monkeys
-- El Snatcher




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