I want to kill bugs, sir!




I sense an excellent opportunity to get senselessly drunk.
-- Head-freezin' Gene


Consumers in Action
Corporations suck, they're the tools of "the Man." Fight the Man.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2007-04-19 Terms and Conditions
2004-06-16 Cheap Gas for Everyone
2003-02-04 I Hate the Information Age
2003-01-21 Your Jet Pack Is Recalled
2003-01-09 Here Is Your Jet Pack
2003-01-07 DeCSS A-OK in Norway
2002-02-13 Itís What I Live For
2002-01-18 "Come on Down. No wait -- don't! Ayeeeee!!!!!"
2001-08-12 I Am So Outta Here
2001-07-23 Impressions of Protest
2001-06-19 Don't Think TOO Different, Now
2001-03-13 All I Wanted Was a Damn Sammich
2001-01-26 Barking Spoon unveiled
2001-01-12 Fuck PG&E, save the Chronic
2001-01-12 FCC allows AOL Time Warner buy itself into existence.
2000-11-15 El Destino vs. Comdex
2000-10-01 German Drinkers Face Corporate Bondage
2000-09-15 Wish I'd Been There To See It, Part II
2000-08-23 Waste the MPAA and DVDCCA's Time
2000-02-26 Fight the Dominant Species!
2000-02-25 MPAA Ain't the Only Bad Business...
2000-01-15 Back to Business as Usual
2000-01-14 You're in Advertising? Kill Yourself!
1999-12-10 You're Pumping What Up Their Asses?
1999-09-25 Smoke Because We Love You!
1999-08-18 Planet Hollywood Collides with the Asteroid of Reality
1999-07-12 Please Enjoy Japanese Life With Soft-Drinks!
1999-07-01 I See by the Cards that You Will Win the Next Pokemon Tournament
1999-06-20 Upstart American Spirits Puts Ancient Wisdom in Every Pack
1999-01-07 Lego-Man off the Block Comments

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2011-03-11 How to eat for FREE (video, in french w/ subtitles)
-- JRoyale
2011-03-02 Glowing skateboards
-- Baron Earl
2003-07-09 "Little" Green Man
Hulk's Bulk Makes Mom Sulk! -- Miss Conduct
2003-01-15 Buddy,Can You Spare A Beer?
You know? There just doesn't seem to be enough Internet panhandling. -- Miss Conduct
2002-11-15 Male chastity belts for sale
-- Baron Earl
2002-07-22 Beef Makes the Crust
-- Baron Earl
2002-04-17 Turn that fucking TV OFF!
-- El Snatcher
2002-04-13 Your Favorite Artist Sold out
-- Flesh
2002-02-20 NewMP3Free Is Not Responsible For Anything
In a move legal analysts worldwide are describing as both daring and brilliant, NewMp3Free.com has declared itself "Not Responsible For Anything." -- Siduri
2002-01-22 Yuppie: With your help, takeover is inevitable...
-- El Snatcher
2001-12-01 Better than a Foil Hat
-- Baron Earl
2001-05-27 Amway: The Untold Story
-- Baron Earl
2001-05-07 Whoopass cola
-- El Destino
2001-03-06 'The Great American Meatout 2001' -- Poised To Limit Damage From Mad Cow Disease
-- El Snatcher
2001-02-02 U.S. Pork Buyers Guide to VARIETY MEATS
-- Baron Earl
2001-02-02 Sega kills Dreamcast
-- Baron Earl
2001-01-11 2001 Detroit Auto Show Concept Cars
2001 Detroit Auto Show Concept Cars. -- Baron Earl
2000-12-15 Geek Boy Services
Geek Boy Services - Learn how to look cool enough to be dateable. (i.e. We want to spend your money, we just don't want to be seen with you the way you look now.) -- Baron Earl
2000-12-15 Geek Girl Services (Revenge of the Nerds)
-- Baron Earl
2000-12-15 Buy Your Own Coffin
-- Baron Earl
2000-10-16 Is that a hot pickle in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
-- Baron Earl
2000-09-21 Gaudiest Vans in the World
Gaudiest Vans in the World. -- Baron Earl
2000-07-07 Haiku Movie Reviews
Haiku Movie Reviews. -- Baron Earl
2000-07-03 Jesus endorses Guinness!
-- Baron Earl
2000-05-20 Stupid Finnish Advertisements... I kid you not
-- JRoyale
2000-03-11 Happy, Happy, HAPPY TOYS!
-- Baron Earl
1999-12-17 Yay! Boycott eToys.com!
-- El Snatcher
1999-08-04 British Get OK to Whiten Horrible Looking Teeth
-- Tjames Madison
1999-06-15 Poisonous Coca-Cola!!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-06-05 Our Hats Look Damn Good: Haberdashery With Bocephus
-- Tjames Madison
1999-06-02 Delicious hot dogs




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