It's my experience that it's better to blow the monkeys AFTER you give them a nice, warm enema.
-- Tjames Madison


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Pigdog Journal Articles:

2003-07-22 We Don't Want Your Pantsless Duck
2003-03-24 Michael Moore R0X0RZ
2003-03-18 Justice And Sanity Kicked in the Balls by Wrong-headed Pig People
2003-02-26 Call Your Senator (an Ass-Sucking Bush-Wussy)
2003-01-26 Microsoft's Shitty Software Fucks Up the Entire Goddamn Innernut
2003-01-22 US Officials Stomp On Free Software In International Star Chamber
2002-11-04 Fuck. That Dude is BLUE. Fuck.
2002-10-31 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas 2002
2002-10-12 You Are Being Eaten By Invisible Vampires
2002-10-11 tenpo kama la mi toki pona
2002-06-23 California State Senate Seeks to Throw Away Taxpayer Money on Unconstitutional Law
2002-05-27 What's Your Debian Package Name?
2002-05-25 Goths vs. Dieters in the Streets of Montréal
2002-05-22 The US Must Deploy Turtle-Men To Afghanistan
2002-05-21 Thuggish Cartoon Gauls Rampage In Internet's Bunghole
2002-05-13 d00d, Quit being a FUCKING ASS
2002-05-08 Beaujolais Mozillur Dot Part-ay Number Something dot Oh!
2002-05-04 Mind-bending Braingames Torture Last Remaining Broomfield Survivors
2002-02-15 Canadians Earn Olympic Medal for Whining, Poor Sportsmanship
2002-02-14 Kathleen Fent Read This Story
2002-02-12 Cowardly Olympic Athletes Dodge Duty On War Front to Play in Snow
2002-02-06 In Your FACE, Ashcroft Nazi Fuck!
2002-02-05 Try Assman's First!
2002-01-22 Save!
2002-01-18 Ninjas: The Ultimate DEADLY THING
2002-01-08 More Bullshit Fearmongering Over Ecstasy
2002-01-07 The Chilling Effects of Legal Threats
2002-01-03 American Hero Shoots Self in Ass
2002-01-03 Desperate Measures Cannot Brake Broomfields Descent Into Anarchy
2001-12-31 FUCK Your Bourgeois New Year! I Choose Liberty
2001-12-28 Death and Destruction in Dieterland
2001-12-11 Pigdog Journal FOURTH Annual Christmas Essay Contest
2001-09-28 Strike A Blow For Common Sense
2001-06-14 U.S. Navy Buckles Under Withering Fire From Pigdog Journal
2001-06-12 Virtual Sit-In == Real World Hacktivism
2001-06-08 Don't Let The Cyberdoor Hit You In The Cyberass On The Way Out
2001-05-20 Medical Mota: What's Next?
2001-05-12 The Old Mine
2001-04-10 Freedom Needs a Champion
2001-04-09 Andrew Leonard is a Nutless Boob
2001-04-02 San Francisco: A Tale of Two Office Markets
2001-03-25 Goddammit! Where's the Info On Mozillur Party 4.0?
2001-02-13 Meathead MPAA Thugs Accidentally Attack Austin Powers
2001-01-19 Cool Things To Put on Your J20 Protest Sign
2001-01-17 Crazy Freakfest In the Streets for J20
2001-01-06 She's Crafty
2001-01-02 Shitfire, This Site is Worth Checking Out!
2001-01-02 Could Use Some of Your Money, Please
2000-12-31 Ins and Outs for the Year 2001
2000-12-28 The Week Between
2000-12-28 eLibrejo - La "e" Signifas "Esperanto"
2000-12-24 Christmas On Spock Mountain
2000-12-22 Stuff I Love About the Holiday Season
2000-12-22 Better Go Buy Yourself Some Super-Big Hard Drives
2000-12-20 They Need to Add "Bujholej" and "Gargar'!"
2000-12-19 Delicious Demons
2000-12-19 Ladies and Gentleman, I Have A New Hero
2000-12-19 Alex Bennett Burning Man Pictures From 1995
2000-12-18 Read Pigdog Journal on Freenet
2000-12-11 Third Annual Pigdog Journal Christmas Essay Contest!!!!!!
2000-11-15 Beaujolais Nouveau! Need I Say More?!
2000-11-11 Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On
2000-11-09 The Numbers Show That There Are An Unusual Number of Nazis In Palm Beach
2000-11-06 Software Patents, The UK, and You
2000-11-06 Fuck You, Bill Jones, My Vote Is STILL For SALE!
2000-11-03 Smile! You're on Fascist Camera
2000-10-27 Three Words: Guerrilla Queer Bar
2000-10-26 Stop Bush! Eliminate Spoiler Candidates!
2000-10-19 Last-minute Halloween Costume Ideas: MILLENNIUM EDITION
2000-10-18 Steve Feuerstein, You ROCK!
2000-10-18 Excellent Internet Radio in Esperanto!
2000-10-12 Yet More Humongous Bullshit From Congress
2000-10-05 Imperialist Yankee Go Home!
2000-10-05 Excellent Forth Magazine Online
2000-10-05 I Guess Athletic Robots Must Wear Cups
2000-10-04 Fine Coverage of Burning Man by Dr. Black
2000-10-02 Secure the Perimeter: A's and Giants Both in Pennant Races
2000-10-01 A Nation Waits With Bated Breath
2000-08-19 Talk to the Bot, the Face Isn't Listening
2000-07-30 Burning Man 2000: What a Good Time THAT Was!
2000-07-24 Won't Get Fooled Again
2000-07-19 Stop HR 2987! Fucking Fucking FUCK!!!!!!
2000-06-26 Beat Box
2000-06-03 State of Jefferson, Eh?
2000-05-24 Why The Future Sucks Ass
2000-05-21 "Rock and Roll is Very Sweet Here": Stereolab @ The Warfield 5/17/2000, San Francisco
2000-05-17 DMCA Protest At Stanford
2000-05-11 Two Large Scottish, Please
2000-05-11 CD Prices Are A Crime
2000-05-01 Last Chance for Catastrophe
2000-05-01 Enraged Bull Leaves Wake of Destruction in Helpless Spokane!!!
2000-04-27 Alt dot Culture dot Long dot Dead dot Good dot Riddance
2000-04-26 Get One of Ours Onto the Patent Committee
2000-04-20 It's 4/20! Smoke Em if You Got Em!
2000-04-20 Earth Days Were the Worst Days - Now We Drink Champagne When We're Thirs-tay
2000-04-20 Is Pretty Damn Good
2000-04-08 A Little Ditty About Mike and Diane
2000-04-08 Make Your Own Electronic Music Genre
2000-04-04 Fascist Judge Stomps on YOUR Freedom to Innovate with Steel-Spiked Jackboots!!!!!!
2000-03-31 Star Twin SPECTACULAR
2000-03-31 I Use A Word That Don't Mean Nothing, Like "Loopid"
2000-03-27 Do-It-Yourself Legal System
2000-03-25 Last One on the Bandwagon Turn Out the Lights
2000-03-25 Screamin' Jay Hawkins: He's My DAD
2000-03-24 Yo!nk, and Away! *SMACK*
2000-03-22 BOOJ! There It Is
2000-03-22 Rollin' Phillies, Actin' Silly, Cyberbillies
2000-03-15 Pervo Paratroopers Rain Sex Juices On Unwitting Citizens
2000-03-13 Dead Man's Float
2000-03-13 Free to Be You and Me
2000-03-13 Krazy Kraftwerkish Swedes Love Spocko!
2000-03-07 Disgusting Digital Stench Technology
2000-03-06 Mozilla Dot Party Three Point Fucking Oh!
2000-02-29 Neurofunk Fucking Radio
2000-02-24 Get in on the Ground Floor of FREEDOM
2000-02-23 Hacker Chic
2000-02-16 Pigdog Journal DeCSS Distribution Center
2000-02-07 Exciting Star Track Rumors!
2000-02-05 Am I a TOTAL Loser for Never Hearing of Ganglandnews Before?
2000-02-02 Smash the MPAA through DIRECT ACTION!!
2000-01-30 Go Bowling on Superbowl Sunday
2000-01-28 First WebTV, Now WebVan
2000-01-28 I AM 3XTR33M, D00D
2000-01-28 Linux + Esperanto = A Winning Combination!
2000-01-24 Jazilla R0XX
2000-01-23 Javertising!
2000-01-23 Thus Spake Zarathustra!
2000-01-20 Pirate Radio, MOTHERFUCKER
2000-01-20 Jethro Bodine is Shithouse Crazy
2000-01-17 To All My Friends!
2000-01-12 Big Stills! Weehaw!
2000-01-11 Canadia, Land of Perverts
2000-01-11 There Ain't No Justice; It's Just .us
2000-01-10 Only the Strong of Heart Survive
2000-01-10 Two Giant Mounds of Crap Merge; Can Produce More Crap
2000-01-09 World's Most Fucked-with Little Boy Gets More Shit Dumped on Him
2000-01-09 Ins and Outs of 2000
2000-01-06 Yet Another Crazy OS That Never Went Anywhere
2000-01-05 I Hate Everything in the Future Except the Parkway
2000-01-05 Evil Canadia Poisons The World
1999-12-31 The Second Millenium - A Look Back
1999-12-24 Calm Before the Storm
1999-12-22 Pigdog Journal Second Annual Christmas Essay Contest
1999-12-21 Who Loves the Sun?
1999-12-20 World's Most Evil People in Entire World
1999-12-15 SPOCK-2-K
1999-12-15 QUIT!
1999-12-14 I Represent All of Christendom
1999-12-13 Stupid Suck Parodies Stupid Slashdot
1999-12-08 Emacs dot org! Coolio!
1999-12-02 I'm Proud to be GATT, Y'all, and that's a FACT, Y'all
1999-11-25 No-Talent Matt Drudge Sent Back Down to the Minors
1999-11-24 Cyberbilly Thanksgiving Traditions
1999-11-24 Stop the WTO!
1999-11-23 Dr. Megavolt
1999-11-21 Zamenhofa Bluso
1999-11-17 Echelon Watch! Watch Me Watch You!
1999-11-17 BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU, my friend!
1999-11-15 SF Girls Are OK By Me
1999-11-11 Analog Cafe! You MUST COME!
1999-11-11 FUCK the Elvis Stamp
1999-11-10 My Name is Mr. Bad, and I am a Roguelike Junky
1999-11-08 Grape-Ass Motherpucker
1999-11-08 Tom's Rootboot is Cool
1999-11-02 Penny for the Guy?
1999-11-02 Keep Your Quake III; I'll Just Play Zangband
1999-10-28 The POWER of IDEAS
1999-10-27 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas
1999-10-27 Hey, Maybe Matt McConaughey Isn't So Bad After All
1999-10-25 REXX!!!1!
1999-10-24 RARS! Sounds Like "GARS!"
1999-10-23 I'm Fond o' Vonda
1999-10-21 Brave GNU World
1999-10-21 An Open Letter to Tim Berners-Lee
1999-10-20 I Wish I Could Hate
1999-10-20 MORE Totally Hot Chicks I Want to Get All Freaky With
1999-10-20 Networking In a Post-Apocalyptic World
1999-10-19 Lernu la lingvon internacian, fekachkalkano!
1999-10-19 The Cautionary Tale of Plan 9
1999-10-18! Fucking art fucking fucks!
1999-10-16 Spock's Balls
1999-10-12 Kill Baby 6 Billion!
1999-10-05 NEERRRDDDDD!!!!
1999-10-05 Burn All Gifs Day ANNOUNCED!
1999-10-03 LEARN FORTH
1999-10-01 The Glass Bead Game
1999-09-20 While We're At It, Burn All MP3s, Too
1999-09-15 At Long Last! A GREAT Jake Busey Fan Site!
1999-09-13 What Part of 'Betamax' Don't You People Understand?
1999-09-12 Pictures of Crazy People that Even Crazy People Don't Want
1999-09-11 Tighten My Wig, Crazy Eddy
1999-08-26 Unisys Is a Bunch of Retards
1999-08-26 DJ Christ Superstar (a rock opera)
1999-08-25 Wine Spockiodi
1999-08-24 Jeff Gerstmann Got a Posse
1999-08-22 Jenni, You Haven't Been There For Me
1999-08-21 Bad Craziness at Impossible Speeds!!!
1999-08-20 Chickenhead is Pretty Damn Funny
1999-08-18 If It's Not Vaporware, It's Obsolete!
1999-08-16 Unholy Abomination Uses Sexual Stratagems To Compete With Humans
1999-08-16 Trinux - Bad Hacker Linux! BAD!
1999-08-15 The Infuriated Mandrill
1999-08-15 McKenna, 1990s Dying Real Bad
1999-08-14 understand? if insane you ! then
1999-08-14 The Collected Transmissions of Tokyo Rico
1999-08-12 Let GNU Privacy Guard Cover Your Ass
1999-08-10 Coolio VNC! It's the MAN
1999-08-10 Lamb - Fear of Fours
1999-08-07 Spock Has No PANTS
1999-08-05 Do Your Part! Complain About Burning Man!
1999-08-04 Psychopaths Do It Better
1999-08-04 Horrible Club Threatened with Closure
1999-08-03 It's BURNING TIME Again
1999-07-28 BudWHEIZZAH!
1999-07-28 GIANT ROBOT
1999-07-24 Webzine99 going on NOW!
1999-07-24 How to Tell You're Not a Webzine
1999-07-22 Crazy! More Old Skool HACKER MAGS on the Net
1999-07-22 Gimme a Phrack, I'll Phrack You Back
1999-07-20 MORE FREE SHIT
1999-07-18 Red Herring must DIE DIE DIE
1999-07-18 We Wook an Awful Wot Awike
1999-07-16 Stop the Decade, I Want to Get Off
1999-07-14 Intergalactic Arcosanti
1999-07-14 World's Funniest Mandrill Jokes
1999-07-13 Pacifica Radio and KPFA in BLOOD FEUD
1999-07-13 Naked Ladies with Bags on their Heads
1999-07-12 People of Earth: You Suck
1999-07-09 Webzine 99 is July 24th - Rocking
1999-07-06 Bad Men in Orange Jumpsuits
1999-07-06 Live 365 -- What the hell are they thinking?
1999-07-06 MUJWEB!
1999-06-29 = SELLOUT.ORG!
1999-06-28 Electric Minds Isn't Dead Yet?! HA HA HA HA HA
1999-06-28 program a little robot
1999-06-26 Down, Cato!
1999-06-24 Is the Online News Association a PYRAMID SCHEME?!?!
1999-06-24 AWD Man Out
1999-06-23 Don't you know? It's the FLESH LAB
1999-06-20 Upstart American Spirits Puts Ancient Wisdom in Every Pack
1999-06-20 All Browsers SUCK ASS; Film at 11
1999-06-17 I Never Metadata I Didn't Like
1999-06-17 Bar-B-Q Recipes
1999-06-16 *BSD: Weirder than Linux?
1999-06-15 Weblog *PERFECT* Gar English Gar
1999-06-14 Crazy-Ass German Linux Distribution... with GUITAR
1999-06-12 Schemes and Plots
1999-06-12 Orbital - Middle of Nowhere
1999-06-11 Crazy News in Esperanto
1999-06-11 Wobbly but Still Strong
1999-06-09 Third Voice Is COOLIO
1999-06-09 Austin is ON FIRE
1999-06-08 Mandrills Create Their Own Web Site!
1999-06-07 Government Shutdown as Rabid Bats Swarm Northern Mexico
1999-06-04 Linux Dot Gag
1999-06-04 Zine in a Box
1999-06-03 You See Apocalyptic Storms of Blood, We See a Healthy Challenge
1999-05-30 More Sick Clustering Bastards
1999-05-26 Only YOU Can Stop the Madness
1999-05-23 ...And STEP on It!
1999-05-21 Rus the Surfin' Squirrel
1999-05-17 I'm Open to Anything
1999-05-16 Put the BOOGIE in your Butt
1999-05-15 Beowulf Underground Subverts Decent Way of Life
1999-05-14 Use Your Home Computer to Hunt, Kill Ay-leens
1999-05-11 No Tits, Techno
1999-05-05 My Packing List
1999-05-04 Welcome to a fucking WORLD of WONDER
1999-03-23 It's My Party, I'll Code If I Want To
1999-03-14 The Gold Standard
1999-03-10 Lord Jesus, Lovingly Guide my Arrow Through That Bear's Brainpan
1999-03-10 Linux, You Can Drive My Car
1999-03-05 World Network TV Premiere of Humiliating Monkey Movie
1999-03-01 Please, No More
1999-03-01 LinuxWorld Turns to Experienced Pigdog Journalist to Ensure TOTAL COVERAGE
1999-03-01 Intel Uses Sock Mandrill as Shill to Sell Stupid New Chip
1999-03-01 Swedish Man Names His Rabbit After Spock
1999-02-03 OK, NOW I'm Pissed
1999-01-25 Ink-stained Wretches
1999-01-21 Brad, The Game
1999-01-17 Memepool Has Links
1999-01-15 Gilman St. In Trouble
1999-01-13 Totally Hot Chicks I Want to Get All Freaky With
1999-01-13 CamWorld has Links
1999-01-13 Blast from the Past at Last
1999-01-13 To Arms!
1999-01-03 Spock Club on the Web
1999-01-02 Ins and Outs for 1999
1998-12-28 More Pigdog Christmas Wish Lists
1998-12-27 Furbiling Trend Rises to Disturbing Levels
1998-12-25 Pigdog Christmas Wish Lists
1998-12-25 Christmas On Spock Mountain
1998-12-24 THEY'RE GONNA NUKE SANTA!!!!!
1998-12-24 Cool Shit
1998-12-18 Big Ass Smotherland Smash!!!!
1998-12-18 Justification -- The Wacky Spokesman Game
1998-12-09 Pigdog Journal SCOOPS the Big Boys
1998-12-09 Bad People
1998-12-03 Linux + Beer = Bad Craziness
1998-12-02 Pigdog All Licketysplit
1998-11-29 Frozen Food: Space-Age Nourishment of the Future
1998-11-25 Mozilla Will Stagger On
1998-11-25 Last Resort: Boycott Everything
1998-11-19 German Linux Users Plan dada Beowulf Insane-a-thon
1998-11-18 Mars Demands Pigs!!!!
1998-11-18 Happy Beaujolais Day, Baby!
1998-11-17 World's Only Jake Busey Fan Site
1998-11-15 Report from Webzine 98
1998-11-14 Buddhist Monk RIOT!
1998-11-14 Club Med RIOT!
1998-11-11 Slobbering Over Cartoon Vixens
1998-11-11 Webzine 98 Blah blah gar gar gar!
1998-11-10 Orange You Glad You're Alive?
1998-11-09 Send Them Your Love -- Spock Style!
1998-11-09 So-called 'Smart Browsing' Sucks
1998-11-09 The Room -- Magic Woo-woo Powers of the Web
1998-11-09 TKH - Oriental Enema Museum
1998-11-05 Hey Poe my Bro, Where You Wanna Go?
1998-11-05 Ninja in San Francisco Deflects Sheriff's Bullets!
1998-11-04 Check Out These 24-Inch Pythons!!!!!!
1998-11-03 Flakes Deserve To Vote, Too


Offsite Links

NOTE: content of offsite links is not (necessarily) created by this Pigdog Journal author. They just found it and shared it with you.

2003-03-23 The French Have GONE TOO FAR
2003-02-26 Goddamned Protesters! If You Don't Like Our Country, Go Back to Libertaria!
2003-02-22 If You Don't Like This Country, Go Back To Libraria
Goddamn Protesters! If you don't like this country, why don't you go back to Libraria?
2003-02-21 If You Don't Like It Here, Go Back To Unitaria
Goddamn protesters! If you don't like the way our country works, go back to Unitaria!
2002-12-05 Rands Vegas System
Finally! A brilliant Vegas enjoyment system by a boner-gobbling cartoon alien. Area 51 unfortunately not mentioned.
2002-11-05 janchor is cool
Janchor is cool. Receive RSS updates by Jabber! That's so cool.
2002-10-11 Dieter Daycare Service
2002-06-10 Mozilla dot Party dot Montreal dot qc dot ca
Beaujolais for Mozilla dot Party dot Montreal dot qc dot ca! I can have fun Mozilla time with all my friends!
2002-05-25 Translation, Please
If someone could please send me email telling me how to translate the word 'Dieterfest' into Quebecois French, I'd really appreciate it.
2002-05-16 Fat Guy Eats Canadia
2002-05-12 Couscous Weekend
Person I don't know and who has no relation to Pigdog Journal travels to Morocco; Muslim madness materializes.
2002-05-07 Smiley Smile
It's like Bowling for Dollars, except you're mostly whackin' off, and you don't get to keep the dollars. But you get to keep the orgasms! So that's not so bad. But none of my friends are going to pay me to beat off, I'm sure.
2002-03-09 C.W. McWho?
Tales of the Four-Wheel Cowboy: a Tribute to America's Greatest [sic] Story-Teller
2002-02-13 Rocking Under Satan's House
Living there, you'll be free, if you truly want to be.
2002-02-13 Satan's Henchman Reveals Secret Plan for Last Days
Holy Jeebus! Some bubblehead at Applied Digital wants to implant SECRET CHIPS in the GENITALS of foreigners visiting the US to track their WHEREABOUTS. Thank God it's just for FOREIGNERS... right?
2002-02-12 Olympic Judges Conspire Against Hapless Canadians; World Laughs Heartily
Egregious misconduct on the part of Olympic judges has dashed the gold medal dreams a pair of young hopefuls. But, since they're Canadians, everyone's laughing and calling them shitbags. Ha!
2002-02-06 Stupid RIPOFF Sqrat Movie
This is a dumb movie that Rupert Murdoch's asshole fascist company Fox made. It looks like they hired the same cheap-ass Korean animators who did Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing" video. Woohoo, COMPUTER ANIMATION. They mention a goddamn sqrat, they misspell it, and fuck them sideways. God, I hate that goddamn Fox.
2002-02-05 Wil Wheaton Sweeps Bloggies
HAR HAR HAR! There's something called the BLOGGIES! And they had an awards thing! And WIL WHEATON WON EVERYTHING! Man, I love Web logs.
2002-01-07 Semi-official Carl Steadman Worship Page
2002-01-03 Death of Clinton Dog "Strictly an Accident"
Bill Clinton's dog dies in traffic; Police assure skeptical public that Fosteresque death was "strictly an accident." Uh-huh, suuuuuuuuuuuuure it was an accident.
2001-12-15 Pigdog and The Ministry of Truth Rage Like Santa in Austin's Bunghole
2001-11-14 HAAAPP-EEE Biiiirthdaaaaaay, Deeear Saaaay-tannnnn!
2001-07-05 New Definition of Weird
I'm no Bible-thumper, but I actually found this article kind of touching.
2001-06-29 Fat Masons Make Software
Fat, middle-aged Freemasons with poor Photoshop skills wax mystical on software, sacrifice goat in hotel room.
2001-06-23 Lisp Is Faster Than C++ and Java
Lisp: provably faster than Java and C++. Coolio on that!
2001-05-09 Pray for George Bush!
2001-02-18 TWENTY-FOUR Hours In Cyberspace!!!!!!
2001-02-07 Smiley Markup Language
At first I thought this site was going to be a cool paint fetish porn hole. But it turns out to be a way to make XML <gag /> that represents smileys <gag arity="double">.
2001-02-01 Titties on Canvas
Boobie painting! "A Celebration of Breast Art in Everyday Life and Nature"!! Bwahahahaha!
2001-01-27 The Secret Government REVEALED
2001-01-23 Stop Clown Porn Now!
2001-01-23 Lego Porn: Now More than Ever
Lego porn: an idea whose time has come.
2001-01-20 CarveZine! -- the online magazine for people who like to carve.
2001-01-20 The Ultimate Taxi
Holy cripes! Crazy fucking DRUGHEAD taxi in Aspen, CO with wireless Webcam. It's insane! I wanna go to Aspen! I want a citywide Wireless LAN here in SF, too.
2001-01-19 Send Me One Free Fish
You give them your name, they bring you a fish. Or something. No, I'm not going to try it first. YOU try it.
2001-01-17 Raising the Red Maple Leaf
The Right Honorable Lester Bowles Pearson announces the new flag of Canadia. "May the land over which this new Flag flies remain united in freedom and justice; a land of decent God-fearing people."
2001-01-16 Every Bite is a Thousand Islands of Flavor
A thousand islands of flavor in every bite! The history of thousand island dressing.
2001-01-09 Stonehenge is a BIG FAKE.
2001-01-03 Cop Killa In Tha State Howse
New Hampshire legislator advocates killing corrupt rogue cops if they try to kill you. Everyone acts like there is something egregiously wrong with this. I dunno, it's kind of a head-scratcher.
2001-01-02 Revolting, Yet Somehow Mesmerizing!
"Revolting, yet somehow mesmerizing!" This page has the best animated psychedelic mandrill butt on the Web -- BAR NONE.
2000-11-20 Thank You For Calling Me A Cunt
Cuntfest 2000! "Thank you. Thank you for calling me a cunt."
2000-11-16 Robot Finds Kitten
2000-11-10 Fuck You and Your Street Cred
*Fuck* you and your street cred, man. If being cool means I can't watch the No Doubt "Bathwater" video, I DON'T WANNA BE COOL.
2000-11-09 I Have to Admit That This Is Particularly Satisfying
I have to admit that this is particularly satisfying.
2000-11-03 Your Dot-Com is Dying
First aid for the dying dot-com.
2000-11-01 Air Slammer, Road Jammer
It's a car that runs on air. No batteries or gas in there!
2000-10-29 Go Pirates!
2000-10-28 Cybernetic Parrot Sausage
The fact that "Cybernetic Parrot Sausage" is not some fhreaky 60s psychedelic band, but an actual CYBERNETIC PARROT SAUSAGE, is just too cool for words. I mean, truth in advertising, for once, eh?
2000-10-26 Pat Buchanan Slurps Infant Brains Through Skull
EXCLUSIVE: Pat Buchanan drills hole in skull of infant, sucks out soft unformed brain matter!
2000-10-20 Chef Juke's Music of the Week
Chef Juke knows his music. And he puts new stuff up each week. I just listened to "Tie Me Kangaroo Down" and I'm pretty happy.
2000-10-17 Topless Protest -- Making Protests More Fun
Bare-boobed beauties protest logging practices in Northern California. OK, they were bare-boobed hippies, but that doesn't sound as good.
2000-10-09 Li Jhonglas Kvin Pilkojn
A Canadian math student who juggles, rides a unicycle, and is fond of 'pi'. I dunno, I just like this one. In Esperanto, of course!
2000-10-09 I Have It on Good Authority
I have it on good authority that it was actually EL SNATCHER who let the dogs out.
2000-10-08 Crazy Japanese girls make funny faces.
Fuck, I don't have fuckall idea what this site is about, but these crazy Japanese girls sure make some funny faces.
2000-10-04 World's Weakest Burning Man Coverage in Businessweek
Here it is: the world's weakest Burning Man coverage. Right in Businessweek, where you'd expect it. Fuck, at least they didn't talk about dot-com networking and shit.
2000-08-08 New, Marginally Navigable Burning Man Web Site
There's a new, marginally navigable Burning Man web site. It's actually fairly easy to find stuff. Huh.
2000-08-03 Stop the Rave Menace in Your Community
Mr. and Mrs. American Citizen and all the ships at sea! Do your part to stop the rave menace in your community!
2000-08-03 You, Too, Can Be A Cyberbilly
You, too, can be a cyberbilly -- if just for a day! Go check out this auction for the full haps!
2000-08-03 Buy Some Creativity
Jesus, Man! I think up like 30 of these things before breakfast. Wish I had known that I could get PAID for it.
2000-07-30 THE ANCIENT ONE: Canadian Psychic
2000-07-25 Nude Golfing on Beaver Creek
2000-07-19 True Love is the Land of a Thousand Dances
B-E-E-T-S, not B-E-A-T-S.
2000-07-18 Stupid Ravers
Haw haw! Raves and ravers are stupid. Don't go to raves, kids. Gimme those drugs; Mr. Bad will dispose of them properly.
2000-07-17 I Bought A Toothbrush, Some Toothpaste, a Flannel for My Face
I bought a toothbrush, some toothpaste, a flannel for my face.
2000-07-09 Lingua Ravia
The dictionary you need for those difficult raver terms. Luvly.
2000-06-28 Dammit, I'm Pissed
I can't tell you how disappointed I am that the Salt-N-Pepa Clubhouse has closed its doors. Fucking hell! Like the man says, 'Take care of each other - Salt-N-Pepa would want it that way!'
2000-06-11 A Brief History of Smoking
Coolio! A history of smoking, from way back to right now. Yippee.
2000-06-04 I don't know if this one is true or not...
The real, honest-to-God, low-down story of the Rocket Car. No spam, no Darwin, just the truth. Or so it seems. Either way, it's a hell of a good read.
2000-05-18 Apocamon! Gotta Catch Em All!
2000-05-18 Cool Words Page
Cool pages for word freaks. Nifty!
2000-05-10 Burning Eddie!
Wow! Check out the cover of the new Iron Maiden CD. Burn Eddie! Pagan satanist coolness!
2000-05-09 Penguin Mints -- The Breath Mints of CHAMPIONS
2000-05-09 I'm In Love With Your Girlfriend
Check it! Mojo Nixon gots a posse. Go look at the live Web cam of Mojo moanin' with your mama.
2000-05-04 Web to Spock: Eat More Salsa
2000-05-02 The Sound and the Fury
Fabuloso new Web log from longtime Internet commentator Kevin "Stone" Fox. All genius stuff -- the only bummer is he uses that dumb word "blog." GAR!
2000-05-01 Pillsbury Doughboy Loves Model M
The Pillsbury Doughboy Loves Model M!
2000-05-01 Cintra Wilson Is a Bad Ass
I adore you Cintra! I will do whatever you want. I am sending 10 million dollars American to buy many copies of your book so you will love me. (P.S. Where are the nekkid Cintra pitchers?)
2000-04-27 Oh, GAAAAAGG!
Really, this is just stupid. Folks, get a grip. Oh, and get a Trackball Marble, while you're at it.
2000-04-25 Now available on eBay!
Likes: big wheel, Batman. Dislikes: federal agents with guns.
2000-04-17 Everyone wants to know how you feel.
What's really important is how YOU feel, right? Use crazy to broadcast your miniscule variations in emotional stature to an unfeeling audience of millions.
2000-04-12 Hack On!
Excellent story about online activism and/or hacktivism. Beaujolais!
2000-04-10 Smoke Em If You Got Em
Wise, crinkly and mystical merchants of death use Flash to annoy, educate their addicted public.
2000-04-08 Secret Room of Ancient Porno -- Unlocked at Last!
Woo-hoo! A secret stash of Greco-roman wank art has been revealed at the Italian Museum in Naples. Crazy Italians were gouging the doors with their nails, scratching to get in! So they finally opened em up. Look on, ye mighty, and despair!
2000-04-05 King of Africa
Man, how depressing. This guy is the same age as Tjames, and he's King of Africa or some shit. I fucking hate overachievers.
2000-04-05 Gaaah!!!!!@! More RenFaire Geeks!
2000-04-05 The Ugly Side of Mozilla
2000-04-05 Rave on Easter Island!
2000-04-04 Terence McKenna, R.I.P.
2000-03-29 Spock With Tits
Seven of Nine: Is she Spock with tits? YOU decide!!
2000-03-25 Goa-ing out in a Blaze of Glory
2000-03-25 is a Web Site
2000-03-24 Adopt a Retarded Canadian Maple Leaf
Adopt a retarded Canadian maple leaf. Fuck, don't ask me.
2000-03-24 More Sucka MCs
Brutally boring. Another Sucka MC production.
2000-03-16 Banging Trance & Goa MP3 Station
Philosomatica -- Crazy-ass Goa and Trance, 24x7 and shit. Yeah, it's all hippy-raver crap, but dig the BOOMING BEAT.
2000-03-13 Huge RAM-choking Moaning Goat!
2000-03-10 DOJ Dos and Don'ts for Kids
Hey kids! Don't be bad on the Internet! Learn how to be a good little brain-dead consumer like Mom and Dad.
2000-03-09 Just knowing that someone in this world/feels with a passion called hate
2000-03-08 Know Your Rights - These Are Youuur Riiiights
2000-02-28 LA Burns
Burning the Cross, Burning the Man
2000-02-23 IweellkeellyouIweellkeellyouIweellkeellyouIweellkeellyou
2000-02-17 Snootchie Bootchies
Get the Jay and Silent Bob action figure. Geronimo FUCK!
2000-02-15 New Radiskull and Devil Doll!
Now it's time to KICK IT SOME MORE! Go see the new Radiskull and Devil Doll show!
2000-02-10 World's Greatest ASCII description
Man, this is the greatest! More than you never wanted to know about the history of computer code systems (like ASCII).
2000-02-03 Gross Pagan Wu Name
Gah! Go find your Pagan name! Blech!
2000-02-02 Where It's At
2000-01-21 Flatt and Scruggs!
2000-01-20 Casino Executive Magazine!
2000-01-12 Out of the Gray
Check it out! Everything you never wanted to know about ay-leens! Expecially that they look like My Pretty Pony!
2000-01-11 Woz/Not Woz
So, shouldn't Steve Wozniak have something better to do? Really? If you think about it?
2000-01-09 Welcome to the Future!
The future is so cool! Check out this new Gravitron 2000 anti-gravity machine!
2000-01-05 The Heart of Darkness -- Canadia's Asbestos Institute
Look on the Heart of Darkness and despair! It's Canadia's Asbestos Institute, shadowy poison-mongering puppetmasters of the Frozen North!
2000-01-05 Give me FONTS, Dammit!
Give me FONTS, Dammit! [thx to DG!]
1999-12-31 Not many of these .int domains around.
You could probably count the number of these .int domains used on one hand.
1999-12-26 Another Esperanto Course
Hey, it's another beginner's Esperanto course on the Web. This one is more conversational and phrasey and shit.
1999-12-26 Under Construction
An excellent history of constructed languages. Don Harlow ROCKS.
1999-12-26 Scab Duke Boy Home Page
1999-12-15 Evil Parody of Evil!
1999-11-17 Learn to make meat black and smoky
Want to learn to make dead flesh all black and smoky, with the vital juices gooshing around inside? Then you should view this Cyberbilly meat-maker tutorial!
1999-11-16 Mmm! Pizza!
Yum! Pizza! Give me LOTS!
1999-11-16 Creepy Bad Plane
Man, this is sick shit. Thank you, Michael Bakunin.
1999-11-11 Mmmm! BRAINS!
Man, this e-commerce affinity marketing thing has gone TOO FAR.
1999-10-20 Pet Peeve about HTTP
OK, I guess this makes me a small person, but the word "referrer" is misspelled in the HTTP protocol. I know, that's picayune, but it's used EVERYWHERE. And it's misspelled. Fuck.
1999-10-06 Linux Sux? Whatever you say, Microsoft.
Well, apparently Linux Sucks. At least, that's what Microsoft says, and why would they lie?
1999-08-28 The Early Burn
A story about the DPW and the early Burn in the Bay Guardian.
1999-08-26 Blair Family Circus
FUCK! Those guys at Brunching Shuttlecocks, are funny, man. You gots to check out "Blair Witch Family Circus Project."
1999-08-16 Burning Squirrel
Uh, I guess these guys set a squirrel on fire. And call it "Burning Squirrel." It would have been cool if theyda used a SQRAT instead.
1999-08-16 Michelle Gienow -- Hillbilly Hyperphotographer
Coolio photographs from Miss Paranoia herself! She's cool, SMRL sympathizer and Pigdogtress extraordinaire. Check out her snaps.
1999-08-15 Crazy-Ass Neon Light Saber
Check it out! It's a crazy neon light saber, just like from that movie, "Star Track!"
1999-08-10 Assholes at SRL unable to find venue for show
The folks at SRL are unable to find a venue for their performances. Could being total ASSHOLES have something to do with it? You decide. Har har har!
1999-08-10 Joab Jackson, Flunkey for the Man
Patient Joab, FLUNKY FOR THE MAN, covers Webzine99. Splicer, where's that damn report!? Gar! We look l4m3!
1999-08-04 Coolio Annotated XML Spec
If you read the XML spec as much as I do, you'll think this annotated version -- with comments by Tim Bray -- is really really cool.
1999-07-14 That's Completely Fucking NOT INCREDIBLE!
1999-07-08 Well, Fuck me Sideways! They DO have a Web site!
Well, gooooooollly! They DO have a Web page for the Mystery Spot! (Note: this site best viewed by tilting your head kinda sideways)
1999-07-08 Wall Drug!
Hey! It's that place with the bumper stickers. I wonder if The Mystery Spot has a Web site.
1999-06-30 Another cool Web Radio Station
Technostate: good music for BPotF. Check 'em out!
1999-06-28 Understanding Comics and the Web
Cool interview in Web Review with Scott McCloud, author of "Understanding Comics", just about the coolest book about graphics + text ever.
1999-06-21 Free Hansen Email!
You can get free email with the Hansen name. And POSTCARDS! COoliO!
1999-06-21 Mr. T: Bad Day for Wesley
Check out this crazy comic about Mr. T and Wesley Crusher. HAW HAW HAW! (Cool Pigdog link, too.)
1999-06-20 Wow! They live in a HOUSE!
This group of men and women live in a HOUSE! And they use the INTERNET! Whoopety-fuckin-DOO!
1999-06-11 We Don't Need Another Hero
I went looking for MasterBlaster and instead I got Dutch RAVERS. Is there life beyond THUNDERDOME?
1999-06-09 Royal PAIN IN THE ASS
Check it out! The British Monarchy web site! Let's GET NAKED and go check it out!
1999-06-08 They STOLE OUR IDEA!
Crazy-ass Japanese cyberbillies create cheap knockoff ROBOT DOGS in imitation of Spock Mountain Research Labs!
1999-06-02 Virgin Shaglantic
Get ready... once this movie's out, everyone's going to be making that dumb Austin Powers accent all the time all over again.
1999-05-30 George W. Bush: Man de la Mancha
This brilliant parody hack site makes fun of stupid George W. Bush. Haw haw! He's DUMB!
Canadian chyx are, like, all liberated and shit. But they still put out.
1999-05-25 LoudFactory KICKS ASS
Groove to the hippy-trippy techno beautality of Loud Factory! Rockin.
1999-05-23 Join the Pigdog SETI@home team
If you're doing SETI@home, you've GOT to join the Pigdog Journal team!
1999-05-20 AlphaLinux
If you're using Linux on your bitchen Alpha machine, or you think maybe you want to, check out



C L A S S I C   P I G D O G

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