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Does anybody know where I can get cheap very-sexy new-or-used women's lingerie in a discreet way so I can remain anonymous? I want to dress up my blowup doll before acting out some sexual fantasies with it, but I can't find what I want locally yet. I specifically want a black lacy nippleless bra, black lacy crotchless panties, preferably the kind that rise in front just enough to cover the pubic hair and nothing more, and that taper up the sides, a spaghetti strap in the back is a plus but not required, black garter belt and black stockings (maybe fishnet ones, I haven't decided yet), long black opera gloves, and black stiletto heels, but also am considering a rocker chick outfit based on the aforementioned items and made with metal-studded leather straps vs. sheets of cloth. I want an all-black outfit because it'd match my doll's black hair. If it was a blonde doll I would get a white or red outfit. I spent all day yesterday and today hunting for cheap women's lingerie. I didn't go to big-time department stores like Macy's and Emporium's and Nordstrom cuz I didn't want to be filmed by closed-circuit cameras as I checked out women's lingerie, but did check out many thrift stores including several Goodwills, several Salvation Army stores, and Thrift Town. The Goodwills and Salvation Army stores had nothing I liked, all of the stuff there was mainly geared for mothers and grandmothers vs. sexy young women. Thrift Town had a coupla sexy things but nothing was pure black, and since there was a security guard hanging out a few feet from me I couldn't get a close look at anything there. I went to at least 80% of the clothing stores on Mission Street between 16th and 24th Streets. I didn't go to any Chinatown stores cuz there's a big insider joke about how Chinatown has a big ass grapevine and if you do something weird word about it will spread throughout the whole town within a few days. One of the stores sold some lacy pink panties that looked reasonably sexy for just $1.50 but I disliked the color and the design was OK but could've been better. National had a bunch of lingerie but a matching set of a black bra and black panties, the design kinda sucked too but it was adequate if I wasn't real fussy, cost $6 and no way am I gonna pay $6 for something that conservative looking. I went to various cheap clothing stores on Market Street in downtown San Francisco but there was nothing interesting there. I should've checked out Headlines cuz it might've had some women's underwear, I dunno for sure though. I wanted to check out the downtown Woolworth's but there were too many closed circuit cameras around. At a fancy upscale lingerie boutique a basic outfit cost at least $50, which was too rich for my blood. I couldn't find anything that I REALLY liked regardless of whether it was affordable or not, so earlier today I ended up buying a $3 Nancy King brand panty cuz it was the sexiest affordable thing I could find. The area covering the crotch is blue while the trim and straps that go around the waist and over the ass is black, it has some black lace here and there so it looks kinda feminine, and the back is based on a strap that goes between the ass cheeks. The ass cheeks aren't covered with any material. I would've preferred to get an all-black one and wanted to get a matching bra too, but there were only two color versions there and no matching bras were available. Oh yeah, Burlington Coat Factory has a bunch of women's lingerie I think but the stuff is pretty expensive, for instance I saw a panty there that cost $6.


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